Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Activity Tracker Review: A Great Investment In Your Health

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When you buy an activity tracker, you’re not just investing in the device, you’re investing in your health and your future. That’s why it’s really important to find the one that best suits your lifestyle without breaking the bank. So how do you get everything you want without spending everything you have? By buying the Polar M400, an activity tracker and GPS smartwatch all rolled into one. It’s like having a mini-computer right at your fingertips and will meet all your needs. After reading our Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Activity Tracker Review you’ll see it truly is an amazing device at an amazing price.

All About The Polar M400

The Polar M400 goes way beyond what your average tracker can do, all at an affordable price. It takes what other devices do and takes it to the next level thanks to GPS capabilities that makes it one of the most precise instruments you’ll ever wear. It not only at as well as the ones where you need to improve, so you get the most from whatever activity your performing. It works hard to give you the information you need to work hard and see results. Plus, it keep you in touch with the world so you can workout without worry- no missed calls, no distractions.

Key Features of the Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Activity Tracker

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What sets the M400 apart from other activity trackers? As you will see, a lot- and all for under $200! Let’s take a look at it’s key features and what it can do for you:

  • Keeps Track of Calories and More: With the M400 not only can see the calories you burn, but the pace, distance and altitude of your exercises. This means you get more accurate readings, so you know if your doing thing right or need to adjust in certain areas.
  • GPS Tracking: GPS tracking lets you explore a whole new world of fitness. You can run or hike in new areas without ever getting lost thanks to the Back to Start feature. with Back to Start the M400 can tell you how to get to wherever you started from, no matter how far you roam. Plus the GPS will measure every aspect of your activity and display the stats in real time.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: The device is meant to be worn continuously so it can follow your movements when you’re awake and asleep. This allows it to analyze and determine how much you get from your workouts and can help you tailor and customize your routines. It can guide you to set and reach daily goals with this information, so you get on and stay on the right track. It also alerts you when you are inactive for too long, like a personal coach prompting you to get moving.
  • Smart Coaching: With the Smart Coach feature this tracker can take your individual information and input it to give you the true number of calories you burn based on your personal data. It gives you a fitness test that takes just seconds to determine how in-shape you are. It will then give you advice on what to do to improve your current level of fitness and become healthier. Also, you can sync with the Polar Flow app to get online training and motivation. With the Polar Flow App you can connect with others, get advice and get rewards for reaching goals. It makes working out fun and pushes you further.
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  • Stylish, Waterproof Design: This device was built to look good and last long, with a stylish, sporty look that can take a beating and is waterproof in 30 meters range. Shower, swim or get caught in the rain with it without fear of ruining it. Plus, it has a comfortable, stretchy strap that fits securely to your wrist, so it feels good when you wear it. You won’t even notice it’s on, which is great since it’s meant to be worn around the clock.
  • Smart Notifications: Everything you need to see, from what time it is to incoming calls and messages can be seen right on the display. You can also receive push notifications from social media apps (iOS only), so you can keep up with friends and events. This means you never have to worry about being away from work or the kids and can concentrate on exercising.
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Only Draw-back that I can think of is it doesn’t come with a built-in Heart-Rate Monitor. You need to get the extra H7 Bluetooth Smart heart-rate sensor strap.

How It Compares To other Polar Devices

The Polar M400 is the best value for your money when compared with the Polar A300 and Polar V800. The A300 doesn’t have adjustable training views, or more importantly, GPS tracking, making it less worth your time and money. The lack of GPS is a huge disadvantage, especially when you consider the A300 is only $30 less. The fact is your essentially paying the same price, yet you can’t customize what you see on screen and can’t use GPS to expand your exercise area. This makes the M400 the superior choice.

The V800, on the other hand, has more features than the M400, but many of them, like cycling sensors and the training load and recovery status, are not worth the increase in price. The cycling sensors help detect when your riding a bike, to help differentiate calories burned and other stats. while that’s a nice bonus, it is not crucial to training stats. Likewise, the training and recovery status feature lets you see how each workout affects your body. These are cool extras, but at over $350 they are definitely not worth it. The M400 gives you all you need to know at a much better price.

The M400 Versus the Fitbit Surge

When you compare the M400 to its biggest competitor, the Fitbit Surge, you see that the M400 is the better choice thanks to better designing and pricing The Surge has GPS monitoring like the M400, but it comes at a steeper price, retailing for close to $300. Plus, the Surge has a bulkier design, which can making wearing it a hassle. That means your paying $100 for a device that does exactly what the M400 can do. Since they are equal in all other areas, as both use Smart Notifications and continuous monitoring, the M400 is the better choice. If GPS feature matters to you the most, M400 definitely is a great deal for less than $150.

Q & A

Here are some of the most asked questions by consumers:

Q. Is $179 a really good price?

A. Yes, especially since it has GPS tracking. Most GPS trackers go for $300 or more, so this is a great bargain.

Q. Is it really water-proof?

A. Yes, you can swim with it with no problems, so it is 100% water-proof and won’t let you down.

Q. Does The GPS feature make a big difference?

A. Yes, because it gives more accurate readings and gives you more areas to workout in. It makes the whole world your gym, and at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have the Polar M400 are thrilled with it and have given it a 5 star rating. They would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality device at a great price. They love how accurate the reading are and how easy it is to use. They also love that it is water-proof, so they can wear it around the clock without fear of breaking it. Plus the Smart notifications let them stay in touch.

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As you can see from reading our Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Activity Tracker Review, this device really has it all. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and stay in touch with the world. This tracker does it all, from up-to-the minute stats and Bluetooth syncing to state-of-the art GPS tracking, so you can work out in style. Best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune to look like you spent a fortune. It is a great investment in a great device- that will transform how you look and feel- now that’s priceless; White Color is available too.

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