CES 2015: The Future is Now In The World of Wearable Devices – Vibe Band VB10 and Polar A300

Time to let out your inner geek because the 2015 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) starts their week in Las Vegas and the 4 day show will delight consumers with the latest in high tech electronics and gadgets. While 2014 introduced us to fitness tracker technology 2015 has expanded on that theme, as this year’s show is centered around all things wearable. Fitness trackers in CES have exciting new features that are sure to dazzle consumers and there are also a lot of new offerings, from smartwatches to GPS devices. While some of these devices may seem other worldly (ala ‘The Jetsons’), they are all fully functional and definitely worth checking out.

Stars of The ShowFitness trackers in CES are still the stars of this year’s show and there are several that consumers will want to keep their eye on. These gadgets have been written and raved about by some of the top tech experts, so pay close attention.

The Vibe Band VB10

This tracker/smartwatch hybrid is from technology giant Lenovo and is an impressive blend of form and function. It has an E-ink display, which means it can last on a single charge for about a week, even when you run all of its features on a continual basis. It is waterproof and will also be both iOS and Android compatible when it is launched in April, so everyone can use it. There will be several fitness apps you can use with your smartphone along with smartphone capabilities built-in, like Facebook and Twitter notifications. VB10 will be available in the US April 2015.

Mashable agrees that “The Lenovo band might not be the most hyped or daring, but the price is certainly not bad.”

Vibe Band VB10

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Google Glass: All There is to Know

It is a wearable computer that has an optical head-mounted display. Google Glass is a product of Google, a giant search engine. It was developed with the intention of bringing free display technology to the public. It first became accessible to the public on 15th May 2014. Before then, it was only accessible only by invitations by Google. The earlier version cost $1500 to acquire. The consumer model of Google Glass is expected to cost lesser than this, it is not clear how much less it will be though.

Google Glass Explorer
This wearable is still on beta testing and the manufacturer is looking for early adopters better known as Explorers.


Google glass is equipped with a HUD, a Camera, Microphone and GPS. It can therefore carry out several tasks for instance taking pictures, dictate and send a message, record video, search information on Google, make a Google hangout video call and translate ones voice.

When paired with Xbee 802.15.4 Wi-Fi radio and Microcontroller, one can use it to control devices that have Infra Red transmitter. This enables the user to connect to devices and control them using Google Glass.

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