Polar A300 and M400 Christmas and New Year Sale and Deals: Put Fitness First This Holiday With Your Family

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Fitness should be your number one concern. Childhood obesity is at its highest rate yet, and it’s continually rising each and every year. Without a doubt, this should be the year that you dedicate you and your family to a fast, fun, fitness device that makes sure that everyone is getting the exercise they need. Obviously, you can’t FORCE your husband or wife and children to be fit;C but you can incentivize them, show them positive benefits, and enjoy the process of changing your life as a family.

Polar A300 and M400 Xmas & New Year Deals

Amazing Polar Xmas and New Year Sale for Your Whole Family!

You can even share these Polar Fitness Cyber Monday Sales with your loved ones, guaranteeing that they have the absolute best holiday they’ve ever had, making memories, and having a year they’ll never forget, full of activities, fun, and adventure.

Our Top 5 Favorite Polar Fitness Device Products Are:

Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker (Our Best Seller 2015 – You save 35%)

The A300 tracks everything- your activity, how many calories you burn, the steps you take and more, all on a back-lit LED screen that displays real-time information regarding your health statistics. Available with or without a heart monitor, the Polar A300 Fitness Monitor is perfect for someone needing an accurate product at a great price.

Our favorite features of this product include:

  • One charge lasts up to a month, and it’s never been easier to connect your device to your computer.
  • Automatically tracks your sleep patterns and sleep time.
  • Six brightly colored bands (sold separately) give you the opportunity to customize your device.
  • Inactivity alert to keep you on your toes
  • Quick visual overview built into the App
  • Has a sleek, sporty profile


Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch (A great deal at a 27% discount)

The Polar M400 is even more technologically capable than the A300, and it comes at an impressive discount. With an H7 sensor, the M400 is even better than the A300 at keeping track of your fitness goals and making sure that you reach the levels of prowess that you expect.

The M400 has a couple of really great features as well:

  • Sleek and trendy profile
  • Sports Profiles to keep track of your records, goals, and achievements
  • Completely customizable training views
  • Smart notification system keeps you on top of all the action on your phone without pulling it out of your pocket, or carrying it with you (to return someone’s call or message)

The Polar M400 definitely has a lot of the features that people need when they’re getting started with fitness devices.


Third, We Have the Polar Loop Activity Tracker (less than $60) – Great For the Whole Family!

The Polar Loop is a spectacular Polar Christmas and New Year Sale because it’s highly affordable, to fit any budget. Plus, it has all the key features associated with other models, without all the cost. For example, the Polar Loop Activity Tracker:

  • Shows all daily activity
  • Calories burned and steps taken
  • Time of day with feedback right on the display
  • Monitors sleep patterns
  • Vibrates for inactivity

The Polar loop has a super soft, easy to wear wristband and is completely waterproof. The Polar Loop definitely goes the distance with its fans to guarantee the best experience possible for users, despite the low price. Available with an H7 Bluetooth Smart Sensor, you always know what your body is doing.


Fourth, How About the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (41% Below Retail)

Designed for gym enthusiasts (e.g. crossfit enthusiasts, runners, other professional lifters) that want to ensure that their heart rate is within a target range as easily as possible with streamlined functionality that allows the user to have complete control, identifying fitness improvements depending on the stats your body puts up, plus you’ll know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.

Some great features on this Polar Xmas and New-Year Sale are:

  • Heart rate is shown in beats per minutes or percentage of total maximum
  • You can enter the statistics that you want to hit (like weight and height) or the Polar FT4 will do it for you, making the process of keeping track much easier.
  • Takes heart rate in the water
  • The battery stays charged for up to 30 minutes per training, per day.


And Finally, try the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor (Less than $80, with FREE SHIPPING)

When you want continuous stats on your wrist, the FT7 is for you. It provides precise heart rate statistics to guarantee that you make the most of your workouts, keeping track of how many calories you’ve burned, as well as if you’ve reached your goal, if you burning fat, or if you’re building cardiovascular strength.

Plus, the FT7 has a ton of great features:

  • Includes chest strap of soft fabric to make the process of taking your heart rate easier
  • Usually is completely compatible with most gym machines on the market
  • Summarizes results for the whole week
  • Stores training files over a wide variety of activities

Meaning its great for someone getting started, wanting to get fit, or knows how to keep track of their body.

There are a ton of benefits to Polar Fitness Tracker Devices

  • Easy to use, fast to get started
  • Accurate, detailed information to help you stay on track
  • Fun, incentivized opportunities to share with your family
  • Be more involved in meal planning, activity planning
  • Many come with heart monitors, helping you keep high blood pressure or diabetes on track
  • Keep track of calories

It’s essential to get started working on your fitness now, rather than later. Stop putting off making healthy choices- like drinking more water and taking the stairs, and putting one of these amazing and trendy products on your wrist (or in your pocket).

Take part in this Polar Fitness Cyber Monday Sale!

Don’t waste your money on big name retailers, or freeze your butt off waiting in lines for the best deals. We’ve found them right here for you, guaranteeing that you have the best possible family Christmas and New Years, helping you meet all of your New Year Resolutions over the following year with ease!

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