The Polar A300 Activity Tracker Watch: A Tracker Guaranteed To Put You On The Right Track

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The Polar A300 is the latest tracking watch to hit the market and it’s pricing and design make it one of the best around. Wit so many wearables flooding the market it can be hard for new offerings to stand out and distinguish themselves but the A300 does it with ease. From it’s eye-catching shell to it’s focus on heart health this tracker sets a new standard in excellence for tracking watches. Our Polar A300 Activity Tracker Review will give you a complete analysis of this new wearable and show you why it is the best choice for you.

An Overview of The Polaris A300

Polar A300 Fitness Monitor

Credit by Polar

The A 300 is similar to the M 400, with some subtle but critical upgrades to put it in a class by itself. Like other fitness trackers currently on the market it is made to monitor your daily activities on a continual basis, including sleep patterns. However, unlike other trackers it is built around heat rate based exercise and data for more precise numbers. It also is made of some cool components that give it a stylish look and improved functionality over the M 400, so let’s see what this tracker does.

  • Precise Calorie Burning: With it’s focus on heart heath this device can give you the same high-quality readings of more expensive devices. By using the heart rate straps it allows the device to show your heart activity during any given exercise, for high end calorie burning statistics in a budget friendly tracker.
  • Specific Activity Statistics: The A300 lets you set the device to the activity you are doing, so it can differentiate and adjust statistics accordingly. For example, the calories you burn while hiking are different from swimming because you are climbing and exerting yourself in different ways, which means you burn calories at a different rate. So setting the device to what your doing gives you more realistic numbers.
  • Polar Flow Site Syncing: This tracker can communicate with both iOS and Android devices and can automatically upload your stats to the Polar Flow Site. This lets you store your daily activity stats as well as information on individual activities, giving you a complete picture of how efficiently your working out.
  • MY Fitness Pal Syncing: Starting this month The Polar Flow Site will automatically sync your stats with the My Fitness Pal app, which is the most popular app on the market for diet and exercise. The syncing will happen behind the scenes and requires no programming from you.
  • Inactivity Alerts: The A300, unlike the M400 has an alert to let you know when you have been inactive. You can program how long you are inactive before it beeps, so it works with you to keep you moving.
  • Water Friendly: Because it can use analog as well as Bluetooth communications to monitor hear rate you can wear the Polar H7 strap to get reading while underwater.
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Key Features of The Polar A300

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Now that you know what the A300 can do let’s see how it was designed and what it’s key features are:

  • The shell is made of A-grade rubberized material that flexes and moves with your every movement, so it feels like a natural extension of you. The straps come in multiple colors and the full face pops out so they are interchangeable.
  • The face has a USB plug built into it, so you can connect it directly to your computer with no wires needed. The screen also has a back light that will automatically light up when you press any button, for instant illumination. It is an OLED display that will show you all your stats as they happen and the screen can be navigated using side and top buttons for easy use.
  • Polar made this tracker with vibration, so it can subtly let you know to start moving or wake you up in the morning without disturbing others.

Pros & Cons

As with any device there is good and bad features that you must consider. Let’s evaluate the good and bad aspects of this device:


  • It is a pure tracker, so it puts the emphasis where it should be: on getting in shape and being healthy. There are no phone or text notifications to scatter your attention, you just get stats and data related to your workouts.
  • Change-able Bands: You can swap with other color bands which are sold separately.
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  • It can give you a complete picture of your heart health. Heart health is an essential component to determining overall health, so using your heart rate to calculate calories and other stats is a big bonus. With this feature there is no more guesswork about how hard your working and you can tweak your exercise regimen accordingly to maximize your energy and get the most out of your routine.
  • It’s easy to use, so you are more likely to use it. The device eliminates the complicated steps associated with other high-end devices, so you won’t become frustrated and give up. It is easy to program and requires little to no programming. All you really need to do is wear it and go- it does everything else/ It even syncs automatically to the My Fitness Pal app to record and analyze your data. Everything is literally at your fingertips.
  • You get a lot of value at a great price. You get a lot more than any other tracker at this price point. The heart rate monitoring alone makes this a real bargain, but the automatic syncing and durable design put it over the top.


No smartphone capabilities mean you have to carry your phone if you need to stay in-touch with work or your kids. However, we normally carry our phones anyway, so this is not a big hardship. Also there is no GPS capabilities, but the heart rate monitoring balances it out.

The Polar A300 is a great tracking watch that anyone can appreciate. It has a fun, sporty look that will withstand vigorous activity and performs like a premium model that costs much more. The A300 is the perfect fit for everyone who is looking to take their health seriously and wants to get in shape. It is the tracker guaranteed to put you on the right track.

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