Jawbone UP3 Review: The Future Is Here

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Today just about everyone has, or is looking for the perfect wearable device to help them stay active and healthy. That’s why Jawbone, one of the leading companies when it comes to creating fitness trackers has come out with another new product to add to its already impressive collection: The UP3.

Fitted with the latest technology this tracker gives you everything you need right at your fingertips to have you “up” and moving. From high-grade sensors to heart monitoring and health apps there is nothing you can’t do when your wearing this device, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our comprehensive Jawbone UP3 Review and see for yourself why it’s the right choice for you.

Up Close With The Jawbone UP3: Key Features

Jawbone UP3

The UP3 has several key features that set it apart from other wearable devices. Let’s take a closer look:
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring: You heart rate is the best indicator of how fit you are, which is why Jawbone fitted the UP3 with Heart Health sensors that track you 24/7. These sensors are strategically placed throughout the device to detect blood flow, sweat and tissue contractions, so it can gauge your resting heart rate with pinpoint accuracy.

Premium Activity Tracking: In addition to telling you calories burned, steps climbed and monitoring your sleep the UP3 can tell if your running, hiking or playing basketball and adjust its tracking stats accordingly. Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors there is no guesswork about the activities you are doing. Best of all and you don’t need to program it or tell it what your doing: it can make that distinction with no help from you.

In-depth Sleep Analysis: Advanced sensors give you a full review of every stage of sleep, so you know more than how many hours you slept. The UP3 can tell you how long deeply you slept, if you were restless and more so you know the quality of your sleep, not just the quantity.

Jawbone Up3 Review Black and Silver

• Smart Coach: This tracker syncs with your iOS and Android devices and has a Smart Coach app to give you tips on exercising dieting and more. It motivates you and keeps you focused.

Water Resistant: You can work up a sweat, get caught in the rain or take a swim without worry since this high-tech wearable is water resistant up to 32.8′ of water. Most trackers can’t be worn while swimming so this is a big plus.

• Quality Battery Life: Powered by a 38mAh power pack the device holds a charge for 7 days and takes about 100 minutes to fully charge.

Simple, Stylish design: This wearable is slim, sleek and comes in 2 designs: black diamond and silver cross. It uses LED indicators to tell you about your activity modes, sleep mode and give you message alerts. The device comes in one size (220 x 12.2 x 9.3mm), but has an adjustable claps so it will fit almost everyone. Also, the rubber is light and durable, so it’s comfortable to wear and moves with you.

Great Pricing: Thanks to somegreat UP3 discounts it is quite reasonably priced when you compare it to other trackers. It costs less than $200, which is an incredible deal with all the advanced sensors and indicators.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of The UP3

There is a good and bad side to everything you buy. Let’s see how the UP3 rates:

UP Advantages

• It provides around the clock monitoring and has sensors that measure key body functions to give you an accurate portrait of your physical well-being. This data also tells just how effective your workouts are, so you can customize and fine tune your exercise routine to make the most of your activities. Plus, since it can differentiate between your routines (like if your swimming or jogging) it can tell you exactly how many calories you burned and how hard you exerted yourself.

• Since it’s lightweight(it weighs 29g), has a long-lasting battery and is water-resistant you can wear it without having to worry about getting irritated, needing to charge it or removing it for certain activities. That means you really can wear it around the clock to get a true picture of how healthy you are. It won’t get in the way and is stylish enough to wear anywhere since it looks more like a piece of jewelry than a tracker.


• Since it only come sin one size there will be a small segment of people that can’t use it. It is adjustable, but hose with extra-large wrists may be unable to wear it comfortably. Most people have average sized wrists, so this shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of those interested in it.

The Jawbone UP3 vs The Jawbone Up24: What’s The Difference?

The UP3 is the improved version of the UP24, so they have a lot in common. Both are slim and made of rubberized material for a comfortable fit. They also both use LED lights to indicate activity and are enabled with Smart Coach to help streamline your routine. However, the UP3’s added features make it worth considering over the UP24. The continuous heart-rate monitoring is an essential component of tracking your health and is considered a must-have by many. Plus, it can track multiple activities, including swimming, giving you a more complete look at your overall health.

Things You Should Know About The UP3

Here are some of the questions most consumers want to know:

Q. How many different exercises can it track?

A. It can track as many activities as you perform. Whether you on land or in water the sensors can detect your motions, your sweat and heart beat to figure out what you’re doing. UP3 heart rate monitor is a must-have as Fitbit Charge HR.

Q. Why is resting heart rate important to know?

A. By determining your resting heart rate it has a baseline to compare your active heart rate to. This means it can show you your various exertion levels so you see if you are really working out like you should.

The Jawbone UP3 Review: A Final Analysis

As you can see from our review there are a lot of reasons consumers are excited about this product. It has impressive technology that will help you make the most of your workouts and maximize your potential. It is also equipped with great apps to help you not only exercise more, but to adopt a healthier lifestyle in general. It is reasonably priced, easy to use and will have you “up” and moving day after day, which is why it’s a great investment- in the product and in your future.

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