Amazing Results in Fitness Improvement from UP24 by Jawbone

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Imagine a wearable fitness tracking system that provides you with guidance in improving your health. Up 24 is a unique system that is designed to help you make important health decisions by tracking your fitness habits and reporting back to you. The new and improved Jawbone UP 24 review shows the benefits of this revolutionary system, what others have to say about their experiences and the ways that it can help you become more aware of your habits.

How Jawbone UP 24 works

This device is worn like a wristband and it transmits the data from your activities throughout the day and night. It’s also an iPhone app that plugs in to the device for handy synchronization of the collected information.

Benefits of using UP 24

This handy device tracks all of your daily movements including exercise, eating and sleeping. The information that it collects is stored and accessible so you can get a complete picture of your current habits. By knowing how much exercise you’re getting, how many calories you’re consuming and how much you’re sleeping, you can get a better idea of how you can make changes that will improve your health. What’s more, UP will tell you if you are not moving around enough, e.g. sitting for long periods.

The data is displayed in an easy to read format and allows you to track your progress as you work towards your fitness goals. The food diary allows you to enter which foods you’re eating so you can compare the calories you’re burning through activity versus the amount that you’re taking in.

UP 24 Key features

  • Comfortable to wear design
  • Food diary app for entering your daily intake amounts and calories consumed for weight loss
  • Movement tracking to assess the amount of calories you are burning
  • Sleep tracking to learn your patterns and improve sleep habits
  • Educational tool to synthesize your habits with projections about fitness and a report that teaches how your lifestyle is affecting your fitness goals.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3, and iOS 6.0 to current systems.
  • Goal setting app to help you make personalized and realistic goals which are achievable.
  • Continual guidance in improving fitness by making simple adjustments every step of the way.
  • Real time feedback to motivate and help in reaching fitness goals.
  • Personalized tips for improving movement, eating and sleeping habits
  • Other Exclusive Features
The UP 24 by Jawbone is with you wherever you go, monitoring your every move and allowing you to record eating and sleeping habits in order to identify any problem areas that need work. This amazing app lets you know when you are not getting enough exercise or if your calorie intake is too high for reaching your fitness goals. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it tells you how much more is recommended so you can make changes in the habits and patterns that you have developed.

Improvements of the Jawbone UP 24 over the previous UP model

The UP 24 brings all of the functionality of the original UP with the addition of Bluetooth. The new and improved quality, functionality and aesthetic value of the software brings with it a more concentrated focus on weight loss and weight management. The most prominent upgrade feature is that it comes with Bluetooth and now features Bluetooth syncing. In addition, other new features include an enhanced food score to assess the health of food choices, enhanced calorie counter and a sleep graph to show the quality of sleep that you’re getting.

UP 24 Fitness Tracker Pros and Cons

Jawbone UP 24 Reviews shows the pros and cons of this product. First, the device is easy to put on and take off. The new and improved version allows for Bluetooth syncing and is a fantastic way to track eating, movement and sleeping habits. It makes recommendations for the needed changes to stay on track with personal fitness goals. This device is easy to use, helps to raise self awareness and helps people to change their lives for the better.


Some users have found the wristband to be a bit on the bulky side. In addition, some feel that it does not contain enough exercise options. The UP 24 cannot be worn when taking laps in a swimming pool and this type of activity is not properly recorded as a part of the entire fitness tracking experience, skewing the data.

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

Q: Does the UP 24 work with Android?

A: Yes, it is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher, according to the website.

Q: Is there a benefit of using the Jawbone while wearing a heart rate monitor? Does anyone else use both?

A: Yes, I use a Polar HRM when I work out, but the Jawbone is worn all day. Jawbone won’t give a heart rate but it will help you to see how active you are throughout the day.

Q: Should you take off your Jawbone during a workout session if you are tracking your workout in a connected fitness tracker so steps aren’t counted twice?

A: That’s up to you. If you want to track total steps in a day the Jawbone is good. You might want to remove the UP during exercise if you use another device so you don’t double.


UP 24 by Jawbone review has shown the amazing benefits of this comprehensive fitness tracking system. Easy to wear and simple to use, the app provides useful feedback that helps anyone serious about fitness and their health to identify problem areas and make any needed correction in their fitness habits.

It monitors the depth of sleep and sleep patterns and offers tips and recommendations on how this area can be improved. Improved calorie counting and food diary app helps you stay on top of the types and amounts of foods that are being consumed with recommendations for changes that will aid in weight loss and management of a healthy weight. This tracker is a good value for the pricing. Many satisfied customers have reported on the awesome deal for all of the features that are included. It’s also worthwhile to check periodically on retail and dealer sites for Jawbone discounts.

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