How to Use a Vibration Machine to Lose Weight: Easy Shake and Lose Some Pounds

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Most of us want to lose weight, especially those that have extra fats on their body. Although there are a lot of methods to trim down, some people are trying to learn how to use vibration machines to lose weight. Surely we can say that it can be a possible aid for you to strip those unwanted pounds successfully.

How to Use a Vibration Machine to Lose Weight
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Technically, a vibration machine is just an exercise device. It produces ripples of waves against your muscles. Specifically, your body will work on its own even though you are just in a static position—just like sitting or standing.

As early as now, we will be frank with you. Vibration machines (usually called vibration plate machines) cannot give an impactful or significant result regarding losing weight. Do not expect that just by merely standing on a machine, you can instantly get the desired results that you want.

However, if you will include some exercises, then this device can amplify the efforts to give the shape that you are aspiring. That’s why it is a good idea to learn how to work out on a vibration machine

Basics of a Vibration Machine

A vibration machine is a cousin of the vibrating belt machines. When this thing came out, many us thought that they are just a similar variant of those belts that we wrap in our midsections.

One of the advantages of a vibration machine from a vibration belt is that it can work your entire body. The vibrations can reach up to 30 to 50 shakes per second, which is a very potent force already. For your body to adjust to these motions, each of your muscles contract and relax so that you can preserve your balance.

According to most manufacturers of these machines, the constant effort of your body to maintain balance triggers the muscles to work rigorously. And of course, the more your muscles work, the more you can lose weight. However, as we said, this type of method will not be effective if it will not involve physical, non-static exercises.

Even Dr Edward Laskowski of Mayo Clinic stated that you could only strip few calories if you are only standing on a vibration machine. Although there are vibrations, is still undeniable that this kind of technique is somehow passive.

How To Use Vibration Machines To Lose Weight 101

To fully harness the potential of a vibration machine, you should learn some complementary exercises. Many experts and gym coaches suggest that you should do calisthenic exercises while you are standing at this device.

Calisthenic exercises are a set of gross workouts and fitness regimens that do not involve any training equipment. Most of these are rhythmical movements that fall under the category of body-weight training. Some of the most common calisthenics are sit-ups, push-ups, and squats.

If you perform more calisthenic exercises while in a vibration machine, your potential to lose weight increases drastically. According to the study made by the European Association for the Study of Obesity on 2009, people that restrict their diet and do calisthenics while on a vibration machine lose more weight on their abdomen than those who restrict their calorie intake and just do traditional aerobic exercises.

This result is thoroughly significant. For your information, an unregulated abdomen can produce a type of malignant fat called visceral fat. This fat increases the chance for you to acquire heart diseases, diabetes, and other deleterious ailments.

Here is a list of some of the ideal calisthenic exercises you can do while you are on a vibration machine:

Isometric Squats

Stand on the vibration machine and hold its handles so that you can balance.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. After getting the right posture, bend your knees and squat. Do this until the floor is parallel with your thighs already.

Keep this position for 30 to 60 seconds, then return to your original position. Rest for a couple of seconds then repeat.

Split Squats

Position your right foot (its ball) on the floor. On the other hand, let your left foot be in a flat position on the vibration machine.

Advance your right foot backwards so that you can have a long, collapsing stance. You can hold the handles of the vibration machine so that you can balance fully.

Lower your back knee and bend both of your legs simultaneously. Only stop if your rear knee has already a 90-degree position and the front of your thigh is parallel with the floor.

Go back to the original position and repeat.

Push ups

Put your hands on the platform of the vibration machine. Lie down and extend your legs behind you. In this way, only your feet and hands are supporting your body weight.

In doing this, make sure that your hips, heels, and shoulders are straightly aligned to each other.

Lower your chest towards the surface by bending your knees. While doing this, make sure that your will harden your core.

When your chest almost touches the platform, pause for a few seconds, and then push back to your original position. This is the proper method when doing a push up on a vibration machine.

Of course, there are still a lot of exercises that you can try with a vibration machine. If you are creative enough, you can utilize this tool to your full advantage.

Other Benefits of Using Vibration Machines

Aside from aiding you in losing weight, there are still other benefits that you can get from a vibration machine. It can increase the muscle strength of women and older adults that suffer from degenerative knee arthritis. Moreover, it can also improve the balance of geriatric women.

Of course, we should not fail to mention that a vibration machine can enhance the density of bone minerals. In this way, you will reduce your chance of developing osteoporosis. For women on their postmenopausal period, this is a significant benefit already.

Considerations Before Using a Vibration Machine

Before learning how to use a vibration machine to lose weight, there are some considerations that you have to ponder. Apparently, exercises that involve vibration can harm you if you suffer from physical ailments such as lower back pain. To ensure your safety, try to seek the advice of your doctor if your body is compatible with using a vibration machine.

If your doctor gives you a clearance, then you sill have to do supplemental strength training and other forms of aerobic activities to utilize the benefits you can get from vibration exercises fully.

However, if your doctor disallows you, then there are still ways to lose weight. Here are some of those:

You should determine first your daily calorie requirements based on the activities that you are doing.

Always remember that your daily calorie intake should not intake should exceed your body’s daily requirement.

You need to follow the five to six feeding frequency. Also, your diet should only involve fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, lean proteins, and whole grains. Of course, never forget to drink a lot of water.

Exercise with prudence and balance. Mix strength training, high and low-intensity runs, and other types of light exercises.


Learning how to use a vibration machine to lose weight is a good idea to shake those excess fats away. It is important that you should not rely on devices on making your body fit and trimmed. Always remember that these machines are not “heaven-sent” solutions for you to lose weight. Instead, try to consider them as assistive devices in keeping your body healthy.

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