How to Keep Fit and Lose Weight with Fitbit: Discover What Fitbit Really Can Do For You

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Almost everyone, at some point in their life, has tried to lose weight and failed. That’s because losing weight, and keeping it off, is so much more than counting calories and exercising. To be successful you need to adopt a whole new lifestyle and the best way to accomplish that is to invest in a Fitbit. Fitbit’s line of devices do so much more than show track calories: they motivate and inspire thanks to ingenious programs and extra that are designed to help you get healthy. Want to know how? We’ll show you How to Keep Fit and Lose Weight with Fitbit.

How to Keep Fit and Loss Weight with Fitbit

Fitbit Actually Makes You Stand Up and Move

Fitbit devices are packed with great features, but one of the best, and most overlooked one is the vibrating Move alert. This alert tells you when you are sitting too long, making you aware that it’s time to get up and get going. That may sound like no big deal, but it is.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to adopt a healthier lifestyle- which means becoming more active. Now, you may all say you will move more, and you may plan to, but odds are you will get caught up with work or the kids and not do as much as you should or can. That’s why this alert is so important: it will keep reminding you to move and make you aware of how inactive you are, so you do something about it.

It Shows You What You’re NOT Doing

taking more stairsMost people focus on all the things Fitbit tracks you doing, like calories burned, sleep fitness and distance, but really we should focus on how it shows you what you don’t do. When you look at your data, you see things like all the times you didn’t get your heart rate up while exercising, the days you didn’t take a lot of steps and more.

This is an enormous help because you can take those stats to improve your workout routine and burn calories more efficiently. For example, if you see that during the work week your step totals are low you can start taking the stairs more. Or, if your heart rate isn’t in the target zone when cycling you can do more challenging routes. This leads to a more efficient, effective daily routine. A valuable asset for beginners who are just learning.

It Focuses On Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

One of the best, and easiest ways to lose weight is by drinking plenty of water. While many people know this, few realize just how much, or how little they are drinking. That’s why the Fitbit app logging water consumption is such a great tool to use.

fitbit tracks drinking water

You can use the app to log how many glasses you drink– so you see if you’re drinking enough. Studies show that water, which makes up 60% of our body weight, is essential to weight loss because it keeps muscles hydrated and helps us stay energized. Now, with this app, you can make sure you’re drinking enough and keeping your body healthy.

It Gives You A Strong Support System

The Fitbit family is dedicated to making weight loss not just easy, but a part of your everyday life. That’s why they have a whole online community for you to join and connect with. This community is a hidden gem that everyone should take advantage of because it will help you in ways you never thought of.

Keep Fit with Family and Fitbit

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When you go online you meet other people trying to lose weight, as well as experts and those who have successfully done it. They can give you tons of advice and tricks to make your journey a more pleasant experience, sharing recipes, workout moves and more. A plus for those who struggle with staying positive or beginners looking for extra help.

Have a Fitbit and Connect with other Users & encourage each other with more steps today. Also you can do Facebook Share your progress and keep each other accountable.

It Features The Fitbit Charge HR

Which Gives You Everything You Need: All of the Fitbit devices are great, but the Charge HR gives you everything you need at a great price. With 24/7 heart-based monitoring it will tell you exactly how hard you’re working out, so you know immediately if you’re doing your exercises right.

fitbit chrage hr wristband

If that wasn’t enough the Charge HR has a silent wake alarm and sleep monitoring to give you an accurate picture of your overall health and displays stats right on the front screen. It also has Smart notifications to keep you in touch with friends and family- all for under $150, making it a must-have and the best-value.

It Prevents You From Getting Bored or Losing Focus

You can use your device to organize and set daily, weekly and monthly goals to constantly challenge and keep you wanting to do more. You can program it to let you know when you hit a certain number of steps each day, or when you run a certain number of miles.

check your steps with fitbit

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It feels good when your device alerts you that you hit a goal and makes you want to do more each day to reach those goals. It also stops your routine from getting stagnant because once you hit a goal you can try something more difficult. Your device is providing you with positive feedback and encouragement- like having a 24/7 fitness cheerleader to keep you on track. A great benefit for mom’s who get distracted or those who burn long hours at work.

It Can Help You Make Smarter Food Choices

From the calories burned to the food feature, your Fitbit will show just how much you’re eating and burning off. You may think you’re not eating too much, but inputting what you eat can be enlightening.

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With the app you can see how much you are taking in and make smarter choices. You may discover you are eating more than you should, or not enough and can adjust accordingly. This will help you take in enough calories and eat the right types of food to encourage, not sabotage, weight loss. Good for those who have a love for fatty foods and need direction.

It Changes How You Live Each Day

Using these built-in programs change the way you live. For example, by making you get up and move around more, you become more active without even thinking about it after a while. The data shows you the areas you need to fix, so you change and improve how you workout and the daily goals push you to work harder and do more. Finally, the food logging feature makes you eat healthier, change how you look and react to fitness as a whole.

Fitbit Charge 20k steps

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It Can Help You Track Your Weight Loss Progress

The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is a great tool to help you keep track of your weight throughout the days and weeks. It is small and lightweight, so you can store it anywhere and shows not just your weight, but your BMI (Body Mass Index) too, so you know you’re eating smart. It also syncs automatically via with and makes graphs and charts to show overall progress. Great for motivating and showing you how far you’ve come and how close to your goal you are.

We have shown you How to Lose Weight with Fitbit, now it’s up to you to go out and do it. By investing in a Fitbit you are making your road to weight loss success an easier and more enjoyable one. With a Fitbit there is nothing you can’t do or accomplish. It will guide you to eat better, move more and exercise more efficiently, which will not just help you lose weight, but make you healthier too. It will transform not just how you look, but how you live – guaranteeing your success.

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    Neither the Fitbit Charge HR or Surge have an inactive notification /buzzer to the wearer of the tracker or smart watch.
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