Best Selling Fitness Tracker Christmas Sale and Deals 2016: Make Fitness Your Gift This Season

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Everyone is becoming more and more health conscious, and being healthy is hard! We see it everywhere, people are looking to lose weight and have no idea how to start; because they are confused by all the information out there about health.

Get the Gift with Fitness Tracker Christmas Sale that Gives: Motivation and Health

This holiday season, it’s about giving a gift that means something to someone, and maybe gives them a spark of inspiration to get them through their toughest times. In reality; those who are already practicing workout routines really don’t need these products.

Who really benefits from fitness trackers? You guessed it, people who really don’t exercise that much to begin with. Imagine the motivation that you can give someone this holiday season when they open up that shiny box; take out their high-tech, trendy fitness bands; put them on and start physically monitoring their activity all at the touch of their fingers. Besides, everyone wants to lose a little extra weight.

Hottest 2016 Models in Fitness Trackers this Holiday Season

Fitbit Charge 2 (Most Wanted 2016)

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ($50 Activity Tracker Xmas Gift)

If you like the idea of a fitness tracker but don’t necessarily like the idea of it attached to your wrist; Fitbit offers another option in the Fitbit Zip. It comes in four different colors; and is a great Fitbit deal- it does it all in different ways at an awesome price of around $70. Like the other fitness trackers that people wear on the wrist, it tracks your steps, distance and the calories you’ve burned and syncs automatically to your computer via Bluetooth smartphones or tablets.

Additionally, it helps to set goals and view your progress while earning badges while sharing and competing with friends and family throughout the day through the free Fitbit iPhone and Android application. The battery lasts about 4-6 months and is easy to replace and is small and discrete, you can put it anywhere- on your belt, pocket, or bra. It’s also sweat, rain and splash proof and built to keep you moving at all times. It fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere and you gain badges as you go, with Fitbit automatically notifying you and giving you badges for your daily, weekly and lifetime achievements so that wherever you go, you know you’re getting your workout.

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Withings Pulse O2 Tracker of Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2

For about $100 you can get this awesome, tech savvy device with the high end LED screen that tracks everything- even elevation and heart rate and blood oxygen level for high elevation travel; plus all of your necessities like step tracking, distance, running, calories, sleep cycle analysis- with wake up and total duration monitoring. Another great thing about this device is that it comes with both a clip and a wristband, so you can wear it however you want without worrying about losing it or it not working.

It also comes with it’s own flagship Health Mate app with insights and reminders that incorporate timelines that have daily reports. Contextualized advice that supports the effort they make and provides small healthy habits to help your loved one make small specific changes to their daily routine and sets reminders for these tips, and also presents badges to users for meeting specific guidelines and tracks the users progress on their user-board. The extra features provided with this device come much cheaper than other products with the same features. It operates with optoelectronic sensors and infrared LED‘s so you know the readings are going to be accurate. This makes it a great deal this holiday season.

If you’ve got to buy a gift for someone difficult in your life, the Misfit Shine is the perfect gift. At an affordable $70 dollars, it comes in nine colors, and has a halo of lights to show you how much you’ve moved all day. It’s cool enough to fit with any sensibility but stylish enough to look cool. Plus, it comes at a 26 percent discount- it tracks everything they’ll do when they’re walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, basketball, whatever they’re doing it’ll count their steps. It’s great because it doesn’t require any charging, and the battery lasts over 6 months so it fits any time frame. The best part about it is that it also tells time using it’s elegant, minimalist interface; and the color of wristband you want is included, you don’t have to pay extra like some other brands.

Another unique feature of this fitness device is that you can separate the tracker from the device, string it on a necklace chain, and wear it like a stylish piece of jewelry, to fit any occasion. Shine emits a nifty halo of light when you wear it like jewelry and if it’s completely lit up; it looks exceptionally bright, motivating your loved one to work harder toward their goal. It automatically syncs to the user’s phone too- meaning that you have to worry less about charging it and more about staying active. It’s a combination of fitness and beauty.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

The Polar Loop is another great trendy fitness device that has a ton of features and a unique way of displaying the information. It’s also cheap enough to fit the budget at around $78 and it comes in three different colors at is packing a nearly 35 percent discount this holiday season with Polar Loop Christmas Sale. It’s worn on the wrist, and provides great 24/7 activity guidance and motivation via an 85 LED display system so you can see it at any time, day or night- a great feature not available through some models and it’ll capture every activity, including cycling or even swimming. And at the tap of a button, Polar Loop displays the time, total steps, calories burned, daily activity goals, and tips, all on the awesome display; making being more active more fun and easy.

As Polar Loop tracks all of your choices during the day, through five unique variations in activity levels, it can tell the difference between light intensity workouts and running- giving you a very accurate picture of your loved one’s daily movement as they reach their goals and follow their achievements; losing weight and becoming more and more healthy. Polar offers heart rate sensors at excellent prices (H7 sensor) which takes your fitness to the max. Plus the Polar Flow Mobile App is very high quality and easy to use giving you all the information you’d ever want. It’d be a great surprise for your loved one this Love Season.



Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker (Your Samsung Phone Buddy)

Samsung’s S4 and S5 smartphone models are among the most popular phones on the market; and if you’re a user of this phone; you can integrate a quality fitness tracking device that displays data from your phone to your wrist: including messages, notifications, and even taking calls. You can wear it all day, keeping track of all your activities through applications already installed on the phone models. It’s very high tech, dust and water resistant, is light and durable and has a very high quality super AMOLED display to show you anything you want to know. Keep notified of everything, controlling all the basic functions of your phone while keeping busy, streamlining your activities.

It also comes with a heart rate monitor that the phone model itself utilizes to keep everything super accurate and making your devices multitask with each other. It’s a little pricier- coming at a price tag of around $100, but if you own a Samsung device and you plan on buying a fitness tracking device; why not make them all compatible with each other? It makes everything much simpler for those you’re buying for this holiday season.


Previous Hot Deals:

Fitbit Flex


Fitbit was currently running a Fitbit Christmas sale and selling their Flex product for less than $100. For that price, it makes a great present for any loved one that you’d want to see get more fitness in their lives. It’s perfect for beginners with a simple AMOLED light system that shows your tracked steps by lighting up various lights across the top of the band. This allows users to see how many steps they’ve taken incrementally throughout the day to give you motivation and get you back on track to being active.

In addition to counting steps, it also measures distance, how many calories you’ve burned, and how you’re comparing to your daily goals. It also tracks your sleep at night, helping you learn how to sleep better, and seeing what factors affect your sleep. It’s pretty cool- you can see when you’re resting peacefully, or when you’re restless, or when you’ve gotten up. This helps you to understand the factors behind your sleeping patterns and it wakes you silently in the morning with vibrations.

It’s super easy to access all your fitness data on your smartphone, and it’s waterproof so you can take it anywhere- even in the shower. It’s also great for people with sensitive skin because it’s latex free and made of surgical-grade stainless steel. This great fitbit deal is stylish and smart; and comes in a wide variety of colors. Plus, the battery lasts for days; meaning you can wear it constantly without having to charge it and worry about forgetting it.

Fitbit also has great customer support, great goals and tracking; and a ton of fun, interactive apps to enjoy with any of your loved one’s friends. It would make a great gift this holiday season (Best Deal in Town)..

Let’s Review the Great Reasons to Buy / Gift a Fitness Device This Holiday Season

  • -Helps people who avoid exercise get a little more excited about moving and getting out; say taking the stairs instead of the elevator or helping people get that extra drive to park a little further and walk further to the grocery store
  • -Easily tracks your steps and many other important factors of your health and livelihood, training you in calories, water intake, sleep, even your heart rate, not just monitoring your steps.
  • -Presents that data in colorful charts and graphs that help make it more appealing for people to look at, meaning everyone finds the info they need to get that extra little bit of motivation.
  • -The best part is all you really have to do is go about your daily routine to simply get in the swing of things- it doesn’t take any drastic diet or health changes when you can simply attach a wristband to your arm to start monitoring your health.
  • -Keeps your loved one more accountable with their health while keeping them entertained and providing them with a stylish, high end accessory that’s trending.

There’s a ton of great reasons to buy a fitness device this holiday season; especially with all the Christmas Deals and Fitbit Deals, and Free Shipping Day – all in all there are a ton of opportunities for people to save a hefty chunk of change when they’re buying gifts for their loved ones this holiday.

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