Fitbit Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for Him: Say I Love You With These Awesome Devices

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Ladies, listen up! If you think Valentine’s Day is just about you, you better think again. These days, Valentine’s Day is a couple’s holiday, which means you need to come up with a fabulous gift for the man in your life. Now that may seem like a hard thing to do, but it’s actually pretty easy. Because while traditional flowers and chocolate won’t really work, there is something event better that will: A Fitbit Tracking device.

Awesome Fitbit Gift Ideas for Boy friend and husband this Valentines

Fitbit’s line of trackers make the perfect gift because they are tech-based, fun devices that will appeal to his sense of adventure. To help you understand why they’re so great and help you choose the right one for the love of your life check out our Fitbit Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for Him.

Fitbit: The Perfect Way to Say I Love You

Fitbit monitors are an ideal gift because not only are they something your husband or boyfriend can use, but they are also something you can use together. You and your man can take long walks, go running, play tennis or spot each other at the gym, helping each other to get in-shape while deepening your bond and commitment to each other.

Fitbit Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day for boy friend and husband

They are a great way to find common ground and do more together, as well as help you to push each other to become the best you can be- both as individuals and together. Fitbit’s are also the ultimate way to say I love you because they show how much you really care. These trackers are meant to help him live healthier and exercise more, so giving him one shows you care about him and want him to live a long, happy life- with you!

Fitbit Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for Him – Win His Heart

Ok, so now that you know why you should buy one, let’s look at which Fitibit is right for your guy. Below, you’ll find the top 3 Fitbit devices, along with their key features and benefits.

Fitbit Charge – Best Gift under $100

The Charge is one of the company’s top sellers and is not only packed with features, but is budget-friendly too. At under $100 thanks to a Fitbit Valentine Discount, this model is a smart choice for guys who are just getting into a fitness routine but still want a tracker that can do everything the higher priced models can do.

It is designed to track calories, distance, steps, and sleep cycles, and can help him establish a fitness routine thanks to Exercise Mode, which can record and recognize his movements. This will allow him to see how effective his workouts are and how to improve.

The band is made with a stretchy polymer that comes in 2 sizes and fits comfortably on almost any wrist and does not constrict movement- perfect for wearing all day long. The display is a crystal clear OLED screen that shows all his stats as well as the time and Caller ID (so he’ll always know when you call).

He’ll love that he can wear it at work or play as well as how well it tracks his movements and monitors his sleep. It will help him get into a daily routine and make exercising fun, which is the key to healthy living. He will miss you for sure.

Fitbit Charge HR – Make Sure that He has you in His Heart

The Charge HR is another great choice, especially if your guy is a fitness buff or needs to monitor his health thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor. With all the same features as the Charge, the addition of the monitor really elevates this device and improves what it can do.

It checks if he excites being with you.

The Charge HR has continuous heart rate monitoring, so no matter what he’s doing the device can track and monitor how hard his heart is working. Using PurePulse technology, which is a Fitibit exclusive, it employs wrist-based sensors to measure blood levels to monitor heart rhythms every second of the day. This not only gives him more accurate readings, it’s also a great way to keep an eye on his overall health.

Sporting the same polymer band as the Charge, it has 3 sizes and 4 colors, so it can really be customized to his tastes. It also has the OLED display so all he needs to do is look down to see if he’s hitting his goals or if someone is trying to get in touch with him. If your guy likes something that is sporty looking and fun, this will definitely appeal to him.

If your husband or boy-friend is serious about exercise he’ll love the HR’s precision and high-end extras. For guys who may have heart issues or need a closer look at how their body is acting and reacting, this device can tell them what they need to know and give you both peace of mind, all at under $140.

Fitbit Flex – Simple Gift that all He needs and loves

fitbit gift for him on  valentine's dayThe flex is the perfect pick if your boyfriend likes things that work well but aren’t fussy and complicated. With a minimalist look and simple, straight-forward functions the Flex is fun and easy, which will appeal to most guys’ demeanor.

Made to track daily stats (calories, distance and sleep) without drawing attention unless he wants to, this device is sleek and unobtrusive, so he can wear it all day every day. The band is slim and has 7 colors and 3 sizes, so you can get him the perfect fit and color to match his personality.

Even better? The simple display screen, featuring LED lights that light up to let him know when he reaches a daily goal. This is nice because it can alert him without alerting everyone else. Smart for men in the business world or guys who value their privacy.

Guys will love the no-nonsense design and how it does exactly what it needs to, nothing more, nothing less. It will keep him focused, no distractions, and is a great way to get him into more activities you can do together- all for under $90.

Our Fitbit Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him shows you that the perfect gift does exist, and it’s a Fitbit! These devices will help him be healthier and more active, plus they will provide him with lots of ways to spend more time with you.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and what better way to show your love then by giving a gift that will bring you closer together. With a Fitbit he can not only improve himself, but improve your relationship by spending more time with you and doing things that will help you both grow. Now that’s amore!

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