Fitbit Acquires Fitstar: Hardware and Software Fitness Gurus Combining their Efforts

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Fitbit Acquired Fitstar

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Getting fit is not only essential to leading a healthier lifestyle today since people are enjoying their workouts more and more. Specifically, when they can structure their activities and then monitor their improvement as they go along. Therefore, one of the best ways to accomplish these new goals and objectives is to join in with the new digital fitness generation. This said, here’s some recent news that you will be interested to know.

Hardware and Software Fitness Gurus Combining their Efforts – Fitbit Acquires Fitstar

Fortunately, the best hardware and software digital fitness players have joined forces to provide their customers with the best experience ever, and they are Fitbit and Fitstar. With fitbit buying fitstar software applications, people can expect a topnotch experience that can help them to reach and supercede their personal fitness and weight loss goals. These new joint efforts are a win win for everyone since they provide the following.

Trio of New Fitness Trackers

Recently, Fitbit announced a trio of new fitness trackers because they want their consumers to enjoy an improved workout with the most innovative gadgets. Receiving an 9 out of 10 score for the features provided, this is a fitness tracker that really has it all. While some of the most recent fitness trackers fail the test of offering simple and sleek designs, Fitbit can be described as small and convenient to use in any fitness regimen.


Because these trackers have been designed with more than one platform in mind, people can sync their trackers with their desktop computers, android phones and their IOS phones whenever they like. Further, when it comes to the actual design of the interface, people will find that it is easy to navigate by using only one button. Which means, they can get a easier workout without all of the unnecessary fumbling.

Features in the Trio

For those who like the extra motivation of knowing how they are performing, they can keep track of their activities at any point in their fitness sessions. In fact, they can use their screens and the attached indicators to display messages, and any reminders that’s needed. Also, in cases where the person does not sync their device on a daily basis, it is also important to note that the information that they need access to will be stored for 7 days.

Fitbit Personal Trainer Apps

Because Fitstar is known for listening to their users, they are providing a variety of different software solutions to fit these needs. From offering a FitStar Personal Trainer Starter Kit for the novice to the introduction of The Yoga Starter Kit for those who enjoy yoga, their goal is to reach out to everyone who wants to stay fit.

Getting fit and staying fit can be challenging. However, with the right tools at hand, people can increase their chances of being successful quite substantially. This is why the recent Fitbit Acquires Fitstar solution is an excellent fit for everyone involved. By combining the best hardware with the top personal trainer people who like tracking their progress can have the best experience.

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