Best Vibration Machine Comparison and Buying Guide 2016: Everything You Need To Know

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Vibration machines, the latest innovation in fitness, have become wildly popular for 2 reasons: they make exercising easy and they get results. These machines are fun, simple to use and effective at helping you lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health. Built to maximize fitness and health benefits with minimal strain, they use plates that vibrate to contract and relax your muscles, doing some of the work for you and boosting the moves you perform.

Best Vibration Machine Buying Guide

The result? You become leaner, stronger, improve your circulation, right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, these machines require less time, so workouts are shorter, but just as effective.

Finding one of these machines for your home is easy, but finding the one that best suits you and your family is a different story. As simple as these machines are, there are factors to consider, like size, weight and features before buying one, which is where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and composed this ultimate Vibration Machine buyer guide, complete with the top 5 models and a breakdown of what to look for and what to expect.

Why You Should Buy One

Vibration machines are a great buy during new year, and every day of the year. With one of these machines you can still enjoy all those holiday cookies and cakes without packing on the pounds. A vibration platform will also help you finally stick to your New Year’s resolution to get in-shape- and let you do it in less time. Exercising is not just more accessible, it’s easier to do and the results are quick.

Plus, with all the all-year-around sales, they are more affordable than ever, so there’s no reason not to own one. They are an investment in your future and a smart way to be the best you can be.

Best Body Vibration Platform Reviews: Top 5 Models

Now that you are armed with what to look for, let’s look at the top 5 machines on the market and see which is right for you.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine (Best Vibration Fitness Machine for the Money)

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If you want a machine that will help you slim down and improve your overall health then this machine by Confidence is an excellent choice. Built with women in mind, it features arm rails and tension cords, giving you a full-body workout that sheds pounds and tones muscle. You can do butterflies, arm raises and more to firm your upper body while the oscillating motion works to reduce cellulite, strengthen bone density and improve circulation, which improves appearance and stamina. Best of all, it speeds up the exercise process, delivering results with just 15 minutes of use each day.

With a price tag of just over $250 it has a sturdy base and slim, upright style so it can fit in an apartment or house and won’t rock while in use. It also has a computerized screen to show you stats like calories burned, minutes used and more to get the most from your sessions. A good machine for those who want to focus on weight loss and have limited time to dedicate to exercise.

Dual Motor and Portable Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Machine (Top Vibration Platform for Home Use)

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If you are always on the go or have limited space then the Dual Motor machine is a smart investment at just under $300. This pedestal style machine is compact enough to use in the tiniest apartment or office, yet is just as powerful as a full- sized machine. It size means you can take it and use it anywhere, so you can work out every day.

It has dual motions: oscillating and vibrating, which can work together or independently to fully customize your routine and target problem areas. There are also clips to attach arm bands (which are included), so you can do arm, chest and back work, for a complete regimen.

It is deceptively sturdy and supports a wide range of exercises, making it a great choice for travelers, college students and apartment dwellers.

Merax Full Body Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

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This stand-up style machine gives you health and therapeutic benefits that are a nice fit for yoga enthusiasts. With adjustable speed settings you decide how strong or light you want the vibration to be, making it perfect for a challenging workout or a soothing muscle relaxation session. Made to lengthen and tone muscle, as well as encourage weight loss, it comes with yoga bands to allow you to perform all the different poses.

The machine has arm rails as well as no-slip bottom grips, so it is strong enough to handle being used by multiple members of the household, and is great for bigger families. With a built in computer to monitor your calories and minutes, it is a great machine at just over $250. Due to its larger size it is best suited for larger homes and basements and a good pick for those into overall fitness or families.

Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate )(Top Rated Vibration Machine Under $200)

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At under $200 this slim, stand-up style machine is perfect if you want to concentrate on toning as opposed to weight loss. Built to tighten and elongate muscles, as well as provide muscle therapy, it is an all-in-one vibration machine. There are handles to steady you and also to perform upper body workouts and the base features strong, steady vibrations, so you can get the benefits of a full workout in around 10 minutes.

It has a fully computerized screen to see how well you are performing and grips to keep it steady, so it works well at helping to improve balance as well as minimize cellulite. It works well on any surface and can be used in homes and apartment too. An overall solid machine that is ideal for those on a budget or pressed for time.

Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine (Best Vibration Machine for Weigh Loss)

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This machine is priced higher than the other at around $500, but the price is more than worth it with all the features it has to offer. With a dual motion motor that oscillates and vibrates, it provides a professional grade workout that can be to your specific needs. There are 60 speed, along with 3 pre-programmed and 3 user-programmable workouts, so there is no limit to the exercises you can do. With all these settings you can do a full cardio or a cardio and toning session that goes beyond your normal routine, taking exercise to another level.

It can also be programmed for individual users, so multiple people can program and save their routines, making it a nice choice for larger families or roommates. Even better, it looks as good as it performs, with a stylish, durable stand-up style that is part metal, part rubber and completely streamlined to look modern. There are attachable tension bands and a computer screen to track, program and maximize your moves, making this a must for anyone serious about their health.

Vibration Plate Buying Guide: What To Consider and Look For

Now that you know the various styles, designs and sizes you can choose a machine that fits your needs. When choosing, here is a rundown of must-consider when buying a machine:

Price: does it fit within your budget? It’s nice to look at all the possibilities, but you need to remain realistic if you actually plan to buy one. Set a cap on how much you can spend then begin your search

Size: take stock of where you plan to put in and make sure the model you want can fit. Also consider it the space you have for it works for you. For instance, if you want to watch TV while using it make sure it’s within view of your set. You also want to make sure you have enough space around it to move comfortably.

Quality: Don’t buy a machine just on price. If it meets your budget but not your standards, then don’t get it. You need a machine you can feel safe and secure on, otherwise it is not worth it. These machines should be well-built and durable,

Features: Never settle for a machine that delivers less than what you need. If it doesn’t do what you need you will become frustrated and be less likely to use it.

Plus, it will not get you the results you need, so buy what you need or don’t get anything at all. At the very least, the model you get should have the option for arm band attachments and speed controls.

Safety Measures: These machines should have an automatic shut-off valve, incase of an emergency. Make sure there is a shut-off feature or other similar design aspect so you can exercise with peace of mind.

Usage: how often do you plan to use and how many people are using it. Different users have different needs, so if there are others using it make sure it will do what they need as well.

If you are buying for the family gauge what each member needs and find a machine that merges those must-haves.

Experience: Do you know how to use it? these machines can be pricey and the last thing you want to do is buy one and either injure yourself or ruin it through improper usage. Familiarize yourself ahead of time and make sure there are clear instructions on the settings and even a help line.

Customer Q & A

Now that we know all about the top 5 machines, let’s see what some of the most frequently asked questions are. These questions will help answer anything that may not have been covered.

Q: Are these machines good for any fitness level?

Yes, they work well for beginners and advanced users, just make sure you pick a machine compatible with your level. Also, before starting any routine, it is best to speak with your doctor before you start.

Q: Do they work with any weight class?

Yes. most hold up to 300 pounds or more, so they can be used by people of all different weights and sizes. Again, as long as you are cleared by a doctor, they are safe to use.

Q: Do these machines get results?

Definitely. Besides user testimonials, these machines have been endorsed by doctors and institutions for being effective and doing what they promise. Of course, any routine should be accompanied with a healthy eating plan for optimum results.

Choosing A Machine – Learn the Styles and your Options

Whole body vibration machines come in 4 main styles, so before buying one you need to ask yourself a few questions, starting with why you want one and what you want it to do. Do you want to lose weight? Just tone up? Or maybe you need to condition your muscles or want to use it for therapeutic purposes.

You also need to ask yourself if you have the space for it and how much you want to spend. The 4 main types are:


Basic Oscillation: Consisting of a singular motion similar to a teeter-totter, it is mainly used to lose weight, improve circulation and increase blood flow. They are easy to operate and are usually used in gyms and weight loss centers.

Dual Vibration: these are the newest models and have 2 separate vibrating motions that can be controlled independently. Users can combine oscillation and triplanar movements or use each separately. They help manage weight as well as pain and are effective at increasing bone density and muscle tone.

Triplanar: triplanar machines are pure vibration and is both more intense and moves at a faster rate than oscillating models. Used mostly by professional athletes and trainers, they mainly build muscle tone and improve strength and are not recommended for weight loss.

Sonic: featuring the ability to adjust both frequency and amplitude, they are more difficult to use than other models. They should only be used by those familiar with them, as they can cause injury otherwise.

Size & Design Choices

There are various sizes and designs available, so there is a machine for every need and space. Let’s look at the basic types:

Standing, Single Plate: made up of a small, low to the ground base and plate it resembles a foot rest and is ideal for small spaces, like offices and apartments.

Standing, Full Body: featuring a base and arm handles, it closely resembles a treadmill and is great for houses and those who want a more complete workout.

Full Body, lying down: made like a treadmill they are meant to be laid down on, making them ideal for those looking to improve circulation and suffer from joint problems. You will need a large amount of space to use and keep it.

Standing, Full Body with Belts: similar to the standing full body, it has belts attached that go around your waist to burn more calories and increase circulation.

Buying Vibration Machine Tips

With all of these things to consider, we have the following tips and guidelines to use when your shopping. These tips will help simplify your choices and make buying a snap.

Buy with your brain, not your heart: You may want all the bells and whistles, but if you don’t need them don’t get them. It’s silly to pay for features you may never use.

Comparison shop: if there are 2 models that have what you need compare specifics, like dimensions and customer reviews to choose the best option.

Make sure it’s durable: vibration platforms are an investment so make sure it is well-built and will withstand everyday wear and tear.

Buy what fits: if you love the larger model, but can only keep it in a remote area, where your less likely to use it then get the smaller model. The machine does you no good if you don’t use it.

As you can see from our Best Body Vibration Machine reviews and guide, there is a lot to consider when buying one of these machines. They are innovative and ingenious machines that can really help you to live healthier, provided you choose the right one. There truly is a model for every lifestyle, the trick is picking the right one and with our guide that should be easier than ever.

They can transform your daily routine and improve how you look and feel, giving you confidence and strength, in addition to helping you maintain your weight. Designed for every fitness level and people young and old they are fun and effective, making exercise not just attainable, but desirable.

Users rave about how quick and simple they make working out, and with all the sales going on, they are more affordable than ever. Transform your life- and the lives of those around you- and invest in a vibration plate. Start off the new year with a new you- you won’t regret it.

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