Top 5 Best Power Tower Reviews and Comparison Buying Guide 2016

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Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or build muscle, a power tower is the perfect way to do it. These versatile gym apparatuses, designed to target your core and upper body, deliver a vigorous workout that can strengthen and slim- all in the comfort of your own home. They can even provide an effective full-body workout that makes the needs for other devices obsolete.

Best Power Tower Comparison Buying Guide

There are many different styles, features and price ranges to choose from, which is why I developed this top 5 power tower review. I’ve conducted exhaustive research to deliver you a breakdown on the best models to choose from, as well as a guide on what to look for and exercise tips to help you get the most out of your machine.

What is a Power Tower?

For anyone not familiar with these machines, a power tower, or body weight station, is a piece of equipment that lets you use your own weight to work your upper torso, abdominal muscles and more. They are tall and slim, with an upper pull-up bar for chin-ups that connects the 2 sides and resemble a long table that has been stood upright with the legs sticking out.

There are 2 hand grips and arm rests, 1 on each side, for the dip station and vertical knee raises and some have grips on either side of the base for lower body exercises and extended routines. You can perform a full range of exercises safely, for a custom workout that maximizes your potential.

The Benefits of a Power Tower

Power Towers are beneficial in many ways, in terms of function and convenience. Here is what they can do for you:

  • Versatility: What really makes this equipment stand out is that the design is guy and girl friendly. Most home gym benches and similar equipment are geared towards men, but power towers are equally for both. Girls can use the hand grips for squats while guys use them for
  • Condition and Tone: Using this equipment daily will condition your core muscles and upper body, improving muscle tone and overall strength. Using your own body weight, you can go as hard or as easy as you want to get your body in prime shape.
  • Controlling Weight: Since these machines build muscle, they are excellent for maintaining and losing weight. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so regular use of this equipment will increase metabolism and help you control your weight.
  • Spot Train: For those who have suffered an injury, like a torn rotator cuff, or need to spot train, a power tower is ideal. You can use it to work out select muscle groups, like your shoulders or biceps, making it perfect for therapy or customized workouts. Ladies, say goodbye to arm sag forever!
  • Core Stability: These machines are great at isolating and toning your mid-section, which not only helps how you look, but how you move. A strong core improves stability and balance, making you more agile and helping reduce your risk of injury.
  • Convenience: Power Towers are tall, but thin, so they fit in almost any space. You can put it in your basement, room or office, so there is no excuse not to work out.

Top 5 Power Tower Reviews

To aid you in your search for the perfect power tower, I have compiled this review of the top 5 machines. I will outline the pros and cons of each model, and included equipment at varying price levels, to ensure everyone has an option.

Weider Power Tower

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This is the top pick on my list, thanks to its exceptional construction and usefulness. Reasonably Price , it is a sturdy, reliable machine that offers a complete home workout for beginners and those looking to spot train or build up poor muscle.

What makes this unit stand apart from the others is the independent utility bench and 6-foam leg developer with Olympic sleeve. These 2 pieces guarantee you get a complete workout, allowing you to do leg lifts, bends, sit-ups and more, so you can condition from head to toe.

In addition, the multiple grip design makes this a dip station, pull-up station and vertical knee raise station all at the same time. This allows you to maximize upper body routines, so guys can work on defining their pectoral muscles and ladies can build definition in their arms or whittle their waists.

Made from high-grade, but lightweight steel tubing, the unit will not move or rock no matter what surface it is on. The upper arm rests and hand grips have foam and vinyl padding, as does the independent utility bench, so you can exercise in comfort and focus on your form, not the units.

The uprights are adjustable, so it can be used by men and women of various heights without issue and there is an exercise chart to make sure you perform moves the right way.

The one down side with this unit is that it is a bit expensive to have professionally installed at around $100, but you can’t really put a price on safety. Besides, after using it a few times it will pay for itself.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower (Best Value for Money)

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Number 2 on my list thanks to its extraordinary value, the 1690 is great for beginners or those with limited space. It may look average in terms of design, but don’t let its looks fool you because this unit delivers, and all for under $90.

The free-standing, simplistic design allows it to fit in any space, so it works in offices, apartments and homes. Made of quality steel and fitted with no-slip casings along the base, it works on any surface without moving or rocking-even carpet.

This unit is perfect for toning and definition of your full body, with 2 upper grips and 2 waist high grips that can be used for push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips and more. The grips feature ergonomically designed foam cushioning, so they feel natural and can hold a max weight of 250 pounds.

The only real complaint here is the simplistic design may feel limiting to professional athletes, but for everyday use it is the best value for your money.

Body Champ Power Tower

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Priced mid-range around $150, this machine hits all its marks, giving users a multi-station apparatus to perform classic and advanced exercises that target your upper torso. This is ideal for those recovering from an injury or looking to increase overall strength.

Constructed with premium steel tubing, this unit has a D-shaped base for added stability and 4 stations to target and tone individual and group muscles. The hand grips have no-slip coatings and the padded back section is hand sewn. There are also base coverings so the unit won’t scratch your floor.

In terms of performance, this unit is devoted to building a strong upper body and core. There is a built-in push-up bar to isolate and tone shoulders, back and chest and a lat/pull-up bar for advanced upper body routines that can take you to the next level. It utilizes your body weight, maximizing results so you look and feel better.

Overall, this is a superior unit, but may feel a bit lacking for those looking for a full-body workout. More suited to serious-minded athletes.

XMark VKR Vertical Knee Raise with Dip and Pull-up Station Power Tower XM-4432-WHITE

Check Price on Amazon

If you want a full-body workout on a machine that looks as good as it performs then this machine from XMark is the way to go.

Yes, you’ll pay a bit more with a price of around $200, but you’ll also get more, as this equipment is made with the best materials and made to last a lifetime.

Made with 14-gauge steel and scratch-resistant powder coating, this machine will look good in any room and you won’t have to worry about it breaking down over time.

The back cushion is extra thick and made from tear-resistant, double stitched, Duraguard vinyl, so it will stay strong after repeated sessions and cleanings and the roller pads are 4-inches thick, for supreme comfort and longevity.

The unit has a vertical knee raise station, pull-up bar and twin dip handles that are strategically placed to help you get the most from your workouts. There is also a sit-up station with an adjustable, padded foot bar for advanced abdominal routines- great for those trying to lose weight.

My one gripe is that this high of a price, installation should be included, but it is not. But with so much to offer, it is a price most will be willing to pay.

Bowflex BodyTower

Check Price on Amazon

Last, but certainly not least on my list is this machine from Bowflex. It is the most expensive model here at $250, but this is truly a complete home gym and is the most advanced and versatile machine of the bunch.

Made with commercial-grade steel (Those you see at Gyms), this unit is sturdy, long-lasting and can handle any routine thanks to hand grips, a cushioned back pad, adjustable horizontal bars and sling straps.

Sling straps allow for more mobility when performing arm, chest, shoulder and back exercises and also add more variety to your workouts. The EZ-adjustable horizontal bars, meanwhile, allow you to control the tempo and intensity of each move.

Good for squats, planks, leg raises, dips and more, this unit can hold up to 300-pounds and is a great investment for beginners and advanced users.

The one negative here is that it may be too expensive for some shopper, but this is one piece of equipment worth saving up for.

Power Tower Maintenance and Safety

Before purchasing one of these machines, it is important to know how to maintain them and use safely. Here is an overview of maintenance and safety tips:

  • Always put your equipment on a level floor. You don’t want it to slip or slide when using it, so make sure it is on an even surface and will remain stationary.
  • Check the weight requirements. Every machine has a different maximum weight allowance, so check before starting to avoid injury or causing damage to the unit.
  • Know how to use it properly. Make sure you understand how to perform exercises correctly and go slow when starting out or you may pull a muscle or become frustrated by a lack of results.
  • Have it professionally assembled. To make sure it is put together right and is secure, have a professional put it together. Most stores offer to have it installed in your home to ensure your safety.

Power Tower Exercises

To get you started, or fine tune your existing routine, here are a few exercises you can perform on your power tower:

  • Hanging Leg Raises: Great for your abdominals, these can be done using either the pull-up bar or the dip bar. Start on either by keeping your arms straight and raise your legs straight up to 90° angle so you are in the shape of an “L.”Keep your feet together and hold the move 15, 30 or 60 seconds, doing 3 sets of at least 5-10 reps. If you have a difficulty with your legs straight or are just starting out, bend your legs at the knee and raise your knees instead.
  • Dips: Perfect for your triceps (back of the arm) and pectorals (upper chest) these are done using the dip bar. Grab the bars with your thumbs on the inside and keep your arms fully extended, with your feet off of the ground. Slowly bend your arms and lower your body, keeping your elbows at your side the entire time. When you reach the bottom, push against the handles and straighten your arms as you return to the top. Complete 3- 5 sets of at least 10 reps each.

If you can’t do a full dip, place your feet or knees on a stool or chair.

As illustrated by my top 5 power tower review, these multipurpose pieces of equipment are an ideal addition to any home, helping you take your routine to the next level. Durable and built to last, they can aid you in your bid to lose weight, tone and tighten or strengthen your body from top to bottom.

These machines are easy to use and maintain, making exercise, safe and convenient, as you use your own body weight and can do your routine day or night from the comforts of home. Equally effective for men and women, they eliminate excuses and leave you with a desire to work out. They are by far the most valuable piece of equipment you will ever own, which is why you should get one now- don’t wait!

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