Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment and Setup Buying Guide and Comparison 2016

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The Best Home Gym Equipment Buying Guide

What is a Home Gym?

A home gym is a piece of fitness equipment that can more or less take on the functions of several different pieces of fitness equipment all at once. Home gyms can obviate the need to own many different exercise machines, because people will be able to get all of their exercise or most of it using only the best home gym. People are naturally going to be using their home gyms within the safe confines of their own living spaces for added convenience.

Benefits of Owning a Home Gym

Home gyms can allow people to save time and money. They aren’t going to have to pay for gym memberships if they are able to do all of their necessary exercise in the comfort of their own homes. People who try to set up their gym at home often literally have to set up a set of home gyms, complete with multiple pieces of equipment.

When one piece of fitness equipment can serve as a home gym, people will also save money. People are also more likely to exercise if their gym equipment is conveniently located, and it doesn’t get more convenient than a home gym.

Top Five Rated Home Gym Reviews

1. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym (Best Home Gym for the Money

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People can perform around thirty different strength exercises using the Bowflex PR1000. The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym partly consists of a rowing machine, which provides an excellent aerobic workout. The horizontal bench press can really allow people to tone their upper bodies.

Customers have reported that the Bowflex PR1000 only took around an hour to assemble, and that it was a sturdy machine that managed to hold up nicely even during a wide range of different workouts. While some home gyms will offer a bigger selection of exercises than this, this one is going to be able to offer people quality exercise. The lat pull down and horizontal bench press still give people plenty of options.

The exercise machine has a weight capacity of around three hundred pounds. People are also going to need a relatively large exercise area in order to really make space for the Bowflex Home Gym. However, they’re still not going to have to devote nearly as much space for this machine as they would for a broader home gym with multiple pieces of equipment, and 100 x 78 inches will probably sufficefor most people. It’s the best for Money Fitness System under $450.

2. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym – Best BowFlex in the Class

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People can do more than sixty different forms of exercise using the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, making it one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment that is in use today. The leg extension attachments mean that the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym will be usable for more people. The Bowflex Blaze manages to offer everything that people need in terms of cardiovascular exercise and strength training exercise.

People will be able to work all of their leg muscles effectively, including their quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Customers have praised the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym for being very versatile and for being very easy to assemble and very easy for everyone to be able to use. They’ve said that switching from one routine to the next was even relatively convenient thanks to the design of the Bowflex Home Gym.

This is a home gym that is going to truly allow people to transform their entire bodies, since they will be able to work so many different muscle groups at once. They’ll be able to get over two hundred pounds of resistance with the Power Rod technology of the Bowflex. Thanks to the technology, the resistance is very smooth and effective, which will make it easier for customers to really get into the rhythm of using the device.

3. XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym

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This is one of the least expensive home gyms that people are going to be able to find, which is going to make a big difference for a lot of people. The XR 55 Home Exercise Gold’s Gym, weight stack, padded seat, preacher pad, chart is better for shorter people and lighter people, or it might not work as well. However, a wide range of people should still be able to get some quality exercise with the XR 55.

While the XR 55 Home Exercise is harder to put together than some pieces of fitness equipment in this price range, many customers have agreed that it is well worth the effort for the people who do get it done. It may take even the handiest of people four hours to assemble, but they’re going to be set for life when the home gym is finished. This device is great for people who are just starting out when it comes to their exercise routines, but it should still work relatively well for the people who have a great deal of experience when it comes to fitness.

The 175-pound stack might be inadequate for some people, but it might be the ideal setting for many others. People who have relatively low ceilings in their homes might have a hard time installing this machine, which is relatively tall for a home gym. The home gym is very sturdy and solid, and many people aren’t going to mind the height because they’re able to get such a stable device as a result.

4. Weider Ultimate Body Works

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The cable and pulley system makes it possible for people to be able to perform lots of different exercises using the Weider Ultimate Body Works. The adjustable incline bench actually makes it relatively easy for people to be able to get the workout that they want. The Weider Ultimate Body Works was also designed in order to help people save space. This home gym is also relatively inexpensive compared to many others.

They can fold up the Weider Ultimate Body Works when they’re about to move or when they’re interested in putting it into storage for any reason. Customers have praised the expert build of the Weider Ultimate, and they have said that this is one of the most cost-effective home gyms that they have ever seen.

Customers will be able to benefit from excellent weight resistance levels here. People who weigh around three hundred pounds should have no problem using this device. The Weider Ultimate Body Works device is only a few feet wide, so it should probably be easy enough for people to fit it into any workout space. No one is going to have to redesign a workout space to accommodate the Weider Ultimate, which will provide people with a safe and effective workout right away

5. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings

Thanks to the floor based frame design, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System manages to be much more stable than many other home gyms. The Marcy Diamond Elite was designed to make it easier for people to isolate the muscles that they are trying to tone, allowing them to perform a wide range of different targeted exercises.

The non-slip foot brace makes the machine comparatively safe to use. Customers have reported that the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings has all of the versatility that they would expect from a home gym. They also reported that it was less expensive than many similar models and more compact than they would have assumed.

The safety stoppers and adjustable bar catches work to make the Marcy Elite that much safer for people to use. While there aren’t any weights included in this device, people are still going to be able to exercise their arms just as effectively. The pivotal point on the leg developer makes it that much easier for people to target specific muscles more effectively, giving them more control over the results that they get from exercising.

What To Consider When Buying a Home Gym – All You Need to Know


People buy home gyms in the first place because they are interested in making sure that they can perform lots of different exercises using only one piece of equipment. Some of the best home gyms are going to have about sixty different exercises available. People usually aren’t going to be able to find more than one hundred different exercises for a given home-gym with reason price.

Good ones are going to give people to potential for around thirty different exercises or so. While some people are only going to want home gyms that will help them with toning muscles or with aerobic exercise, people should ideally be able to get all of their exercise with their home gyms.


People should be able to make their home gyms work around them and not the other way around. There should be a pulley system and several different settings for the machine, allowing people to adjust the machine to the specifications that work well for them. They should be able to make the machine work for them in spite of their heights, and it should be possible for them to truly tailor the workout that they want to their own different preferences. Customers want to be able to really make the machines their own, and they want to be able to make the adjustments safely and efficiently.

Ease of Use

Home gyms should be relatively easy to put together. People shouldn’t have to spend more than an hour or so putting them together. While actually physically exercising using the home gyms should provide the appropriate level of challenge, people should not be in a situation in which they’re exerting a lot of energy just in order to make the machine work.

Home gyms should be easy to construct, easy to maintain, and easy to actually use on a regular basis. People should be able to transition from using other types of fitness equipment to using home gyms very easily.

Safety and Stability

Many of the best home gyms are designed with very broad and very strong bases, which should make it that much harder for them to fall over even when people are doing a lot of very vigorous and strenuous exercise with them. Stacking so many different types of equipment and creating a home gym that can fulfill lots of different functions.

It can make it more likely that the machine will experience problems in terms of its stability and safety. As such, it is more important for people to make sure that their home gyms have been designed with safety and stability in mind.

Storage-Saving Design

Home gyms that were not designed with saving space in mind are often going to be so cumbersome that people will struggle with keeping them in an apartment. Moving them from place to place can be even tougher. No one should have to feel like he or she is really keeping a home gym on hand, and the best models can fold easily, taking the burden off of the owners.

People who are planning on moving at some point are not going to want to have to deal with a huge hassle when it comes to their home gyms, and the portable gyms don’t take up too much space when they are in use and when they are between uses.

What Are Your Goals? Have one that Fits your Agenda

Some home gyms are going to be designed with leg and arm exercises in mind, so the people who are trying to become more toned are going to want them. Other home gyms are designed with aerobic exercise in mind, so the people who are trying to lose weight, strengthen their hearts, or who are trying to improve their overall fitness levels might be interested in them.

The free weight-plate loaded gyms are best for people who are looking for general improvements in their fitness levels, and the weight stack gyms might be better for the people who are specifically interested in muscle tone.

Maintenance and Clean-Up

All of the screws for home gyms need to be tightened on a regular basis. They’re going to be handling quite a lot of weight and pressure all the time, making it that much more important for customers to maintain the skeleton of their home gyms.

The metal parts themselves can be just cleaned a few times a month with soap and water unless anything major happens. People should always spray the parts of the machine that they have touched with some sort of basic cleaner, while soon wiping off the area in order to get rid of their sweat residue.

Types of Home Gyms – Many Equipment in the Market

Home gyms can be divided into resistance rod styles, weight stack gyms, and free weight-plate loaded gyms. With resistance rod styles, people can get the same results as they would with bands of varying tensions due to the setup of the resistance rods.

With weight stack gyms, the stack of weights can be adjusted based on which parts of the body the person wants to be able to work. Weight stack gyms are fairly safe and fairly small, which adds to their appeal.

People can exercise lots of different parts of the body using the interconnected sections of the free weight-plate loaded gyms. These are the gyms for people who want the most versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight capacity for home gyms?

A: It varies depending on the gym. Some of them are going to have a maximum weight limit that is as low as two hundred and fifty pounds. Some of them will have a weight limit that is closer to three hundred pounds.

Finding home gyms with a weight limit of above three hundred and fifty pounds is going to be difficult.

Q: Is it possible to do aerobic exercise with home gyms?

A: It depends on the home gym, but there are home gyms that tend to offer exercises like rowing exercises, which will certainly give people the improvements in cardiovascular health that they may want. Usually, this will be one of several different stations in a given free weight-plate loaded home gym.

Q: Are home gyms difficult to put together?

A: Most home gyms were designed to be easy for people to put together on their own or with a few other people. Some of them can be assembled in less than an hour.

Some of them are trickier to put together, but it should not require any expect assistance, even for the people who are not handy.

Q: Are there lots of home gyms available?

A: Home gyms are not niche products. There are lots of different models, so it should be easy for people who are dedicated enough to know where to buy home gym equipment that they want. There are different types of home gyms, and they all have different merits and different drawbacks.

Q: How many different types of exercises can people do with home gyms?

A: Home gyms will vary according to how many different exercises they offer. Some of them are going to offer around thirty different exercises. Others will be capable of giving customers one hundred different exercises.

Finding home gyms that will give people between forty and sixty different exercises should be just as easy.

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback for various home gyms should help people to understand the characteristics that customers are going to feel are the most important in their home gyms. Owners who have lost weight or become healthier or more toned are typically going to mention it in the reviews of the home gyms that they have.

Customers want versatility out of their machines. They want home gyms that are really going to allow them to feel like they don’t need a single additional piece of fitness equipment. Home gyms that can offer them between sixty and a hundred different exercises are going to be the best home gyms. People also want their home gyms to be very adjustable to use. Not all customers are going to pay attention to all of the different types of home gyms, which might influence how they rank them, for better or for worse.


The Home-Gym is well within the reach of any dedicated potential customer. People need to be able to decide what it is that they really want. They should ask themselves which set of exercises will help them meet their fitness goals, and from there, they should be able to decide on the model that will be the best fit home-gym for them.

Buying the best home gym can allow customers can achieve a level of fitness that they have never had before, since they’re going to have access to an effective exercise machine that could potentially manage to tone their entire bodies. It is going to be reliable enough that customers will be able to use it as often as they need to, since this piece of equipment really is several pieces of fitness equipment all at once.

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