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Wearaction.com is a site dedicated to fitness- run by 2 people who are dedicated (and passionate) about not just fitness, but you!

I’m Ken, and me and my wife Cindy have a passion for fitness that we want to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

Yes- exercise CAN be fun and beneficial- and Cindy and I are here to help you find out how.

We are just like you- we work 9-5 and have 2 beautiful, exasperating, high-energy kids that keep us on our toes, so finding the time to work out- and do it effectively, was a real challenge at first.

But together we worked through it and now, we have a ton of knowledge to share with you on everything and anything fitness related, not just to help you learn, but to help you get as excited about living healthy as we are!

I am an expert (after lots of research and LOTS of trial and error) on wearable fitness and health trackers, while my wife has tips and tricks on how these devices can work with your diet and exercise.

Together, we will help you make smart, educated decisions on the types of devices to buy, the exercises that work best and more so you look and feel your best.

We will also keep you updated on the latest fitness news, so read on to learn more about us and why you should make us your go to site.

Ken: Fitness Gadget Guru

I don’t know about you, but for me, technology is they key to working out right, which is why I learned everything I could about all the wearable devices on the market.

These devices are everywhere and are an invaluable tool for anyone trying to get in shape or stay that way, but they can also be hard to differentiate between- which is where I come in.

There are so many options and uses with these wearables, from pricing and design to use and fitness level compatibility, that having an expert (like me) to help you is the right way to go.

What makes me an expert? Well, not only do I own a few, but I have also tested all the various brands and spoken with experts in the field to learn what separates the best from the rest.

I will help you figure out what features you need (even the ones you think you don’t), guide you towards the right price range and give you a breakdown on how to use and make the most of the device you have or buy.

I also am a sponge when it comes to fitness/technology news, so I will also share with you the newest devices and any other late-breaking information to keep you at the fore-front of the fitness movement.

Cindy: Dietitian and Workout Pro

Hi, I’m Cindy, Ken’s wife and I’m really excited to go on this journey with you to becoming more active and in-tune with your body (men and women alike).

For me, fitness was always a struggle- there was never enough time- or motivation, until Ken and I discovered the world of wearable fitness devices.

Wearable can help even the most unenthusiastic person get going, which is why I think everyone should have one.

They don’t just track what you do, they also can help you eat right and maximize your exercise routine- an I will tell you how.

I’ll share my tips for healthy recipes, the most effective workout and then I’ll show you how your device can help you with all of it.

From built-in apps to activity based monitoring, becoming healthy can be an enjoyable, hassle free experience.

Plus, many of these devices can help you learn how healthy you already are (or aren’t), to make sure you exercise in a safe way.

After years of learning how to eat right and work out smarter I now know what it takes and together, you will learn too.

So come join Cindy and I as we take you on a journey to discover the best you there is. We will not just get you on track, but keep you there, so you look great, feel great and ARE great every day going forward!

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