Best Weighted Clothing Buying Guide: A Magical Must-Have For Exercisers

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Weighted Clothing Ultimate Buying Guide

As someone who has battled with their weight for years, I know just how hard it can be to live heathy. I have tried every trick looking for an edge, with no success…. until now! No, I did not find a miracle weight loss pill (I wish!) and I still have to exercise and live right. But, it’s a little easier now thanks to my new discovery: weighted clothing.

Weighted clothes are versatile pieces of clothing that can add weight to some or all of your body parts. Not only does this clothing promote weight loss, it also can help with improving bone mass, muscle tone and even act as a calming agent. This clothing enhances any fitness routine, makes exercising more convenient, and most importantly, gets results.

To help you understand the benefits of this clothing I drew up this A-Z weighted-clothing buying guide. My guide will tell you everything you need to know, from what it is and how it works, to how it can benefit you and exercises you can do. Until I find that magic pill, this will just have to do!

What is Weighted Clothing?

Weighted-clothes, as the name implies, consists of individual pieces of clothing that have weights in them to improve your current fitness routine (if you don’t have one then just walking around wearing some will be a vast improvement).

They are surprisingly lightweight and durable, and can be cleaned just like any other article of clothing. Kind of like Spidermans’ suit- ordinary, but with some extraordinary powers.

The clothing comes in various pieces for just about every body part, making them versatile and giving you a wide range of uses for them. There are shirts, vests, gloves and more, so you can use them to spot train, increase metabolism, build muscle, rehab injured patients or strengthen bone density. Many people even use them to calm down those with severe anxiety or children with autism (the weight gives them a grounded, safe feeling).

The Benefits of Wearing Weighted Clothing

So how exactly, can this clothing improve your quality of life. In several ways, which we will now examine:

  • Increased metabolism: Wearing clothing in weight can help burn more calories, increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss. Whether you opt to wear a weighted vest when running, or weighted ankle sleeves, the result will be the same: increased heart rate.
    That means your calories spent will increase, while the numbers on the scale decrease. Not a bad alternative to that magic pill
  • Improved muscle tone/ mass: When you wear heavy clothing while exercising, your muscles work harder, increasing tone, agility and flexibility. Muscle’s lengthen and become toned, which makes you appear slimmer and more defined.
    It also converts fat and increases muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat, further improving weight loss results.
  • Customized, precise routines: Since this clothing is available in various articles of clothing, you can spot train trouble areas and fine-tune your routine. For instance, if you want to tone arms you can use weighted arm sleeves to concentrate on that area.
    The ability to use the weights on specific areas is a big plus, especially for professional athletes, who may need to build up certain areas, like their legs. It is also good for people in rehabilitation centers, as they can strengthen weak muscles in less time.
  • Improved Exercise Movements: Wearing these items allows you to improve your form and frees your hands and legs for greater range of motion and stability. When you wear a weighted arm bands instead of traditional weights, for example, you can focus more on how to do the move instead of worrying about having a good grip on the weight.
    Subsequently, you can use your arms to maintain balance if necessary, a plus for older users.
  • Greater bone density: The use of weighted-clothing increases muscle mass, which in turn causes your bones to increase in size and density. As a result, your bones become stronger, giving you improved strength.
    This is important for those with weak tone and women, who tend to lose bone density as they age. It counteracts these issues and gives you improved core strength.
  • Improved Interest: A lot of people give up on exercise because they become bored; Weighted clothing eliminates that issue because these items can make any routine more challenging.

Best Weighted Clothing Types: Which Clothes fit me the most?

Now that you have a clear sense of what heavy clothing is and how it can help you, let’s examine the different types available.

Weighted Vests

Vests are the foundation of all weighted clothing, providing overall resistance that is ideal for weight loss and improved cardiovascular function.

Vests are usually adjustable, so they work with all body types and can be used by both men and women. Worn over a tee or tank, many have breathable fabric to keep out moisture and come with either weights that’s are sewn in or pockets so weight can be added.
Vests are also good for helping calm anyone with anxiety, enclosing them almost like a cocoon.

Weighted Shirts

These fitted, lightweight shirts contain weights placed by the major muscles of the upper body, so they act as a compression tee and weight. Popular among professional athletes, they challenge and work muscles without taxing them.

They eliminate moisture and can be a bit costly. I like how comfortable they feel and how unaware you are that you have it on.

Weighted Arm Sleeves:

Made in varying styles, weighted arm sleeves are designed to improve strength and agility in your arms. They are usually adjustable, with straps at the top and bottom, providing a secure, snug fit that lets you mpve without restriction.

Some cover the whole arm, while others cover the bottom half; they are great for anyone with an arm injury, or those into sports like baseball or golf, as they can help improve your swing.

Weighted Shorts

Designed to improve speed, increase leg strength and improve muscle tone, weighted shorts are good for athletes or those who have weak legs or hip problems. These shorts come in a wide array of materials and are meant to be fitted, so it is important to get the correct size for optimal results.

Most have pockets so weight can be added for customization and they are easy on knee joints, so they can be safely used to fight arthritis and other leg ailments.

Weighted Leg Sleeves 

Perfect for spot training and creating, taut, toned lower legs, leg sleeves are a great choice for sprinters or karate enthusiasts. They add weight without obstructing movements, are adjustable and are usually made of stretchy, thin material.

Weighted Belts 

A good alternative to the vest, belts are great for increasing metabolism by working your core. Easier to wear than the vest and less constricting, they also help improve muscle tone in your lower back.

Weighted Wrist Bands

These are my go to, because they eliminate the need to hold dumbbells, allowing you to exercise longer and harder. They come in a wide range of materials, from nylon to thin, water-resistant fabrics and most have slots to add weights and Velcro so you can adjust the fit.

Weighted Gloves

I’ll admit, when I first saw these I thought they were for boxers, but turns out they are actually great for toning and aerobic exercise. They transform upper body exercises, adding resistance and improving calories burned as well as toning.

They sculpt upper body muscles and are easy on joints, with weight varying between 1 and 6 pounds. Good for beginners or anyone trying to tone their arm/shoulder area (goodbye arm sag girls!).

Weighted Shoes

Yes, the Italian in me balked at the name, they sound like something out of a mafia movie. But trust me, these shoes provide great resistance and enhance any lower body routine. They are ideal for walkers and give you a low-impact workout that kick-starts (pun intended) weight loss.

Ankle Weights

Just like wrist weights, they improve endurance and are great toning tools. Ankle weights can go up to 20 pounds and are also a good choice for spot training leg muscles, like your calves.

Buying Musts: What to Look For

When shopping for weighted clothing, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you choose the right article of clothing. Here’s what to look for:

  • Fit: Make sure the item fits securely and snuggly without being too tight or loose. Otherwise, you may cut off circulation or spend most of your time trying to stabilize a moving band/sleeve.
    Fit is the most important factor, as an item that is too big or small will limit movements. The last thing you want is shorts chafing your inner thighs or a vest cutting into you.
  • Weight options: If you want to vary your routine, then look for items that allow you to add or remove weight. Likewise, there are different types of weight inserts, like hydra-gel packs, which you can heat or cool before wearing, adding another layer to your routine.
  • Materials: What the item is made of should also be considered. Ideally you want materials that are smooth against the skin and wick off excess moisture, especially during warmer months.

    Also, if it’s an item that you need to wash often, like a shirt or shorts, you want materials that stand up to wear and tear.

  • Price: These items can be costly, so do your homework and shop around. Make sure you buy from reputable stores or sites, like Amazon. You can find deals, but beware of something priced too low.
    Just as there’s no magic pill, there’s also no magic sales. Don’t skimp on price at the expense of quality or you could end up injured or with an item that doesn’t do what it should.

Weighted-Clothing Exercise Routines

Weighted clothes work great with most routines, you just have to use the right items with the right moves and repetitions. As my gym partner always says: donuts aren’t the enemy, sitting on the couch is.

In other words, it’s not so much about what you eat but about what you do when it comes to weight loss, which is why weighted clothes can really help. They can boost metabolism, so even when you sabotage yourself by indulging in a donut (or 2), it won’t hurt you in the long run.

To help you get your routine going, check out my workout guide, which gives you suggestions and pairings, for beginners and advanced users.

Weighted Vests/ Belt Exercises

  • 5-minute treadmill walk/run
  • 20 pushups (3-4 times a week)
  • 20 squats (3 to 4 times a week)
  • 20 reverse lunges (4 times a week)

Ankle Weights Workouts

  • 25 lunges (3 times a week)
  • 20 leg curls (3 times a week)
  • 25 scissor leg kicks (3 to 4 times a week)

Wrist weights Workouts

  • 2 sets of 15 arm curls (3 times a week)
  • 2 sets of 12 overhead arm extensions (3 times a week)
  • 3 sets of 10 bicep curls (3 times a week)

Weighted Arm Sleeves

  • 2 sets of 15 pull-ups (4 times a week)
  • 25 Overhead rows (3 times a week)

I hope my weighted clothing buying guide gave you a better understanding of how these items can help you. Facts is, living healthy can be hard and while there are no shortcuts, there are ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable, and weighted clothes does both. They give you a convenient and proven way to take your exercise routine to another level and get the results you want.

These items are reasonably priced, easy to use and can work with any fitness level, so there are no excuses: young old and in-between, these pieces are for you. They can heal weak muscles, tone, tighten and increase strength, making your body leaner, tougher and slimmer. So get off that couch and go invest in the greatest thing since slice bread. As for me, I’m going to slip on my ankle weights and go looking for that magic pill– I’ll let you know what I find.

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