Introduction to Health Fitness Gadgets and a Better You

Do you want to workout more but don’t know what exercises to do? Are you unsure of how hard or how long to workout? Have health issues and don’t know how to workout safely? No matter what the issue, there is a simple answer to all these problems: fitness devices. From trackers to heart rate monitors, there is a fitness device for everyone.

Introduction to the best fitness gadget

They can take your workout to the next level, safely and effectively, you just need to find the one that’s right for you. That’s what this site is all about. We’re here to educate and inspire you with our Introduction to Health Fitness Gadgets. We’ll go over the different types of gadgets and explain how they work and why you need them- all in the name of getting you on the road to a better you.

The Road to A Healthier Lifestyle Checklist

Becoming healthier, whether it’s for personal or medical reasons, requires commitment and focus. A good device can help you with all that and also monitor how your body responds to your workouts. Before we get in to what the various devices are, let’s run down what you need to do and know before starting any routine. This checklist will help you determine what you need and want:

Fitness Gadget can help you-tracking your health statusConsult a Physician: Before starting any type of exercise routine you need to speak with your doctor. Your doctor can determine what activities are safe for you if you have any medical conditions, like diabetes, muscle aches or heart conditions.
Your doctor can also tell you if you need to keep an eye on your blood pressure, body temperature or anything else while working out, which will factor into the devices you use.

Know Your Exercise Profile: Do you need someone pushing you to stay on track or can you motivate yourself? Like having a workout partner or do you prefer long, solitary runs? Your workout style will determine the gadget you choose. For instance, if you need to work out, but don’t enjoy it then a tracker with silent alerts and coaching tips would be a good idea.

Set Goals: It’s important to think about what you want from your exercise regime. Are you trying to lose weight, getting older and need to strengthen your muscles or do you just want to be healthier. What you hope to gain plays a vital role in the tools you need.

Fitness Gadgets at a Glance

Now that you have your checklist, lets take a look at some of the fitness devices available and what they can do:

Fitness & Activity Trackers: Of all the fitness devices on the market, trackers are the most versatile and widely used. A tracker is a wearable device that “tracks” or monitors various body functions. All trackers monitor calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled, making them a good fit for anyone looking to lose weight. Most also can sync to your phones or PC, allowing you to analyze data and even give you exercise suggestions.

There are several fitness tracker models that can do a lot more, like monitor heart-rate, sleep cycles and even monitor location through GPS. This allows for a wider range of workout activities and also is useful for those with medical concerns. Let’s look at the benefits of a tracker:

Convenient: trackers can be worn around the clock, so you can put it on and forget about it. It also means you can see your progress all day, every day- a great motivator.

Easy to Use: these devices are simple to use and need minimal input from you. No logging in all the time or typing in information. Just set your goals and get moving. This makes them great for young and old people alike.

• Improve Quality of Exercise: from built-in coaching apps to idle alerts that tell you if you’ve been sitting too long, trackers can motivate and shape you exercise regimen for the better.

Heart-Rate Monitors: Your Heart Best Friend

For those who aren’t counting calories, want to maximize their routine or are exercising for medical reasons, a simple heart monitor is a great idea. Heart monitors are simple to use and are usually worn on a strap that goes around your chest under your clothes. These monitors give you stats in real time, so you can see your heart-rate as you exercise.

Heart-rate monitors can help you by:

• Tracking your beats per second and alerting you of any irregularities.
• Syncing to your devices to analyze your heart health.
• Analyzing how hard your heart is working and suggest exercises accordingly.
• seeing your heart-rate can help you speed up or slowdown in real time, for maximum results.

Blood Pressure Monitors – Say Goodbye to High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Readings and Numbers
If you want to work out but are worried about your health, you could invest in a blood pressure monitor. These devices can be worn on your wrist and offer you a safe way to work out by telling you not only your blood pressure, but how it compares to national guidelines.

Among the benefits of using a blood pressure monitor are:
• They discreetly and quietly take your blood pressure, so if you take an aerobics class no one will know.
• Automatically inflates for continuous monitoring.
• Can also alert you to irregular heartbeats, so you can work out without fear.

Pairing Your Fitness Gadgets with Your Exercise Style

Now that you are familiar with these devices, all you need to do is choose from the various workouts for women that are available. From strength training to cardio exercise, there are endless possibilities when deciding on a routine. Keep in mind that the type of exercise you do will determine the fitness gadget. For example, if you have high blood pressure a pressure monitor is better than a tracker, especially during cardio.

Also bear in mind that you can switch devices and don’t have to stick with any set routine. For instance, if you use a fitness tracker, it can suggest cycling, swimming or cardio exercises, and switch them up each day. The point is these devices are meant to enhance, not hinder your experience, so use them the right way and I guarantee you will become stronger, healthier and happier.

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CES 2016 Day 3: A New Breed of Nabu, Withings, and Misfit Health and Fitness Trackers

The floor show officially started, kicking off a memorable CES 2016 Day 3. Wearables continued to dominate, with intriguing reveals from a wide array of companies. Today’s theme seems to be getting more for less, as a few of the devices were big on features but small in price. There were also some unique watch features on some name brands, like Razer Nabu Smart Watch, that definitely had people talking. As you will see from our day 3 round-up, there was a lot to look at- and earmark for buying in the world of smartwatches.

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CES 2016 Day 1: A New Line-up of Intriguing Wearables

Day 1 of the CES 2016 gave tech lovers lots to see and talk about, and while wearables didn’t quite dominate, they were still well represented. With Samsung and Fitibit set to hold press conferences tomorrow, today’s announcements centered more on virtual reality and screen technology, most notably news on the ever-allusive Oculus Rift.

CES 2016 New Line-up of Intriguing Wearables

Shared via Instagram

However, there was some news in the world of wearables, including a new Smartwatch for parents’ courtesy of Alcatel and the unveiling of the intriguing OMBra. For those who couldn’t be there, we have a complete rundown of all the events from CES 2016 Day 1, including a preview of what’s to come on day 2.

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CES 2016 Wearable Rumors and News: Trackers That You Have To See To Believe

The biggest tech show of the year is just days away and this year’s event is going to be packed with new devices according to the previews. Taking place from January 4-9 under the bright lights of Las vegas, there will be offerings from all the big names (think Samsung, Sony, Fitbit) as well as up and coming companies.

Fitbit Booth at CES 2014
Via Crave

Once again wearable technology is expected to be the star of the show, with new trackers, virtual reality gadgets and even mini pc’s that can be carried in your pocket. For those who can’t wait, here’s a rundown of the latest CES 2016 Rumors and News. Be sure to check back with us all week, as we will be covering all the devices.

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CES 2015: The Future is Now In The World of Wearable Devices – Vibe Band VB10 and Polar A300

Time to let out your inner geek because the 2015 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) starts their week in Las Vegas and the 4 day show will delight consumers with the latest in high tech electronics and gadgets. While 2014 introduced us to fitness tracker technology 2015 has expanded on that theme, as this year’s show is centered around all things wearable. Fitness trackers in CES have exciting new features that are sure to dazzle consumers and there are also a lot of new offerings, from smartwatches to GPS devices. While some of these devices may seem other worldly (ala ‘The Jetsons’), they are all fully functional and definitely worth checking out.

Vibe Band VB10

Stars of The ShowFitness trackers in CES are still the stars of this year’s show and there are several that consumers will want to keep their eye on. These gadgets have been written and raved about by some of the top tech experts, so pay close attention.

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Google Glass: All There is to Know

It is a wearable computer that has an optical head-mounted display. Google Glass is a product of Google, a giant search engine. It was developed with the intention of bringing free display technology to the public. It first became accessible to the public on 15th May 2014. Before then, it was only accessible only by invitations by Google. The earlier version cost $1500 to acquire. The consumer model of Google Glass is expected to cost lesser than this, it is not clear how much less it will be though.

Google Glass Explorer
This wearable is still on beta testing and the manufacturer is looking for early adopters better known as Explorers.


Google glass is equipped with a HUD, a Camera, Microphone and GPS. It can therefore carry out several tasks for instance taking pictures, dictate and send a message, record video, search information on Google, make a Google hangout video call and translate ones voice.

When paired with Xbee 802.15.4 Wi-Fi radio and Microcontroller, one can use it to control devices that have Infra Red transmitter. This enables the user to connect to devices and control them using Google Glass.

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Best Wearable Technology and Internet Gear: What’s getting popular?

Do you want to attract the attention of electronic gadget enthusiasts? Do you want to look suave and techno savvy? Well, the answer simply lies in wearable technology and associated electronic gadgets. Wearable technology has been around for few years shy of a decade. However its popularity gained momentum not more than two years ago. Wearable can be said to have been brought to the limelight by Google Glass. This piece of wearable technology occupied the front pages of our favorite magazines ranging from business, sports to fashion magazines. Wearable Gear is not limited to glasses alone; it extends to other devices like smart watches, and even rings.

Google Glass

The mention of it marks the first exposure of many people to wearable technology. It revolutionalized wearable technology as we know it. It ushered both technological enthusiasts and audience to wearable technology. The marvel of a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display kept the world at large marveling for a while. Evidence of this could be seen as this piece of wearable technology made headlines and social media went wild. The abilities of this wearable technology are enviable. Glass is easily controlled using a touch pad located on the side. Its camera has capability of taking photos and recording 720p HD videos. It has many applications like Google maps, Gmail, Google+ and many other third party applications.

Smart watches

Many electronic gadget developers were not amused by the attention Google glass was attracting and went ahead to launch smart watches. This ushered in, a new era of wearable technology. Among the first manufacturers to launch such wearable technology were Sony and Pebble. Smart watches did not immediately attract the desired attention though. Its popularity gained momentum when Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy Gear which was sold as a companion to Samsung Galaxy line of smart phones. Samsungs smart watch raised the bar as far as this type of wearable technology is concerned. It is able to receive calls, read and send text messages for the Smartphone with which it is connected. You can install apps on it. Not wanting to be left out on this niche of wearable technology, apple is soon launching an iwatch. What features it will posses can only be left to speculation as this knowledge is not yet in the public domain.

In the pipeline

The emergence of the smart watches set pace for other wearable electronic gadgets that can be won on the wrist and other places. Many wearable gadgets of this kind have been designed and advertised in readiness for their entry into the market.

These revolutional wearables include

Rufus Cuff– It’s expected that the Rufus Cuff will be able to send and receive calls or sms. It has Wi-Fi capabilities. It is expected to be compatible with iOS and Android. To be able to perform all that, it will need to be tethered to a Smartphone since it cannot connect to the cellular network by itself.


– Its expected to be able to control smart phones, cars, radios and TVs through simple swipes and taps. Its ring shaped and is won on the thumb and its communication is through Bluetooth.

Razor Nabu– This gadget is geared towards restoring the privacy that smart watches have taken away from users. The designers of this wearable technology argue that with other smart watches, anyone close to you can read your texts and glance at your calls with ease hence taking away the privacy one would desire. This wearable technology comes along with a 128×32 pixel screen to display private messages located on the underside allowing users to check notifications away from prying eyes. This wearable technology can also track your sleeping cycle. It can also track gestures for instance handshakes. Its battery life is also long. Its battery can go for up to 10 days. This wearable technology is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Google Smart Watch

– Its features are yet to be exposed to the public domain. Moto 360 is one of the first Android OS adaptor smart-watch. It truly defines how Google Smartwatch be like.


– It’s a pretty alternative to those who find smart watches bulky and ugly. It’s specifically made for women. This wearable technology looks like a sleek silver bracelet but is linked to the user’s Smartphone. It has no screen and only works by vibrating. It’s used to offers a notification only when important phone calls are made to the user’s cell phone.

High-tech Bra

– This wearable technology will be able to measure ones emotional state via sensors built into it. It will cross-reference with your state when overeating in the past and warn you via your smart phone if the system thinks you are likely to overeat again.

Hearable wearables

This line of wearables is the new bubble in technology. The ear is set to be the new wrist. With the fuss about smart watches set to settle soon, hearable wearables are set to take over. This type of wearable technology is geared towards supplementing the smart phone technology. It’s also hoped that at a later period, these devices will grow smatter and be able to perform many tasks. Optimism is rife that this wearable technology will eventually push smart watches to oblivion. A German company is currently raising funds for the manufacture of the first ever smart hearable wearable.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearables

Beside the glamour and class that come with wearable technology, there are a lot more advantages and disadvantages that come with the use of these gadgets.

  • They offer a fast mode of notification
  • They make smart phone easy to use and carry
  • Some wearables like the high-tech bra are set to reduce obesity
  • They are fun to work with
  • They are bulky
  • Complaints have been raised that they reduce privacy.
  • Battery doesn’t last long as a regular watch

Wearable technology is fast picking ground and thousands products are expected to hit the market soon. Don’t be left out. Join in the fray. Look cool. Look suave. Better still; look smart and classy with this smart technology.

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