Training Bench Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2016: Work Up A Sweat This Holiday Season

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Oh the holidays: a time to eat, drink and be merry. Except there’s nothing merry about not fitting into your favorite jeans, which is why you should invest in a training bench this holiday season- for you or someone you love. Benches are one of the simplest and most effective ways to work out at home. They allow users to work their upper and lower body, which provides numerous toning and metabolic benefits. They also can go anywhere, making them convenient in any home or office (or under any tree). Bench Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are going on everywhere right now, so choosing one is easier than ever- read on to find the right one for the people on your holiday list.

Benches: An Invaluable Fitness Gift

Training Bench Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
It’s no secret that most people don’t enjoy exercising, which is why giving a gift that makes exercise easy and fun, like a training bench, is a brilliant idea. Benches make great gifts because they can be used by just about anyone, regardless of their health or age. They also can be moved from room to room, so they can be used any time of day (or night), so exercising is more accessible than ever.

Best of all, they are affordable priced and enhance any exercise routine, so users get the most from their workouts. Perfect for fighting the battle of the bulge during the holidays and beyond.

Merry Bench Black Friday / Cyber Monday Discounts & Deals

Now that you’ve read up on how training benches work and why you should buy one for everyone on your list, let’s look at the top models on the market

Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench(40% off)

A no-nonsense bench that provides support and comfort, this is a good choice for weight lifters or those looking for something simple and effective. It costs under $50 and is a flat, padded bench that can hold up to 300 pounds, so anyone can use it to tone and build muscle.

The surface is fitted with high-density foam as well as upholstery, so it feels good when users sit, lay or kneel. It is compatible to use with weights, toning bands or any other fitness devices and has a no-slip bottom for a steady base to exercise. Works well for upper body moves, like butterfly’s or sit-ups. A great space-saving bench and in huge discount.

Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench(4.5 Star Winner)

This seat-style adjustable bench is a nice fit for anyone with back issues or looking for a more intense, fat-burning workout. At under $150 it is sturdy and fits in any home, giving users the ability to perform a wide variety of exercises with free weights.

Can be adjusted to 4 different positions so users can target specific muscles and comes with a leg brace for stability for doing sit-ups and other core-building routines. Ideal for shedding pounds.

The perfect training bench for those looking to tone-up or in frail health, especially with the Training Bench Christmas Sale now available.

CAP Barbell Strength Fitness FID Bench (Great Price with all 3-in-1)

An all-in-one bench at an unbelievable price, the Cap training bench will work with any fitness routine. At under $75 this bench has 4 adjustable positions, so users can use it straight, on an incline, on a decline or flat. It can also be used alone or with weights thanks to built-in grips that double as resistance bars.

It works with any routine thanks to its various settings, giving back and leg support for more controlled and effective movements, like arm curls. The CAP bench holds up to 250 pounds and is padded, with extra cushioning around the hand grips, for more comfortable leg raises or chest presses.

A good choice for anyone serous about fitness, professional athletes or women looking for a more advanced workout.

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench (Premium 4-star Winner)

This powerful, steel-constructed fitness bench is great for performing core body exercises that speed up metabolism. It can be moved into 7 different positions, so users can do leg lifts, arm curls or sit-ups with support for their backs and legs.

The seat also can be moved into 3 different positions, so it works with any body size or height. Grips keep it centered on any surface and it works well with bands, for arm and leg toning.

A great bench for women who want more out of their routine or men who want to work on muscle-building.

Weider Incline Weight Bench

Perfect for beginners, or those who want to focus on building stronger abs, the Weider bench is a steal at under $75. With the ability to be slanted or flat, users can really work their stomachs to tone and tighten. Ab exercises, like sit-ups or side presses, also improve stability and balance.

Made of steel and a padded, vinyl covered surface, it works great for those new to exercise thanks to an exercise chart that demonstrates various moves. An ideal bench for any man cave or for any girl who wants a toned tummy.

Bench Workouts 101

For women in particular, training benches can provide an added level of stability and range of motion to increase the types of exercise they can do. For instance, they can do standard, side or incline sit-ups for a more effective routine. Sit-ups done on an incline work stubborn lower belly fat, but can be difficult without someone holding your legs. The bench eliminates this issue, so you can do as many as your heart desires.

Benches are also great for bicep curls, calf lifts and back butterfly’s, since they isolate and target each muscle, for the ultimate in toning. Last, but not least, with a bench women can lift light weights without assistance to work their chests, making them perkier and giving them a lift. Plus, doing these exercises in combination increases metabolism, for fat burning at its best.

The Benefits of Owning A Bench

Exercise benches are invaluable pieces of equipment that take workouts to another level. Among their various benefits are:

  • Improved Toning: Benches let users perform toning and weight-lifting exercises with ease, giving them stability to perform each move properly and efficiently. Great for weight loss or those looking to fight the aging process and stay strong. They also make sit-ups easier than ever ladies!
  • Improved Metabolism: Using a bench allows users to work on their technique and perform moves properly. This leads to improved tone and muscle strength, which increases metabolism. It also means you can eat a little more and still slip into that little black dress.
  • Improved Routines: Benches provide support to perform moves users could not do otherwise. Lifting weights or leg lifts become manageable and goals are more easily reached. This means a more advanced and well-rounded routine that hits all the core muscle groups.

Training benches are being used everywhere and by everyone because they get results and make working out easy for everyone. With all the Bench Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale going on, there’s no excuse not to pick one up. Whether you buy for yourself, or someone who means the world to you, you can be sure it’s a gift worth every penny. Benches make fitness goals attainable and make looking and feeling better not just a possibility, but a sure thing. So spread some Christmas cheer and give a gift worth giving.

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