Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower Review: Your Dream Home Rowing Machine

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Having the best rowing exercise machine, especially at home helps you work out the back muscles hence, have a strong back and spine in the long run. In addition to this, exercising the back is an outstanding way of burning calories while using low impact to build strong arms, legs muscles and abs. It is therefore important to understand the functions of its features when in use before buying programmable magnetic rowing exercise rower. Stamina Avari Rower is a sleek equipment, highly refined to meet the needs of the user. It offers a comfortable, but challenging way of working out the back especially when you are exercising within your home compound. However, selecting the best quality rower machine at times comes with settling on a costly machine in the long run.

Key Features of Magnetic Rowing Machine

This machine targets a larger percentage of muscles in the body by use of a low impact aerobic workout. Indoor rowing is an efficient way of burning calories. It has the following features;

LCD Fitness Monitor with Twelve Workout Programs

It gives users an everyday exercise plan, selected from its exercise programs. It has twelve strength resistance levels. Six of them consist of cardio profiles, a single manual setting, a heat beat program as well as four adjustable programs. All this programs are displayed on the in touch monitor that also displays additional information relating to number of rows made, distance covered and time consumed in a given work out plan. The programs are preset, of which, seven of them automatically adjust tension on the magnet, which help athletes to smoothly blend into other back exercises. In addition to this, the monitor comes with an electric chest strap, which monitors how each program increases your heat beat.

Foam Padded Handle, Foot Plates and Seat

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The handle offers more grip when in use while the molded seat offers comfort to the user. The padding on hand grips ensure that no excess energy transmission is lost on the hands. The foot plates work hand in hand with the extruded rowing beam, in that, the plates provide a more natural pivot position, the beam ensures a smooth stroke when exercising. Foot plates also ensure the feet are securely held when working out hence working out thigh muscles. On top of this, the seat ensures that a proper seating position is attained while maintaining a straight back during the workout. It also ensures a great stability hence athletes can work out for hours.

Sturdy Construction

Its parts are easy to assemble hence reduce assembly time. Most parts, for example, the monitor are pre-installed. The athlete only assembles the rails, rowing mechanism and the front stand. The sturdy construction adds up to its durability, easy storage and ease when moving it around.

Benefits of Using a Rowing Exercise Machine

To begin with, it is equipped with everything required to work out the back and burn calories. Athletes are able to exercise other muscle groups, such as the hands and legs thanks to the strong gravitational magnetic pulls. With a series of wheels attached to it, it facilitates easy mobility hence enable easy storage after a workout exercise.

Magnetic Rowers for Cardiovascular Health

Magnetic rowers are the best exercising machines for maintaining a proper cardiovascular health. Moving your body when making rowing strokes makes the heart pump blood faster, to satisfy the body’s demands for oxygen. This improves hearts’ health while reducing the rise of lifestyle illnesses such as stroke. Lungs’ capacity is also increased during these strokes, by opening up to grasp more oxygen.

  • model number: A350-700
  • Dimensions: 44 (Length) x 30 (Width) x 11 (Height) inches
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Pros and Cons

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

The machine is great when using it for cardiovascular workouts, while also strengthening other set of muscles. As you rely much on the legs when rowing, you are also rescued from injuries such as muscle pulls. Its strong resistance power is generated from the magnet hence ensure that you have smooth and rowing motions that are quite. It is also easy to assemble and has a great foldable storage capability after a workout session.

The downside to this machine is that, in the event of wrong rowing strokes novice athletes end up suffering from injuries on the lower back. This normally results from bending too far forward when making a stroke. Many athletes have complained of the uncomfortable seat which is not easily adjustable especially when used for the first time. There is also the need for it to be assembled after purchase or when about to begin a work out session.

Magnetic Exercise Rowing Machine vs. Air Rower Machine

Magnetic rowing machines offer a smooth, variable resistance and quite work out sessions unlike air rowers whose resistance mainly relies on the air propelled fly wheel which is noisy in the first place. The noise mainly comes from its fan blades that result to a spin on its flywheel when a stroke is made. Magnetic rowers are silent because of the frictionless motion usually on the magnetic brake system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Is The Machine?

A: The Rower is 84-Inch by 36-Inch, meaning that it should comfortably fit in your gym area.

Q: Is the puller made of nylon or chain?

A: The strap is made of nylon and it can last for up to a year without wearing out.

Q: How much does the machine weigh?

A: At 275lb, the machine is heavy built.

Customers Feedback

Most customers give positive comments about their experiences after using the magnetic rowing machine.

• Customers are impressed by its great customer support experience, running from the customer care team to its easy to use manual.
• Customers enjoy its whisper quietness hence no worries about causing disturbance in the neighborhood.
• Its durability also offers the best workout plans for athletes for many years.

In conclusion, Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower is the perfect health investment you ought to make for your body. By toning up muscles using this magnetic exercise rower, you will tackle problem areas on your body for example recurring back pains and discomfort while boosting your general body metabolism. You need not to be worried of comfort or quality of the rower, because the rower offers a stimulating and enjoyable workout session plans to its users.

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