Stamina Air Rower 35-1399 Review: Rowing is Great Cardio

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Stamina Air Rower has been created to ensure a full body-workout without posing any risk of joint injuries. It comes with options that automatically adjust to your individual body needs. Exercising using the rower enhances muscle growth alongside ensuring a healthier body.

A product of Stamina Inc. (reliable supplier in the fitness world), this machine is indeed strong and durable. It has been created to ensure total user satisfaction. To fully understand its capabilities, this Stamina air rower review has been provided to give a deeper insight on the product features, capabilities and address concerns that you may have regarding the product.

Stamina Air Rower Core Features

Wind resistance: this is a great enhancement of the rower that enables the machine to engage all the body muscles during the exercise session. It encourages muscle strength and stamina to build with time and in a consistent manner. The resistance is automatic and adjusts automatically to the intensity of the workout hence no need to struggle with resistance button or settings. The harder you row, the tougher the resistance gets.

Monitor display: during exercises, it is important to keep check of the time spent, calories burnt and the speed of the rower among others. To make this easier, the rower is fitted with a monitor display that clearly indicates all these statistics and in such way you are able to keep track of the time you spend, and the gains you achieve within that time.

Paddled & upholstered seat: exercises are not limited to any age-group; both the young and the old need exercise equally. The paddled seat that is fitted to the rower allows for ease to sit and disembark from the rower before and after the exercises. This is alongside textured grips that ensure a firm and strong hold during the exercise program.

Footplates: we are all created differently, as such feet sizes vary as other body parts. The rower is fitted with large footplates with capacity to accommodate any feet-size. This factor makes it comfortable for all to use the rower irrespective of their sizes.

Floor protectors: a number of exercise machines require specialized floor installations to ensure the floor is adequately protected. Stamina Air Rowing Machine comes with floor protectors that ensure that it does not damage the floor and in the same regard ensure it does not skid during exercise sessions.

Built-in wheels: this is an enhancement on the rower to make it easily portable. The wheel ensures that after use you do not have to seek for assistance to get it to the storage area.

Folds for storage: this rower can easily fold for storage. This comes as an added advantage that on its acquisition you do not have to undertake new construction to create more space for exercising but you can easily use it on any floor surface and the fold it safely for storage after use.

Nylon rowing strap: this strap installed on the rower is strong enough to carry your weight during exercises and as well hold on during the process.

Warranty: the rower comes with a three month warranty for machine parts and 3 years warranty for the frame. This gives an assurance that you have adequate time to enjoy the services of the machine without fear of failures or breakdown


  • Easy to use, set up and fold
  • Available at an affordable cost
  • Ideal for home use
  • Ideal for us by all irrespective of age.
  • Convenient to carry along during vacations.
  • Statistics displayed on the screen helps in creation of an ideal exercise program.
  • Exercises all body parts and in such way ensures all health benefits of exercising are attained alongside building desired body muscles.
  • Exercise intensity is determined by body reactions hence no unnecessary strains.


  • Produces noise during exercises that maybe intolerable to some individuals.
  • Has a limited weight capacity set at 250lbs hence not idea for those above this weight.
  • Though easy to setup, it requires a strong person to tighten the screws which might be a limitation to some.

Customer FAQs

Q. With my height being 5’1” will I be able to use the rower?

A. The rower’s seat is adjustable. Just make adjustments to a position that you are comfortable during the workouts.

Q. How do you adjust the resistance?

A. Stamina Air Rower’s resistance is automated. It follows the readings from the body reactions during the exercise.

Q. How do you replace the nylon strap if it comes off the housing? Can you re-thread it?

A. You cannot re-thread the strap. Get in touch with the dealer or manufacturer for a replacement.

Q. Is the rower worth the money?

A. It is worth more that the amount you spend on it. It has been developed for whole body exercise. Just ensure you set it right to enjoy full benefits.

Comparison to Stamina X Air Rower

These two rowers share most of their characteristics. This may be for the reason they are products from the same manufacturer and created under the same brand.

The first difference in the two is that the stamina X Air is slightly larger in size than its counterpart. It is configured for extensive workout programs and in such way much stronger in resistance.

Customers’ Feedback

Despite lacking in the standards for high and sophisticated rowers, Stamina Air rower is adequate to build the required body muscles through adequate exercises. Most of the users who have had experience with other types of rowers contend that it is a machine that is worth more than its cost. It works well for those who have leg joint’s problems without causing strains or extending the already existing injuries. To gain fully from the rower, it is important to follow instructions provided in the guidebook to the letter during setup as well as when undertaking exercises.


Before acquiring any exercise machine, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the product. The stamina air rower review will help ascertain the benefits that you stand to gain as well as the limitations that may come with the machine. The rower has the capacity to transform your overall health life, build body muscles and ensure that you are physically fit at all times. Therefore hurry, buy one today and share your own story.

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