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Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch Review: Your Galaxy Buddy

Samsung is a giant in the field of technology, so it makes sense that they would come out with a product like the Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch, which is designed to not just compete but dominate in the area of wearable technology. Wearable technology has become the latest craze in our society and with good reason.

Being able to wear a device, like a watch and access your email, take phone calls and monitor your heart beat is ingenious in our technology driven world. Many companies have decided to join this increasingly competitive market, but only Samsung truly understands and delivers in both quality and customer satisfaction. As you will see in our Samsung Gear 2 Neo review, this device is tops in its class and a step up from it’s predecessor, the Gear 2.

Key Features

The Gear 2 Neo has many attractive features that will appeal to consumers and sets it apart from the original, which include:

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Huawei Watch Review MWC 2015: Is It Really One of the Best Models Out There?

My grandpa had an amazing pocket watch. Back in the day, it was the sign of being an established grown man- and his gold burnished watch was emblazoned with a signet and shield from his service in the army, which made it something he was extremely proud of- and you better believe he knew what time it was when you asked him.

In today’s technological times, pocket watches are nearly unheard of, in fact, people hardly even wear wristwatches anymore. Why should you? Your Smartphone does everything a watch does and a whole lot more, and all you have to do to look at it is dig it out of your pockets- which is pretty inconvenient in itself- but still better than spending money on an expensive accessory that doesn’t do anything fun, trendy or revolutionary.


Credit by : Smh

It’s about time we changed the way we view the wristwatch.

This seems to be a common theme, as several new models of “smart watches” were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in 2015- an LG model, and other flagship smart watch models, but one of the ones that stuck out the most to reviewers at the MWC 2015 trade event is the Huawei Watch. With an amazing blend of complete functionality and style, as well as a wide variety of technical specs and capabilities, this watch is quickly causing a flurry of media attention because of just how awesome it is.

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LG Watch Urbane LTE Hands On MWC 2015 – Redefining Android Wear With Style and Class

The mark of the times is for cell phone companies to expand outward to smart watches. What we’ve seen is that most fall short of what we really want- a stylish, fully-functional watch that helps connect us to our smart-devices that look great and provide amazing features. What we’ve seen this year at the Mobile World Conventions is pretty impressive with the Urbane LTE- and it definitely looks great.


Credit by LG Press

In a world of boxy, narrow-sided smart watches, it’ll be interesting to see where this step toward jewelry takes smart watch developers. What we really like about the Urbane LTE is that it looks amazing, and we’ve been told that it operates on 4G connectivity.

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CES 2015 Wearable Day 2: Garmin Steals The Show and Sony Smartwatch 3 Rocks

Day 2 of the 2015 CES revealed another group of new, intriguing wearables, most notably from Garmin and Sony. Of the two Garmin was the star of the day, as the GPS giant unveiled four new devices for consumers to haggle over.Sony, meanwhile, gave us an up-close look of it’s newest addition to the world of smartwatches, causing quite a stir. We have everything you need to know about the days events, including a recap of all the new wearables and what to expect next. Here’s yourCES Wearable Day 2 recap:

Garmin: A Giant Among Men

With so many wearables on display at this year’s CES Garmin found a way to stand out by flooding the show with 4 new devices that are impressive alone and downright spectacular together. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Gramin Epix

The Garmin Epix: A truly impressive smartwatch with a focus on activity it combines a rugged shell with exquisite technology users will love, particularly the fact that it can function as a stand-alone navigation system. With GPS and GLONASS capabilities it can track with pin-point precision your location, making this the perfect device for adventure lovers and trail blazers. It also comes with preloaded maps and a 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery so you always know where you are. If that wasn’t enough it has full smartwatch functionality and boasts a 1.4″ colored touchscreen with 8 GB of storage. Plus, it’s waterproof so you can wear it whatever the weather or sport.

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Day 1 At CES 2015: Smartwatches Keep Getting Smarter


Credit bu Ablogtowatch

Day 1 of CES proved that wearables are here to stay. There was a dizzying and eye-catching array of smartwatches and fitness trackers from a wide range of companies, as everyone is joining this increasingly competitive field. Today’s offerings showed off the best of the best, as these devices were equipped with the latest in style, form and versatility. From newcomers like Garmin to proven veterans such as Lenovo, everyone had something to offer, giving consumers a wide range to choose from. Here’s a recap of the most intriguing wearables from Day 1 at CES, plus a preview of what’s to come.

Beauty and The Beast

One of the most talked about wearable of the day was the Misfit Swavorski Shine and with good reason: although it looks like something you’d find in a jewelry store, it is way more than just a pretty baubble. The creation of Misfit, a health tracker company and Swavorski, the Austrian crystal giant this extremely fashionable bracelet tracks calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken and sleep time and quality. It comes with either a clear or violet crystal face and silver/gray band studded with Swarvoski crystals, making this affordable device appealing across multiple users. Smartwatches and trackers have become a mainstay in our culture, so it’s smart move to make them look as good as they work.

Misfit Swavorski Shine

Credit by Macrumors

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The Garmin Vivoactive Review: A Wearable Everyone Will Want To Wear

Garmin has been quite busy during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, unveiling 4 new wearables for consumers to ogle. However of the 4 that were unveiled it is the Garmin Vivoactive that has everyone talking. It is being touted as an every-day, every-man fitness tracking smartwatch packed with innovative features users will love. From it’s sleek style to it’s GPS capabilities it is truly heads and shoulders above it’s competitors. It is geared towards fitness/sports enthusiasts, but it is so versatile and easy to use that it will fit any lifestyle. As you will see form our in-depth GARMIN VIVOACTIVE Review this wearable has something to offer everyone.

Up Close & Personal With The Vivoactive.

  • The Vivoactve may look like your basic smart watch or average tracker, but it is anything but basic. It is built for durability and productivity, making it the ideal specimen for what a wearable should be:
  • Lightweight design: It is extremely light at just 1.34 ounces and has a slim band and face so it feels comfortable and natural on your arm.
  • LCD Touchscreen: With a display resolution of 205 x 148 pixels the Vivoactive offers picture perfect viewing, even when your out in direct sunlight, ao you can view your information and notifications any time of the day.
  • Long-lasting Battery: It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 2 weeks when you are using it in smart watch/tracker mode and up to 10 days when it is GPS enabled.
  • Interchangeable Bands: The Vivoactive comes in Black or White, but you can change the bands, which are durable and will not wear or tear after extended use.

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Pebble Smartwatch Review: New Smart Watch Standard

The Pebble Smart watch is a valuable tool that packs a descent punch of features and benefits that are most convenient, user friendly and genius for its users in a major way. This 3.8 x 3 x 2.6 inch watch, sits comfortably and perfectly on its users arm at a light 1.28 ounces and delivers its users with engineering that impresses and makes life a much more enjoyable and easier one to experience. Connect this smart watch with your iPhone or android device and watch amazement happen right in front of your eyes. From tracking your fitness goals to checking your Facebook messages, this watch is a notification alerting king that we all can appreciate is some way.

The Pebble Smart watch is one of the most well- rounded smart watches available on the market today. Its main purpose is to allow conveniently, its user the luxury of connecting all of their daily notifications to one central location, while on the go, for easy notification checking and updates. This watch connects to your favorite iPhone or Android device – via blue tooth – and conveniently receives various information that the user finds important, frequently. Such notifications may include, but not limited to the following: Football scores, the weather, text messages, Facebook posts and tweets. The great thing about the Pebble Smart watch is that notifications are instantaneous and there is not a huge delay in delivering new message notifications. Besides the above mentioned feature and benefits of this watch, it has a pretty impressive list of others that are greatly worth noting.

Features and Benefits:

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The Complete LG G Watch Review: Is it your First Smart Watch to have?

Smart Watches are the next big thing. First it was the MP3 Player, then it was the Smartphone, then the tablet, and now it is the turn of the Smart Watch to take the world by storm. Apple have released their Apple Watch which is getting many people excited, but it is far from the only choice on the market. Most of the big technology companies have now released their own smartwatch, and LG is now exception, with its LG G Watch. But is it any good, and is it worth buying? Read this complete LG G Watch review to find out.

What Are The Features Of The LG G Watch?

There are numerous features, and benefits of the LG G Watch that make it well worth considering.

– Runs On Android Gear: One of the big selling points of smart watches is the functionality that they have, especially when they are connected to your smartphone. If you (like most people), own a Android smartphone, then you will want to get a smart watch that runs on Android Gear. This is because it can then link with your phone. The smart watches don’t generally work independently, majority of them need to link with the phone. So you need to get one that runs the same operating system. This also allows you to operate many useful tasks from your wrist, things like sending texts, receiving and setting notifications, and much more.

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