Samsung Gear Fit: Fitness and Style

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As the name suggests, Samsung Gear Fit is a member of the larger Samsung smartwatch family. It’s designed for both styling purposes and fitness. Samsung Gear Fit was released in April this year, 2014.

Fit Design

The screen

Gear Fit Fitness Tracker has a curved 1.84 touch screen with a resolution of 432 x 128. Besides being bright, the screen is enviably beautiful. The screen is AMOLED in nature. Its curved nature helps it fit naturally. It also boosts the watch’s aesthetics profoundly.

The screen offers vibrant colors that make it very appealing to look at. It is very readable in sunlight too. All you have to do is switch it to outdoor mode. It offers a variety of faces to choose from.

Initially, Samsung Gear Fit’s screen was locked to only work horizontally. However, this has lately been updated to ensure that the Fit can also display vertically. The vertical mode is however argued to have a more ergonomic feel compared to the horizontal mode.

Plastic module

The screen is hosted by a well fitting and narrow plastic module. This makes it possible to switch colors whenever necessary. It gives Samsung Gear Fit a sporty look and goes a long way in boosting its aesthetics too.

The plastic module is very comfortable to wear. It has two-prong buckle and is flexible enough to fit any wrist girth. It’s also very light making the Fit very portable.


Samsung Gear Fit has one physical button. On double pressing it, the user is ushered to certain applications as desired by the user since it is customizable. On its underside, the Fit has a heart rate monitor. The monitor utilizes LED in measuring the users hear rate. There is also charging port on the underside (Micro- USB). Inside Samsung Gear Fit is a gyroscope, low energy Bluetooth 4.0 and an accelerometer.

Samsung Gear Fit - Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung Gear Fit is designed such that it is waterproof. It can remain immersed a meter deep for up to 30 minutes. You can therefore swim, wash clothes and even dishes without having to worry.

Operating System and Functionalities

Operating System

Unlike most smart watches, Samsung Gear Fit doesn’t run on Android or Tizen. It runs on a specialized OS, RTOS. RTOS is a simpler platform and better still, it processes data than both Android and Tizen. This therefore enables the Fit’s battery to last longer than a smartwatch running on either Android or Tizen.

Despite being a simpler platform, RTOS comes with multitasking capabilities. By utilizing predetermined and simple tasks, RTOS speeds up Samsung Gear Fits functionality while allowing its battery to last up to four days.

Gear Fit Functionalities


Samsung Gear fit can display notifications from the user’s Samsung phone. These include SMS, Email, and incoming calls. Using the Fit one can also send a pre-written message. However, you cannot type or dictate a message using this device. You are are however able to reject a phone call from the Fit.

Find my phone function

Those who lose their phone easily within the house can now breathe a sigh of relief. Samsung Gear Fit has Find My phone function which when activated will make the smart phone with which it is paired with to sing if it is within Bluetooth range.

Media controller

With Samsung Gear Fit, you won’t have to remove your phone from your pocket to change the track, increase or reduce the volume. This functionality works with third party applications like Spotify. The media controller does not however pull in nor display additional artist or even track information.

Fitness Tracking

To be able to utilize the fitness tracking, the user will need to sync it with Samsungs S Health app. When synchronized, Samsung Gear is able to count steps taken, track heart rate and even sleep. It has exercise modes that enable user to track both cycling and running and biking sessions.

Gear Fit Specs in brief

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker

Weight and size

Samsung Gear Fit weighs 27 grams. It measures 23.4 x 57.4 x 11.95


It has a 210mAh Li-ion battery that offers up to 4 of usage.


1.84 inch, OMALED touch screen display with a resolution of 432×128 pixel.


It has an internal storage of up to 4GB.


It connects with a smart phone through Bluetooth 4.0


It has a dual core CPU with each CPU having a performance of I GHz. Its ROM is 512MB.


It supports various Samsung Tablets and Phones like: Galaxy TabPRO, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 4, and NotePRO.

Obviously, it supports popular Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note Smart-phone.


Gear Fit is something special Samsung trying to push to the market. It’s a little bit different from Gear Watch and I kind of like it. I wish the battery lasted longer, so end users don’t need to charge very often. After all, it’s a top-notch device for Fitness Tracking.

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