Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review – The Art of Fitness Tracking Redefined

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An in-depth, comprehensive, no-holds-barred review of the latest buzz in fitness-tracker town – Polar Loop Activity Tracker – made by the granddaddies of the most popular heart rate monitors ever to hit the market.

Read on to know why you should have it and exactly what the nifty little health gadget can do to change your health and your life!

Think you are madly in love with your daily fitness regime? If yes, here’s the loves-me-loves-me-not question – can you track exactly how you are being chiseled into shape? Probably the answer is yes and the ways: left–right turns in front of the mirror or hopping in front of the TV with the latest in aerobics being enthusiastically displayed by a chic lady in yoga pants! But such inputs are generally perception based and may differ from the actual health facts that will get you into shape. And if that holds true, then chances are – all your sweating, panting, crouching on the knees will not get you to where you want to be. That’s precisely why this Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review promises to inform you about why it is such a good buy.

Let’s dig in and get all your fitness-tracker juices flowing, shall we?

What’s Polar Loop Activity Tracker?

Developed by Polar, a brand recognized for its lineage and innovations, the fitness tracker, is your adviser that guides to you stay fit. It’s sleek and trendy look can often be mistaken for a cool friendship band! No harm, for it will be your friend for life. Wear it around the wrist of your non-active hand – that’s what Polar recommends – keep track of all your activities and their ripples on your fitness target.

What’s more..…it even tells you to buck up when you fall behind!

But why should I bother to get a fitness tracker – no matter how health-savvy it is?!

Enjoying a strict fitness schedule, doesn’t come naturally to many of us. We follow it because we feel self-compelled. Positive health and weight loss results are very often the firewood required to keep the fire burning and have us motivated enough to continue to strive towards our fitness goals.

As visible difference doesn’t appear overnight, fitness trackers are your horse blinds. The descending counts will motivate you to keep from slogging, the idea of the road ahead will help you plan and data availability will help you take corrective measures as and when required.Cumulatively it means you will firmly be on the path to a fit, happy and enjoyable life.

Need we add more?

Okay, I am nearly sold but I need to know exactly how Polar’s fitness tracker benefits will help me in my daily fitness goals?

While you work out, the Polar Loop Tracker monitors and records vital parameters. Your activity status, the time you need to keep going, calories you have burnt and steps you have completed. Just check the display and you will know exactly where you stand!

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Some of its awesome features that we absolutely adore

An activity bar, which fills up as you near your day’s target, ensures you are never fall short. To Go will persuade you not to let go! Each count indicates how long you need to act depending on your selection of activity intensity as low, medium or high. Calories burnt are also displayed as kilo-calories. This represents your basic metabolic rate together with the calories you burn for that particular day. Steps are an estimation of the number and type of movements you engage in.

Our recommendation – aim over 10,000 steps per day.

How does this cool fitness tracker work?

The Polar fitness tracker is fitted with 85 red LED displays to boom the figures – as they happens. The hard rubber fitness-savvy wrist band has a easy-to-use button that lets you toggle between screens and choose what you want to see first. Watch the screen for cool real-time results while on the run to be impressed by its features.

Polar Loop Tracker Mobile AppsYou can even go swimming wearing this health tracking band. The bracelet contains a touch button which helps you navigate through the options. Team it up with the Polar Flow web service and their mobile app and you can chart your progress month-wise and in-between.

Take note and move on!

Is this the most comprehensive wearable fitness tracker out there? If this is an in-depth Polar Loop Fitness Tracker Review, give me the cons too!

Human creations are never without limitations – unfortunately. So while the tracker assist you with information, you will be responsible for tracking it. Self monitoring is required if you are benefit from it. Also, the band comes in a huge size that will have to be chopped off very accurately so as not to make it unwearable! But the Polar people have helpfully offered to replace the band for free – if you cut off too much of the rubber.

Do remember to charge the battery when not in use and to keep the memory of the device free for data inclusion as it tends to fill up rather quickly.

What about cardiac observations?

The best and unique part of this wearable fitness tracker is its compatibility with external devices. The Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor paired with Polar Loop measures your heart beat rate per minute during training. You will also be informed about whether the training helped you get rid of your unwanted fat or if it improved your fitness tone or not.

What has been the feedback from its users?

Fitness experts and health conscious folks seem to be loving it! So, we can safely say that this fitness tracker has been well-received by all its customers. Information flow at the press of the button, gelling with heart rate monitors, water resistance and supporting apps have been appreciated by users everywhere. Some have even hailed Polar Loop Tracker to be the best in the market currently.

Is the fitness tracker economical? Will the Polar Loop Activity Tracker cost me an arm and a leg?

Yes, its economically priced and meant to outweigh ensuing benefits – many times over! Do check out offered prices and Polar Loop Discounts before going for a purchase.

Let’s recapitulate quickly the best bits of this nifty health gadget:

• Polar Loop Activity Tracker helps you keep track of all your activities and their fitness benefits.
• Can be worn around your wrist comfortably and is 100% water-resistant.
• 85 LED displays keeps you updated about activity completion status, calories burnt, actual activity vis-à-vis planned and shortfalls.
• Can be used together with Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate censor.
• Plug it with Polar Flow web service and mobile app to record your progress.
• Comes with rechargeable battery.
Exclusive Features and Price

Polar Loop Activity Tracker – Top 5 FAQ

1. How do I activate the Polar Loop Activity Tracker on receipt?

Ans: To wake up your activity tracker after delivery you will need two things handy – computer and an internet connection. With the product will be a manual demonstrating the next steps. Download and install the Polar FlowSync software. Success here will navigate you to the Polar Flow web service. Synchronize your Polar Loop with the web service and once its complete, you are ready to track the effectiveness of your fitness discipline.

2. What are main features differentiating Polar Loop Activity tracker from other models available in the market?

Ans.: In addition to its expected productivity of keeping track of your daily fitness activity, indicating calorie reduction count and motivating you to keep going, Polar Loop Activity Tracker complements externally connectable devices like Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor. In effect, it means you are empowered to all information required about your performance on the tread mill! Polar Loop and Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor, jointly used, displays your heart beat per minute and also indicate whether your workouts are helping you reduce the fat or tuning up your muscles or not.

3. Is the Polar Flow Mobile app compatible with iPhones?

Ans.: Polar Flow Mobile app is compatible with iOS devices and with Bluetooth Smart connectivity. iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 series and iPod touch users with iOS 6 operating system will be able to use the app from their devices easily.

4. How can the tracking provided by Polar Loop help me?

Ans.: The data provided by Polar Loop will help you chart your course to fitness. From the readings you can interpret the kilo-calories you have managed to burn, whether you have completed all your planned activities or still have a mile pending, how long do you need to keep going – all charted out on a daily basis. You can transfer all these figures to your computer or a handheld device and analyze your progress!

5. Is it within our budget?

Ans.: Sleek and trendy, Polar Loop Activity Tracker comes with an affordable price. A Polar Loop Discount is also offered periodically so do avail yourself of the perk when you go fitness tracker shopping.

On a final note in this Polar Loop Activity Tracker In-depth Review, we’d like to say that this little thing takes away all the guesswork out of working out and makes your fitness exertions a breeze – literally! We have all been swearing by Polar’s heart rate monitors for years now. They have expertly tracked the fitness of professional athletes for years now, so the fact that this health tracker has been so popular as soon as it hit the market should not come as a surprise.

Get this health-savvy fitness tracker for easily tracking all your fitness efforts, on-the-go and make your life much easier and healthier.

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