The Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor: Get Fit This Holiday Season

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Why would you need a heart rate monitor? What kinds of perks does it bring to train with one of these devices- do you get immediate benefits? Why wear one of these awkward devices- strapping it around your chest and connecting it with your smart phone… What kind of benefits am I going to get? What will the Polar H7 Bluetooth Sensor product help me do?

These are often the questions you ask yourself when you’re thinking about buying a product; in this situation a heart monitor that will increase your health and make you feel better over the long run by helping you to realize your hearts’ capacity.

Sometimes, you don’t really need these kinds of workout toys. But sometimes you do- it really depends on what you’re going to try and accomplish. If you’re just a fair weather exerciser and you don’t plan on actively participating in increasing your health daily then you probably don’t need one of these devices. You have to decide what your overall goal with your health- because heart rate monitors are popular for putting your workout in different classes based on overall intensity.

Let’s look at one particular model first: the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

This particular model relies on a smart phone to be active. The product itself contains a heart rate sensor, but all the important details are on your phone. If you aren’t looking to exercise or run with your phone, this product might not be for you. The real benefit to this product is that while most battery life of heart rate sensors are pretty terrible, this heart rate monitor only uses low energy Bluetooth so that you’re not slowing down to constantly change the completely removable battery. It also fits everyone with various strap sizes that are designed to fit your body no matter what the situation. Furthermore, it comes with a two- year warranty so that you know it’s a quality product. It also automatically connects to most gym equipment and on market training apps, so you simply have to go online to get your information.

Full Bluetooth Capability

After you pair your device with this Bluetooth device you have the full capability to plan out your workouts with Polar Beat; you can choose a training target like burning calories or beating a time or distance record, and even choose your exercise making it suitable for practically any activity whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Also you can train to the fullest with one of these devices reading and responding to your training intensity. Not only does the H7 give you real-time geographical and voice guidance to keep you at the right pace in the right place; it also tracks your distance, pace, and route naturally- and you can listen to your phone’s music playlist as you run- a definite positive. Also, you can analyze and share every single workout giving you an extended network of individuals that are all trying to reach their goals- plus you’re understanding more and more the importance of exercising at different intensity levels.

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Measuring Your Workout Continuously

Your heart rate monitor works by measuring ventricle articulation and reporting it back to the sensor on the machine- able to tell you if you’re doing low intensity fat burning workouts; aerobic workouts, or training workouts. Working various levels with your heart rate is a great way to learn how to control how your heart works. As you exercise and your heart muscle gets stronger; your resting heart rate goes down, and it takes more of a similar kind of exercise to achieve the same results. Through this, you can figure out exactly how much work it’s going to take you to get your heart pumping- or maybe keep it from getting too high.

It’s important to weigh your positives and negatives when buying one of these types of products. This is because there are a huge quantity of them on the market, and if one doesn’t fit your particular needs, then there is sure to be another for you to try, just around the corner. Most accurate models incorporate a chest band to get readings, while other models can derive heart rates easily using just an arm or wrist reading. Sometimes, some wearers find chest straps ungainly or uncomfortable, definitely things you should consider when purchasing a product.


Some people buying these products aren’t looking to carry their phone around with them because it’s so fragile and breakable; but this strap adds rigidity on the Polar H7, meaning that your phone will be safer than it was if you were simply carrying your phone around with you. Other models are usually more hands on, and give you all the information you want without having to connect with an app- although they usually all have application connectivity. One of the main flaws to this device is that it has to be used in conjunction with a smart device, which kind of limits who would be interested in this product.

On the positive side, most other heart rate monitors fail to allow the user to do modern conveniences that some people rely on when they’re working out- like the ability to easily listen to music from your dedicated heart rate monitor giving you all you want in one device instead of having to buy multiple. The Polar H7 strap connector isn’t as solid as most devices that have a plastic or rubber buckle- some users have complained about the design structure using a metal hook that’s fastened into an elastic band- either way it does what it’s supposed to do and has a ton of applications and other types of programs that help reinforce your activities and keep you fit and active.

Let’s compare it to another style of product by the same manufacturer: the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT4 is the type of heart rate monitor that shows your progress on the screen; also allowing you to pause your workouts and provide continuous, active heart rate readings to keep your training simple and maximized. This model doesn’t connect to your phone- making it a little simpler and also doesn’t require applications working through various products to get your heart rate to you. The only real difference between the two products is that you can play music with the Polar H7 while you would have to carry around an additional media device if you purchased the FT4. In fact, they’re about the same price, you simply have to decide which you would rather have- Bluetooth connectivity or if you would rather simply have all the information available up front.

What you can do with these heart rate monitors are endless:

  • Find your resting heart rate.
  • Train for marathons.
  • Give you an idea of how hard you should work out.
  • Help you find your sweet spot to maximize which level of intensity you’re looking for.
  • Find idiosyncrasies in your individual health- sometimes a heart monitor can tell you when you’re about to be sick.
  • Plans out your activities (most have alarms that notify you when you’re at a specific heart rate).
  • Plan out your calorie consumption.
  • Extensively plan out your workout based on your heart rate readings, giving you complete customization.

Q & A:

Q: “What size should I order? What’s the difference between small and medium?

Medium/XL should be your best bet, there’s plenty of room for adjustment when you purchase this size; and it should work for most adults.

Q: “What type of battery do I need for this device?”

It uses a basic cr132 watch type battery that you unscrew from the back of the watch; but the expected battery life is over a year with normal use.

Q: “Does this product track calories burned?”

Yes, it does.

Both of these devices are pretty highly rated and provide you with the convenience of a personal workout trainer that knows exactly how your heart is working and exactly what kind of exercises you’re doing and the best ways to go about finishing these types of exercises letting you see all of your improvements and stay motivated to reach your goals- very powerful tools for anyone joining the fitness world. It’s important to get the most from each and every workout; so maybe you should invest in the Polar H7 Heart Rate sensor today!

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