Pebble Smartwatch Review: New Smart Watch Standard

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The Pebble Smart watch is a valuable tool that packs a descent punch of features and benefits that are most convenient, user friendly and genius for its users in a major way. This 3.8 x 3 x 2.6 inch watch, sits comfortably and perfectly on its users arm at a light 1.28 ounces and delivers its users with engineering that impresses and makes life a much more enjoyable and easier one to experience. Connect this smart watch with your iPhone or android device and watch amazement happen right in front of your eyes. From tracking your fitness goals to checking your Facebook messages, this watch is a notification alerting king that we all can appreciate is some way.

The Pebble Smart watch is one of the most well- rounded smart watches available on the market today. Its main purpose is to allow conveniently, its user the luxury of connecting all of their daily notifications to one central location, while on the go, for easy notification checking and updates. This watch connects to your favorite iPhone or Android device – via blue tooth – and conveniently receives various information that the user finds important, frequently. Such notifications may include, but not limited to the following: Football scores, the weather, text messages, Facebook posts and tweets. The great thing about the Pebble Smart watch is that notifications are instantaneous and there is not a huge delay in delivering new message notifications. Besides the above mentioned feature and benefits of this watch, it has a pretty impressive list of others that are greatly worth noting.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Readable display screen in the day and the night – No limit to when and where this watch can clearly display a message to the user.
  • Customizable – So many various apps that allows the user extreme customizable ability for specific preferences for the best user experience.
  • Compatible with a large array of apps and games – An app store is available for such selections.
  • Wireless – Messages are sent via Bluetooth.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery – Lasts up to 7 days without having to recharge it.
  • Water Resistant capability – Gives users the freedom to wear in the rain, while swimming and even in the shower.
  • Control music capability – Any music that plays on iTunes, Spotify and Pandora can be controlled conveniently with this device.
  • Other Exclusive Features that other Smart watches miss.

Why do you need a smart watch?

The Pebble Smart watch is considered geek fashion. It is also a tease for consumers to dip their toe in the water of new technology. Many consumers are drawn in to its look and because of such, want to give it a shot. Once consumers are aware of what the Pebble Smart watch can actually do, technically, they are captivated and immediately sold. The fact that social media is huge, having a small device at the users demand, without having to search for the phone to check notifications, is an immediate interest and the fact that the price is not too extreme, gives the Pebble Smart watch an even bigger advantage with consumers. Throughout its benefits of trendiness and technical feature inclusions, this product has become a mainstream product greatly accepted by consumers all over the world.

Consumers are delivering some really excellent reviews in regards to this watch’s performance and style. Many consumers are extremely satisfied with the convenience and look of this device such in such regards as: not having to constantly reach in their pocket for their iPhone and Android device to check messages and updates; being able to switch watch faces everyday; having a professional looking device to wear during business meetings; saving battery life of an iPhone or Android due to the fact that now notifications can be allocated to a watch and the phone can specifically used for phone calls and phone calls only


  • Simple and user friendly design.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Customizable.
  • Syncs with iPhone and iOS.
  • Excellent notification capability.
  • Good Looking.
  • Up to seven days of battery life.
  • White and Red are Available too.

Although many great reviews exist on this product, a few of the not so good ones exist as well. Consumers are claiming that customer support is not so great when it comes to email replies and picking up the phone. Because of such disappointment, consumers are encouraged to result in online support from customers like them, in order to get questions answered. Also, a few consumers have complained about its look, claimed to the notion that it had a cheap look, but many professionals have worn this watch in important business meetings and have gotten incredible feedback so, the claim seems to be based on preference.


  • E-paper display is not the clearest and sharpest.
  • Hard to read screen when looking at an angle.
  • No battery indicator.
  • Font size cannot be changed.
  • Poor customer support.

Overall, throughout 1,045 reviews, this product managed a 4 star rating, which clearly presents that the positives of this watch, outweighs the negatives by a long shot!

What are some of the questions that many consumers have before buying?


Q: Does the watch display stay on all the time?

A. Yes. You are always in a convenient position to view your watch’s display.

Q. Does it have a backlight?

A. Yes. This is included, so that users can clearly see watch’s display even in the dark.

Q. Can I replace the bands?

A. Yes, Pebble fits 22mm watch bands.

As compared to the Pebble Steel Smart Watch, their are a few key differences that are worth considering.

Pebble Smartwatch Black
List Price:$63.99
You Save:$4.00
The Pebble Smart Watch:

  • Wrist strap is installed.
  • Casual with an everyday feel.
  • 1.34 oz.
  • More color options
  • 4 memory slots (apps, watch faces, games, etc.).
  • $150

The Pebble Steel Smart watch:

  • Leather and stainless steel band included
  • More for a business atmosphere.
  • 3.49 oz.
  • Thinner
  • 8 memory slots (apps, watch faces, games, etc.)
  • $249

With a Pebble Smart watch, consumers can pick up their smartphones and Android devices far less, for checking, social network updates, emails and any other important apps in which one is subscribed, and live a more convenient life, especially if smartphones are a big part of it. With its multiple positive reviews in relation to its fantastically claimed features and benefits, this is definitely a device that can be trusted to do.

what it says it can do. Try out the Pebble Smart watch today and also take advantage of many Pebble discounts.

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