Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review: Portable and Precise – A Cool Wearable Gadget

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Blood pressure has become a common ailment among people of all ages nowadays. A recent study claims that one in every three Americans has high blood pressure, also known as hypertension condition. This order makes the heart work a lot harder in order to pump blood to the body, and could result in the hardening of arteries. It might even cause a heart attack or seizures – if not properly monitored.

So, don’t be a that one person in every three with a BP disorder; read our in-depth Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor review and make a smart choice.

The Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

There are various causes for blood pressure, the most common of them would be, and you guessed it -high stress. Other potential causes include smoking, obesity, old age, genetics etc. People with high blood pressure need something that helps them monitor it, and as a result, are able to keep it in check and maybe even prevent it from spiraling out of control. This is where the Omron 7 series wrist blood pressure monitor comes in. It is a nifty, little gadget that you can tag onto your wrist and move about as usual.

An advanced, portable and precise blood pressure monitor, Omron 7 series wrist, is one of the best monitors available in the market. Its low-cost price and the easy-to-read digital screen makes it an ideal buy for all those suffering from hypertension or BP issues.

Carry Me Around! – A Cool, Portable Heath Gadget

The best part of this blood pressure meter is that you can easily wear it on your wrist and forget about it – literally! It’s like wearing a watch, though this is a lot more informative health-wise, than a watch could ever be. Its slim design does not cause any hassles and can be carried around easily. You don’t even have to face people who will inquire about your health all the time, like they normally would have, if you had worn the much-visible and cumbersome upper-arm monitors; you can avoid all that fuss and still maintain your blood pressure in this fun and cool way.

Special Features & Functions You Should Know About

1. Easy activation: This device automatically becomes active when your wrist is at heart level. Also, its orange and blue lights make it easier for you to guide your wrist to your heart level, which in turn, helps you find the current position.

2. Fit for two: The monitor can be used by two individuals to track their blood pressure, and their readings are also stored separately on the device – isn’t that brilliant a function?!

3. High or low? The device compares your readings with internationally recognized guidelines for normal blood pressure levels, and lets you know whether you’re doing okay or not.

4. Hearts and the Pressure: Coming with an inbuilt heartbeat detector, the Omron 7 series wearable blood pressure unit helps detect an irregular heartbeat and lets you know by displaying an relevant icon on the screen. If this ever happens, don’t forget to consult your medical professional immediately.

5. The maths of it: By letting you review the eight week history of your daily morning and evening blood pressure readings – with just a touch of a button, this BP wearable gadget lets you understand what your blood pressure state is at the moment and how normal or not it is – with accurate details.

6. Memory of memories: The device is a genius when it comes to storing the readings of its user(s). It can store up to 200 readings i.e. 100 per person, that eventually lets you review your progress. This could be immensely helpful for all hypertension patients in tracking their monthly reports.

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What We Love About the Omron 7 Series

1. Smaller than most wearable devices and portable; doesn’t really hurt that it looks like a wristwatch.
2. The storage capacity is amazing – how much more maths can a blood pressure tracking person do if you want to take out the average of your readings?! 100 is more than enough storage for one person to save their readings on. Plus, the data of your partner is saved separately – brilliant!

3. With the help of the heart detection functionality, the Omron wearable guides you to a perfect space where your wrist is at level to your heart – easy activation.

4. Its accuracy is astounding because people are usually worried about the accuracy in common blood pressure monitors, other than the upper-arm ones. This effective BP wearable device will prove everyone worrying about proper readings wrong.

Not That Lovable Features – The Cons

What would the doctors say: Some doctors are not too keen on wrist monitors, no idea why – as most people do seem to love it and a lot of doctors and pharmacists do recommend it.

One size fits all: The size might not fit you or be a little loose on you.

Wrist Wearable or Upper-Arm Monitors?

Here is a comparison presented between the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor and the Omron 10 plus Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff:

1. The Omron series 7 wrist blood pressure monitor is no doubt more convenient to wear and carry around than the Omron 10 plus series upper arm blood pressure monitor. Think winters, full sleeves and the discomfort an upper arm blood pressure monitor would cause. Nothing like that will happen with the wrist blood pressure monitor – as watches can be worn in any season – and it looks almost like a cool watch.

2. Also, comparatively the upper arm monitor is on the pricey side and though retailers are providing Omron Blood Pressure Monitor discounts, the difference between the two monitors, is not very little.

3. The upper arm monitors make a person feel embarrassed, conscious and are painful/heavy to wear all the time; whereas the Omron blood pressure monitor wrist wearable is light to use and leaves you feeling like a gentle massage.

Ask away! – The FAQ

1. Why is home monitoring of blood pressure so important?

The monitoring of your blood pressure at home helps you be in a relaxed state – as opposed to when you have returned from work or from the gym. You have the flexibility to take your readings whenever you want – sitting right at home. By keeping a tab on your blood pressure at home, you can talk to your medical professional more thoroughly and let them know about our readings, so that they maybe able to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment.

2. What is the cause of the E or EE Error indicator?

A basic diagnostics unit is build into every Omron blood pressure monitor which lets you know if the device detects any problem by displaying E, EE or Er## (## representing a two digit number) on the screen. If this happens you need to check the instruction manual under the Troubleshooting and Maintenance section.

3. Is it a requirement to maintain the device on a regular basis?

The regular maintenance of any device is of the utmost importance, and a device like the blood pressure monitor needs to be checked every two years, so as to ensure that the device is functioning properly. The local retailer of Omron in your neighborhood will arrange for the technician to come and have a look at your device. This is not a free service and costs will be applicable.

4. I don’t know where to find the model and the serial number of my device. Help!

For the wrist blood pressure monitors the Model number and the Product code can typically be found on the label on the cuff, for other, though instead of the cuff the model number can be found on the label on the device and not on the cuff. The model number usually tends to begin with an R and the product code usually begins with HEM. The devices that have the Model number and the Product code on the cuff, the serial number can be found on a sticker on the side of the device.

Everyone is Loving the Omron 7-Series Wrist Blood-Pressure Mon

From calling it the best blood pressure machine ever to people loving the fact that it is portable and accurate at the same time, this device seems to be getting rave reviews – both from consumers and doctors and pharmacists as well.

A Must Buy or Not?

We have come to the end of our Omron 7 series wrist blood-pressure monitor review and we would just like to say – A big thumbs-up for this cool wearable product, which is not only easy to use and super portable, but it does almost everything perfectly – from storing 200 entries per person, to monitoring your heart rate to tracking your daily reports – we are fans!

So, if you want to live a healthy and carefree life and not be bogged down by the various issues of hypertension, this is the wearable device for you!

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