Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review: Best Monitor for the Money

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Omron 5 Series Blood-Pressure Monitor Review

Because there are so many different illnesses and diseases that can affect one’s health today, some people are doing everything that they can to ensure they are protecting the quality of their life, especially as they begin to get older. One of the most important is tracking how well the body is functioning in different areas including checking their blood pressure.

Even though it is a normal practice for a physician to check their patient’s blood pressure when they visit their office, it is important to note that people can now monitor their blood pressure in the privacy of their homes too.

Fortunately, there is a portable equipment on the market today that people can take with them virtually anywhere that they go. One of which can be found online and in retail stores is the Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms (BP742N) that’s made by the company Omron.

So, for those of you who are interested in what kind of features and benefits that this blood pressure monitor offers, here’s a Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review that people should consider closely prior to making a purchase.

Why do you need a blood pressure monitor?

When an individual is diagnosed with high blood pressure or they are on the border of suffering with this kind of condition, it is important that the person considers buying a blood pressure monitor. One of the main reasons for buying a monitor to keep tabs on an individual’s Blood pressure is to prevent critical problems from occurring in the body.

In specific, when the blood pressure is too high, it creates a situation that causes the pressure to pushes against the artery walls of the heart, and can do a significant amount of damage if not addressed.

Omron 5 Key Features and benefits

If you need to monitor your blood pressure, or a loved one’s, then the Omron series 5 monitor is a great choice. With an easy to use cuff and technological advances that give you precise readings, it is a bargain at around $40. Among its key features are:

  • Larger than average cuff: the cuff is made to fit both standard and large arms, so it works for both men and women. The larger cuff also makes it a good fit for those who are heavy set, making them feel comfortable as it gauges their pressure
  • Advanced accuracy: fitted with advanced accuracy, the Omron 5 gives pinpoint readings every time. It is reliable and accurate, and is rated #1 among pharmacists.
  • Automatic digital display: the display automatically shows your reading and will also display the average of your last 3 readings (provided they are taken within a 10-minute time frame). Readings are quick and precise and the display has large, clear numbers for easy reading.
  • Compares your readings with standard ones: this machine will analyze your readings and compare it to normal household readings, so you know if there are any possible issues.
    It can also store up to 100 readings in its memory, for one or multiple users.
  • Emergency alert: the Omron 5 will alert you is your heartbeat is irregular while taking a reading, helping to warn you of any potential problems.



  • People complain about it not be calibrated properly
  • Complaints about machine giving a higher rating than their physician’s office

What can an individual do with a blood pressure monitor?

An individual can use a blood pressure monitor to Keep track of their own blood pressure on a daily basis, and to make sure that it remains in a healthy range. It can also be used to determine if the person is dealing with too much stress in their daily lives and need some kind of change in their actions to keep their blood pressure down.

Also, with diet and exercise, people can learn to do the right type of activities that will keep the blood pressure rate lower and not too high. Specifically, since it can do unnecessary damage to the heart.

What to look for in the best blood pressure monitors?

It is important to note that there are several types of blood pressure monitors on the market today. Two of the most common that people can purchase for home use include those that come with a digital reading and those that come with a manual reading. Even though the digital blood pressure monitors have increased in popularity over time, it is still important to note that the manual blood pressures can be very effective. Therefore, to ensure the person buys the best ones, they will need to start by making a distinction between the digital and manual.

After determining which one is best for the individual at affordable price range, it is also important to consider the type of features contained in the best models. For instance, if an individual has a big arm and not small, they will need to buy a blood pressure monitor that fits correctly on the arm. Also, for those who prefer the digital monitor over the manual monitor, the features that this generation is usually looking for are those that will allow them to operate easily without any problems. In specific, those that inflate with the touch of a button instead of a manual pump.


Omron 5 Series that fits Standard and Large Arms (BP742N) vs the Omron 10 Series Wireless Blood-Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms

Omron makes two different models that people can chooses from today and they are the Omron 5 series and the Omron 10 series.

Some of the main differences between the Omron 5 series and the Omron 10 series are as follows:

  • Omron 10 stores more readings since it can be connected to a smart phone.
  • Omron 10 provides multi-colored indicator lights that clearly shows difference when readings are being compared.

Therefore, people will need to review each to see which model provides and will fit their specific needs.

Q & A

1. Is the device manual?

No, this device is made with a one touch button that begins the process of taking the blood pressure automatically.

2. I have big arms, how large is the cuff?

The cuff ranges from 9 to 17 inches.

3. 3. Does this device require a power cord?


Where to buy Omron 5 Series?

One of the best places to buy this blood pressure monitor is online via This is because amazon provides buyers with a number of great benefits that can be passed on to the consumer. With Amazon, the buyer will find that this monitor has quite a few features that the user will need in order to check and read the equipment correctly.

Therefore, people will need to become very familiar with each feature so that they will know how to use the blood pressure monitor whenever it is needed.

Summation of Customer Review

For the most part, customers are pleased with this blood pressure monitor. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, most users will recommend it to others. However, some of these users do not recommend it as an accurate device since they received higher or lower readings when being compared to their physician’s equipment.


Overall, the Omron 5 Series Blood Pressure Monitor Review provides a lot of useful information to people who want to keep up with their readings on a daily basis. With this equipment, it is simple to use and to read so virtually anyone can take a person’s blood pressure without any issues. Two people can also use this device and it can be programmed to store readings of up to 100. So, it is a great buy for those who want to monitor their blood pressure in the privacy of their home.

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