Omron 10 Series Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review: A Portable Life Saver.

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Are you a middle-aged adult? Do you have a beautiful wife and two adorable children? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Would you be interested in an Omron 10 series discount?

If this describes your life, this is a product review you have to read. A high blood pressure patient is a ticking time bomb. Many are the times your family worries about a sudden heart attack. There is risk of getting a stroke, which can paralyze you. There is a solution.

All your children and wife need to know you are safe is the Omron 10 series Blood pressure monitor. As you will discover in this review, this small gadget is an every families must have. The Omron Monitor made to fit your upper arm area. It is designed to fit large arms.

Up Close With the Omron 10 Series Wireless Monitor

The Omron 10 Series is made like in the shape of a Smart watch. Blood Pressure Monitors make the portable gadget. The device enables patients to keep abreast with their blood pressure. You can hook it up with your Smartphone. Different blood pressure levels are color-coded. Here it becomes very possible to see how you are doing. Let us look at look at its key benefits and features. It has the features of a hospital monitor.

The gadget has a display monitor slightly larger than that of your watch. The space is used to show how fast your heart is beating. Your blood pressure is compared with an average person. If you have ever been to a hospital, you understand. The same way you look at time using your watch. Just we will be looking at blood pressure.

  • The cuff fits standard and large arms. The small monitor has all the features of a hospital monitor. The
    cuff inflates around your entire upper arm.
  • An online dashboard works together with the Bluetooth Smart application. One can easily set up an online
    dashboard. This digital recording system is enough to keep you up to date with your blood pressure
  • Easy to Read Display: You will notice the digits are larger than usual. There is a background light, which
    makes them easy to read.
  • Automatic. The monitor takes the readings for 3 minutes consecutively. It computes the average, to give
    you a figure. This is in accordance with best practices set by the American Heart Foundation.
  • Storage Capacity: The device may be small; however, it has the capacity to store data for two users. A couple can purchase it to keep track of each other’s numbers.

Access your stats from anywhere.

Omron has brought together connectivity and technology together. Patients can log into the website to access their statistics from anywhere. The Omron Wellness app makes the synchronization possible.

  • Heart behavior. Clients can view the movement of blood through the different chambers of the heart. The
    systolic and diastolic motions regulate the pressure of blood into and out of the heart.
  • Smartphone integration. Your vital statistics are easily brought to you via the Bluetooth Smart
    technology. These reading can be emailed to friends and family. In case you hate going to the doctors a
    simple double tap should help him see how you are doing.

Great Pricing

At about sixty dollars, the monitor is a real bargain even for a 25 year old. Considering heart, issues and related complications kill more people each day. Forgoing a couple of meals at MacDonald’s to buy the device, is smart. Find out more other top rated blood pressure meters in the market.

Pros and Cons


To say there are good things, which come with owning an Omron, monitor is an understatement. In our day and age, 5 year olds are dying of heart attacks. Everyone should buy this pocket-sized device. To start with, it is just as small as a watch. Watches tell us, how much time we have left here. How about buying a device, which tells you how long you will be here? Most forty year olds are often surprised they suffer from high blood pressure.

The simplicity of the device makes it compatible with any age. Many are the doctors who have had to explain how lethal the ailment is. Victims begin to take the disease seriously after their first heart attack. In addition, the Omron can be taken along during a morning jog or a session of cardio.


The real downside of this gadget is it does not have a USB port. Any transfers are done via Bluetooth. There have been report synchronizing with Apple’s Health Kit is not possible. Patients have had to input data from the site manually.

Synchronizing information between your phone and your device is not automatic. It is a long process where you have to record the statistics manually. Customers have asked for more automation to be integrated.

Omron Series 7 Wrist Watch vs. Omron 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

Despite all the good things we said about the Omron 7 device, there is a close competitor. Our devices close nemesis is none other than Omron Series 7 Wrist Watch. The two devices are from the same company. There are some clear differences between the two.

Both weigh around the same weight. They are both made by the same company, Blood Pressure Monitors. The two devices have an arm wrist clutch. Both have a clear display to look at your blood pressure. The main difference between the two is the Omron 7 Series has a more user friendly setup. The arm cuff is made for the average normal person. The Omron Series looks like an oversized smartwatch. Another difference is arm positioning during an analysis session. For the Omron 10 series where your arms are is not important. The arms have to be in the same level as your heart.

What Customers ask?

Q. What is the maximum wrist size the monitor can fit?

A. Up to 42 cm (17”) in diameter

Q. Does it support Apple Health app?

A. the Bluetooth sync is only compatible with Samsung (Android) and iphone devices.

Taking time to buy the Omron 10 series Wrist device is more time with your family. This is the right device for your heart. This is one of the highest quality devices from Omron. Don’t die before your time. Keep track of your blood pressure with this Omron 10 series discount.

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