Omron 10 Plus Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is when the heart is pumping blood at a faster rate than is healthy for you. Blood pressure is expressed in the form of an improper fraction — the figure on top is the systolic pressure, or the amount of pressure against the walls of the arteries when the heart is contracting, while the figure on the bottom is the diastolic pressure, or the same amount when the heart is relaxing. Both figures are normally given in millimeters.

If the systolic pressure is greater than 150, or the diastolic pressure is greater than 90, then doctors consider the patient to have high blood pressure. Physicians have also established a system of grading blood pressure from least to most severe; you will probably see a diagram that shows it on the wall of your doctor’s office.

It can be dangerous to have high blood pressure; it may be a sign that you are soon going to have a heart attack. Since hypertension normally does not produce symptoms, the best way to avoid it is to take your blood pressure regularly using Omron 10 Plus Series: a machine like the one described below.

Omron 10 Key features and benefits

The Omron 10 Plus blood pressure machine consists of a cuff for the upper arm linked to a computer-controlled gauge. It also has a calibration check system and an irregular heartbeat detector. Each reading is double-checked by a pair of dual censors to ensure that you will always get an accurate reading. There are also:

  • An indicator that tells you when you have wrapped the cuff around your arm neither too loosely nor too tightly
  • TruRead, which takes three consecutive readings automatically, each one minute apart, and subsequently gives advice on how to take your blood pressure
  • a BP level indicator tells you if your blood pressure is normal according to international standards

Pros and cons

Some of the pros of this machine are:

  • You always know that the information it gives you is accurate.
  • Two people can use this thing. Information for both users is stored separately.
  • It can give you an eight-week history based on the readings for that period.
  • The cuff fits both average and large arms. The accuracy of the pressure reading depends on how comfortably the cuff is fit.
  • It tells you not only your blood pressure itself, but also whether it is normal or dangerously high
  • You even know if your heartbeat is irregular, in which case you will need to notify your medical professional. This gives a new meaning to the phrase “nip it in the bud.”
  • It can detect morning hypertension, which can often be able sign of some health problem: Acording to a 2010 report by the American Heart Association, it is the greatest risk factor for cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, from stroke to chronic kidney disease.
  • · With a USB cord, you can connect the machine to your computer for update.
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Some of the cons are

· Because of its accuracy, if it indicates that you have high blood pressure, you kn”ow that you have only yourself, not the machine, to blame. You need to see your doctor about the problem and do whatever he or she says you need to do in order to remedy it.
· Its being made for two users means that each time you use it, you have to make sure that the switch is on your file. Things can get pretty confusing this way!

Why do I need a blood pressure monitor?

You need to get yourself a blood pressure monitor so that you can find out if you may be on your way to developing a heart problem. The earlier you detect such a sign, the sooner you can, with the help of your doctor, steer yourself in the opposite direction. Likewise, if your blood pressure is normal, then you know that you are on the right track as far as your health is concerned.

Compared with another product in the same line

Series 7 from the Omron line of upper arm blood pressure monitors is very similar to the Series 10 item that we have been discussing so far. It too has the advanced averaging function, irregular heartbeat detector, BP level indicator and size-adjustable cuff, but its storage memory is much less (200 vs. 60), and it cannot store information on more than one user. Nor does it have TruRead, AM/PM averaging, a calibration check system or compatibility with the Microsoft Health Vault. Its average customer rating is slightly less (4.5 vs. 4 stars).

Customer feedback

The great majority of customers who have bought and rated this machine (794) gave it 5 stars, and another 259 gave it 4. The most helpful of the reviews in the first category came from one who had been using it to check the blood pressure of her mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and had also had two strokes, and for whom accurate readings were an absolute must. The new Omron 10 monitor that she got is better than the previous machine of the same kind that she had used.

Another has been using the Omron on himself, and in response to high readings from it, he changed his eating and exercise habits. Now his BP is down to normal. Others are likewise impressed by how easy the Omron 10 is to use as well as by the accuracy of the readings it gives.

Questions and answers (Q&A)

Customers have asked such questions when they buy this as:

Q: Can you download the info on the Omron to a PC or a spreadsheet?

You certainly can. Using the on-board memory, you can go back two weeks.

Q: Can you also get directions in Spanish?

The booklet that comes with the product is in both languages.

Q: Are the batteries a substitute for the AC power cord?

Yes. The Omron 10 takes four AA batteries.


Regardless of your age, physical condition or lifestyle, you need a device that can give you your exact BP and tell you if you are at a high risk level. The Omron 10 gauge fits that billing to a T. You can get Omron blood pressure monitor discounts at such venues as the Bargain Avenue (an Australian site) and Coupon Me Up.

4.5 Reviewer
Ease of Use

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