Motorola Moto 360 Review: The Only Way to Spell Class

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For both gentlemen and ladies, class begins with the kind of watch on your wrist. What does it say of you? Is it painting the proper picture of you? We all want that watch that paints us as suave, neat, sharp and trendy. We all want to be the envy of those around us. When we pull the sleeves of our shirts up, we want to stand out from the crowd. Better still, we want to look like we are in touch in all aspects with the whole world right from our wrists. We need an engineering masterpiece well designed to provide this coveted look. A rare jewel that tells us more than just time, a wearable that tells the world we are more than time keepers. We need a wearable that can put us right at the top of the world. Motorola Moto 360 is that wearable for you. It’s been a long time coming but Moto 360 is finally here, set for release this summer.

Moto 360 aesthetics

Moto 360 has bold look. It is circular in design and come with steel and lather bands. Its leather band has a range of colors i.e. white, light green and several shades of brown. These features make the Moto 360 stand out from the other smart watches. Its circular face combined with its bands sophisticated and trendy look we have all been wishing for in a smart watch.

The engineering behind Moto 360

Operating system

Moto 360 is powered by android. This version of Android is specifically designed for wearables. Therefore, Moto 360 relies on Google Now’s voice command to open up options.


Its screen is a custom made OLED display. By virtue of this, Moto 360 conserves battery life. OLEDS consume 40% lesser than LCDs when displaying black images. This is because OLEDS turn off individual pixels. During moments when Android wear menus are inactive, Moto 360 exhibits a black display like a black analog watch.

  • 1.56″ Touch Screen in Corning Gorilla Glass
  • 320 x 290 Superb Resolution in 205 ppi

360 Design

Moto 360 is designed ingeniously to ensure that It is can be worn on both hands. Its UI can easily be flipped to ensure that the knob always points to the elbow making it possible to wear it on either the left or the right hand.

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Moto 360 is water resistant. This makes the wearing of this masterpiece a care free experience. One should not worry getting wet while wearing it.

Battery charging

Moto 360 does not have charging contacts. Neither does it have a micro USB port. Its rear exhibits a purple backing, a clear insinuation that this sexy smart watch is charged with Qi charger wirelessly. The manufacturers have been mum about most of the phones features. When asked about its charging, they claimed it is a “secret sauce” of the amazing product they are about to launch.

Speculations are also rife on other modes of charging like motion or solar charging. Whichever one it will be, at least users are sure they will be spared of cable charging.


Moto 360 is unlike most smart watches. It’s compatible with Android 4.3 and Android 4.4 phones and tablets which utilize battery-sipping Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has not been confirmed whether or not it will be compatible with either the iPad Air or iPhone 5S. Therefore, for the moment we should only consider it an Android-only device.

Screen durability

Smart watch users desire a watch whose face will remain pristine for a better part of its life time. Moto 360 is that exact phone. Legend has it that Moto 360’s face will be made up of sapphire glass. This type of glass keeps scratches at bay and remains intact even in instances of knocks and scrapes. This makes Moto 360 maintain its outstanding look for long which is what many users would desire of a revolutionary smart watch.

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Moto Smartwatch Functionalities

Moto 360 not only tells you time at a glance but also gives you more services. It receives notifications for calendar appointments and several social networks.

Price and launch date

Moto 360 was released in the summer 14. The exact release remains as mysterious as its features. Its price is yet to be disclosed. Enthusiasts have however not been stopped from coming up with estimates based on its components. It’s estimated that because of its wireless charging, circular screen and tough glass, its price could be around $200. Enthusiasts argue that for a time piece this elegant with many functionalities, that price would be very fair.

Anticipated pre-launch hiccups

Mot 360 breaks the norm of many smart watches. There are always consequences of going against conventional rules. Unlike any other smart watch, Moto 360 is circular. Rumor hast it that Motorola is encountering problems fitting angular devices like processors, batteries and motherboards inside the circular smart watch. Rumors circulating also suggest that Motorola is struggling to cut displays besides finding a place for all the internal parts. If these rumors are anything to go by, then chances are high that a limited number of Moto 360 will be available which could drive the price up making it unaffordable to many. Chances are also high that its release date could be pushed forward. It would be disappointing to wait longer for this masterpiece. Let’s hope rumors are just that, rumors.

Why Moto 360?

Besides the elegant look, Moto 360 reignites the love for smart phones. It offers users the convenience of accessing notifications from the phone on the wrist. This reduces the rush to dig out device probably charging at a distance to check out a notification which is probably not that important. That rush for not so important notifications is what has really killed the love for smart technology.

It would be refreshing to see how apps would look like on a round display. It would also be more refreshing top sport around a time piece with a familiar look but superior features. Moto 360 is worth the wait. It also is worth the trouble the manufacturer has gone through to ensure that a circular smart watch is a possibility.

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