Jawbone Christmas and New Year Sales and Deals 2016: Get The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Need the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? Want to start the New Year off committed to living a healthier lifestyle? If you said yes, then Jawbone’s line of fitness trackers are the way to go. These trackers come in a variety of styles, making them the ideal gift for co-workers, spouses or anyone else you need a gift for. They’re also ideal for helping you, or someone you love, ring in the New Year focused on looking and feeling better. The Jawbone Christmas and New Year Sale makes this the perfect time to buy one (or five), so read on to learn all about these devices.

Jawbone UP2 and UP3 Christmas New Year Sale - Best Fitness Gifting for your Loved ones

Why Jawbone Makes The Perfect Gift

Jawbone’s elite line of trackers are gifts that keep on giving. They are a must for anyone who who wants to exercise or live a more active lifestyle. Packaged to look more like bracelets than fitness equipment, they come in different designs, so they can fit anyone, from your boss to your teenager or even a professional athlete.

They help users get in shape through motivate alerts and monitor all their movements to help them burn calories, build muscle and become healthier. Plus, they have smart features and apps to keep users connected and engaged. Just wrap one up and put it under the tree: it is guaranteed to put a smile on whoever you give it to.

Jawbone’s Line of Devices for Gifting

Now that you see the benefits of owning a Jawbone, let’s look at their best devices to see why they make a perfect stocking stuffer:

Jawbone UP3 Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker (Best Jawbone of 2015)

Jawbone UP3 chrstimas sale

Jawbone’s premiere tracker, the UP3 is tops thanks to innovative sensor technology and premium pricing that makes it hard to beat. Made from flexible, durable polymer, the UP3 looks like a bracelet, but functions like a mini-computer.

At just under $150 this device is a deal, especially since it has heart-rate and sleep sensors to track and analyze your movements. It gives an in-depth analysis of the 4 stages of sleep, as well as resting and active heart activity for a precise overview of your health.

It also has Smart Coach, which gives suggestions based on user performance and an app to track and streamline your food choices. The UP3 is an all-in-one device perfect for beginners, professional athletes and everyone in-between.

Beautiful Jawbone UP2 in Lightweight Thin Straps

Jawbone UP2 New Year Sale

The UP2 is the most stylish of the Jawbone devices, and at just under $100 is a real bargain. Lighter, thinner and sleeker than its counterparts the UP2 looks like fine jewelry, so users can take it from the boardroom to the gym and everywhere else.

It tracks calories, distance, steps and more, then uses Smart Coach to determine what works and where users need to improve. It automatically tracks your sleep cycle, so it can see how hard you work when you exercise by comparing energy outputs and has an app to let you compete with and encourage other UP users.

Plus, it has a 10-day battery life, so you can wear it without needing to charge every day. A quality device at a great price, it’s slick design makes it perfect for professionals and fashionistas.

Jawbone UP4 Tracker with Amex Payments

Jawbone’s newest tracker gets high marks thanks to integrated smart technology that makes it function more like a smartphone and tracker all-in-one. It’s a bit more expensive than the others at just under $200, but worth the price thanks to its sophisticated design and features.

The UP4 has a silver body and crosshatch design, giving it a polished look that is ideal at work or play. In addition to heart sensors and sleep cycle monitoring it also has the ability to function as a payment option. Link your card to the device and you can use it to pay on any store that accepts AMEX, taking convenience to a whole new level.

If that wasn’t enough, it also has a 7 days battery life, Smart Coach to keep you on track and silent idle alarms to get users moving. A smart choice for businessmen and those who are on the go and travel.

Jawbone UP 24 (2014 Best Seller)

Jawbone UP 24 Christmas Sale

One if Jawbone’s earlier offerings, the UP24 is a good choice for beginners or anyone who wants a tracker, minus all the fuss. It costs just about $50 and has almost all the features of Jawbone’s other trackers, just in a more simplistic design.

Made with flexible polymer it moves with the user’s wrist so it can be worn comfortably day and night and comes in 6 stylish colors. It also comes with smart Coach, a food app to watch what you eat and an app to help you connect with other users. A no-nonsense tracker, it is a steal at this price and perfect for older users, teens or anyone else who wants a simple, effective tracker.

UP MOVE by Jawbone Activity Tracker – $50 Gift for your Loved Ones

If you’re looking for an easy to use, highly efficient tracker to give this holiday season the UP MOVE is the one to choose. At just under $30, this tracker is a real bargain and can track all of your movement for accurate, precise tracking.

Unlike the other trackers this one clips on, so users can wear it without anyone knowing. It monitors all your exercise movements and can sync to any of your devices to upload the data and analyze it. It also tracks your food habits and can be worn on your wrist at night to analyze your sleep. With a price that can’t be beat, this is a great device for kids or people who want to discreetly track their moves.

The Benefits of A Jawbone Fitness Tracker

So what exactly are you giving when you give someone a Jawbone fitness tracker? Let’s look at the benefits of owning one or Fitbit to find out:

  • Increased activity: These trackers are designed to motivate and encourage users to work out more. From an idle alert to let you know you are sitting for too long to apps that let you “compete” with friends they keep exercise at the forefront of your mind.
  • The latest technology: Jawbone trackers are equipped with the latest features to make using them simple so users can focus on what matters: exercising.
  • Guidance: many of these trackers come with a built-in coaching app, giving users tips and advice to fine tune or start a routine.
  • Quality: Jawbone’s fitness trackers are durable, stylish and built to last. They perform better than the competition and are reasonably priced, especially now with their “Jawbone Black Friday Sale” going on.

Thanks to the Jawbone Xmas and New Year Sale now is the time to buy one of these premium devices. Not only are they priced right, but they get the job done, making users stronger and healthier. Consumers love the Jawbone brand of fitness trackers and so will your loved ones this holiday season. So spread some cheer and get a Jawbone for the special people in your life (throw one n your stocking to!!) Happy Holidays.

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