HTC Grip – Revolutionizing the Fitness Tracker With Their First Design?

If you're a serious athlete, then you're going to need a serious fitness band.


  • Monitors heart rate and helps improve cardiovascular function
  • Global Positioning Software features tell you how far you ran, your path, and give you detailed bits of information that you couldn't get any other way
  • Keeps track of your burned calories if you're looking to build muscle or trim fat down and build lean muscles
  • Easy to operate instead of a phone- no physical buttons, no scrolling, just information
  • Gives you daily goals and helps set standards for your active lifestyle

But when there are already so many fitness bands out there, what sets this one apart? What makes the HTC Grip better than the competitors in a world that's already flush with a large variety of these devices already? To stand out, the HTC Grip had better have some amazing features- that's what we're set to find out at least with this 2015 MWC release.


Buying A Fitness Band

Why stop short from the best? It's all about getting the best quality materials, as well as the highest quality product. HTC hasn't really established themselves in this quality, so it'll be interesting to see exactly how they've designed their new HTC Grip. In a market already saturated with fitness wristbands and other types of fitness devices, you have to wonder what edge HTC thinks that they bring to the market with their new Grip product.

HTC is Targeting Athletes Who Need More Serious Fitness Bands

Partnered with Under Armour, revamped from previous fitness band models and a lowered price tag, HTC apparently planned the release of the Grip to rival or beat the Nike Fuelband. Built to last, those who have viewed the first models of the HTC like the look, but feel that it's a little stiff and hard to wear.

Reminiscent of similar Nike products, the USB wristband connects to the clasp when you open it- meaning that there are no extra cords attached.

Hip and trendy, the HTC Grip fits into any style, and measures running, exercise, sleep, calories burned, and like we mentioned earlier- is completely GPS compatible. Instead of putting the heart rate monitor in the band, what we've noticed is that HTC is opting for chest-strapped varieties instead, streamlining their audience.

For better or for worse, the HTC is set to receive all the notifications from your phone when it's paired, and like many other bands out there, you'll get calendar notifications, calls and messages, even other data from your phone. You can either turn these notifications off, or simply connect your device with iOS or Android.

Easy to Navigate, Easy to Operate

When you’re tired, sweaty and out of breath from your workout, the last thing you want to have to do is deal with a difficult navigation system. With a monochromatic OLED display, you simply tap through a circle to bring up whichever option you’re interested in.
Additionally, there are various sub-menus to select through, with no physical buttons anywhere on the device. Some have claimed that this could lead to a menu that’s hard to use, that delivers various canned responses to anyone that contacts you. Plus, out of the Grip’s closest competitors, it has the widest screen (at 1.8 inches) to increase touch screen operation.

It’s still early on, so we’re not quite sure EVERYTHING that the HTC Grip has to offer. The company has already established that the Grip is going to be about more than just running- indoor and outdoor running, cycling, elliptical and even other varieties of workouts.

This is important, because Fitbit devices have been upgrading their tracking and step-counting abilities while Microsoft integrated a feature that lets you download your workouts to your fitness devices- so HTC will have to step it up a little bit. While all fitness devices track sleep, the Grip is being aimed purely at fitness- that’s why the GPS is incorporated right into the device to count steps, monitor calories, speed, distance and time traveled and more.

Additionally, you’ll be able to operate simple controls from your wrist. You can access your calender and see important times and events, as well as have access to an excellent weather app and even a music controller so you can listen to music from your Bluetooth headset when you’re on the move, and change the song straight from your fitness device- not a lot of other fitness bands provide this same functionality.

It’s interesting to consider the implementation of Under Amour in the HTC device- aside from the wristband. In fact, HTC announced that Under Armour procured My Fitness Pal– so expect functionality there. This athletes device enters a world of athletes devices- and it’s hard to imagine the HTC making a huge splash, unless it’s high-tech and savvy with amazing features.

Lets look at some Pros and Cons that come to light when we examine the HTC Grip:


  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Cheaper than most fitness devices at $200
  • Huge PMOLED screen that's bright and clear and easy to show menu options
  • Integrates GPS capabilities right into the device
  • Less awkward and more comfortable than other devices
  • Music and Weather Apps and More
  • Notifies you from your fitness device
  • Highly operable and built to last


  • HTC is releasing this product about 2 years too late
  • Not really revolutionary product
  • Only has 5 hour battery life when GPS is activated
  • 2.5 day total battery life- which is greatly reduced from other varieties of devices that last a week or more
  • Touch screen could be difficult to use if you're sweaty and tired
  • Doesn't include a heart rate monitor, it's all sold separately


Look for the HTC Grip to make a small splash. We expect more features to be released, otherwise it will be hard for people to decide if it's really worth the investment. Does the low cost associated with this fitness tracker balance out without a heart monitor, or will people be completely happy with the changes?

There's a wide variety of fitness devices out there that are set to compete with the grip too:

  • Fitbit Charge
  • Microsoft Band
  • Garmin Vivo
  • Cheap Misfit bands
  • Hanging fitness devices
  • Even multiple cheap off-brands

Is HTC Grip for You?

This makes it exceptionally difficult to market your particular brand, and offer new, ground-breaking features. You've got to assume that everything that could be done to fitness devices already has been completed- and now they're coming out with "smart watches".

However the remaining tests lie with the release of the product. Until then we're just speculating about what could be true- we're really hoping that they add a few new features because it looks sleek, streamlined, and well designed.

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