Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Soccer Fans and Players (2016): Goal More!

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Many of us are geeks when it comes to the game of soccer! The sport is fun and exciting and it is loved by many. Maybe one of your family or friends is into this game and is a loyal fan of a club or a player and you need to buy him a gift. This gift could be for the holidays, or his birthday or just to show how much you care.

Best Gift Ideas for Soccer Fans and Players

If you are finding it hard trying to come up with gift ideas for soccer fans and players, we have made looking for the perfect gift easy for you. We have narrowed down your options so that you can get the best gift that will make a soccer fan smile.

Top Gift Ideas For Soccer Fans and Players

1. Foul!: The Secret World of Fifa: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals

The game of soccer is beautiful. However, the sport has some dark secrets that it kept for a long time. Join investigative journalist Andrew Jennings on exposing some of the anomalies and controversies that shroud the entire FIFA arena. We are sure that any soccer fan will instantly grab a copy of this book once they see it! Whether they believe it or not, this piece is still worth reading!

2. FIFA 17 – PlayStation 4

Soccer is very enthralling indeed. Once you start kicking the ball, there’s no turning back. Most enthusiasts would even take their devotion on the next level by hoarding several versions of the FIFA video game. However, we will recommend you to buy the latest FIFA 17, as it features better graphics and gameplay physics. With this game, you will have a chance to play in the Premier League as Alex Hunter, a rising soccer superstar! Come and take the road to stardom with FIFA 17!

3. Ronaldo #7 Portugal Home Soccer Jersey UEFA Euro 2016 (S)

Have you seen the plays of Cristiano Ronaldo last UEFA Euro 2016? Such moments cemented the legacy of this iconic player from Portugal in the history of soccer! Of course, you can experience this glory by buying this authentic jersey of Ronaldo! Nike was the one who manufactured this product, so its quality is just the same as Ronaldo’s real jersey. It also has a Dri-fit fabric to ensure dryness and comfort!

4. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

You can improve your soccer skills just by having a good ball! Of course, one of the best choices you can have for this is the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball! This product has a synthetic leather construction, which makes it incredibly soft and durable. Meanwhile, it has a butyl rubber bladder for an improved shape retention and maintained air pressure. Give this ball to any of your soccer friends, and you can expect an upgrade on their play!

5. Franklin Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

Going to an open field with your soccer ball is already fun. However, if you got a portable soccer goal, competition will certainly spur a competition! Despite its compact design, you can stillguarantee its durability. It comes with peg hooks so that you can attach it to the ground securely.

Transporting this product won’t be a problem either, as it includes a carry bag. Moreover, it is easy to setup and pack, too!

6. National Geographic Kids Everything Soccer: Score Tons of Photos, Facts, and Fun

This is a perfect gift for your kids if you want to introduce the sport of soccer to them. There is no better way to teach them how to love the ball than giving them a lot of inspiring photos and facts! This book is a repository of anything that is related to soccer. From players to rules, this product has all of them! Millions of kids have already this book. Therefore, do not miss the chance to give this great soccer manual to your little ones!

7. Can You Imagine Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk

You can now convert any indoor flooring into an instant soccer field with the Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk. This soccer disk comes with a LED light so that you can continue playing even in the dark! The Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk can float through the use of air cushion. With this feature, this thing can glide any smooth surfaces.

It also got an outer rim, which protects the entire disk from hard crashes in walls and home furnishings. Moreover, the rim also aids in the rebounding capability of this toy!

8. The Flea – The Amazing Story of Leo Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the gods of the modern soccer. There is no denying that. He will become a luminary in the sport, and everybody thinks he deserves that spot. However, do you know where did Messi start? This is the opportunity to discover the back story of this legendary soccer superstar by buying this book by Wild Soccer. For soccer fans, this product is alovely gift, regardless of the occasion!

9. adidas Performance Ace Fingersave Junior Goalie Glove

Once in a soccer’s player life, he will play the role of a goalie. This is a challenging position, considering that it is the thin wall that covers the goal. This is the reason why you need to give a goalie a quality pair of goalkeeper gloves. For this, one of your best choices is the Adidas F1506GL011 Ace Fingersave. It is an ideal accessory for amateur and intermediate players because of its lightweight and sturdy design.

10. adidas Performance Youth Tiro 15 Training Pant

Give your teen the nicest pair of soccer training pants! After all, he can’t improve his leg work without quality gears to keep him fit and flexible. The Adidas Youth Tiro 15 Training Pant has a polyester construction, which makes it durable and comfortable. It has a good fit for young soccer players and has a high breathability. With this around, anyone can improve their ball-kicking and passing skills!

11. Nike MERCURIAL VICTORY VI FG mens Soccer Shoes

The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory is one of top-rated soccer shoes today. It has a synthetic and rubber construction which can endure all the harsh elements of soccer. Give this footwear to a football player and expect that his performance will drastically improve. It got a speed ribs texture, which locks the feet in place for additional stability! Comfort is also guaranteed in this shoe because of the presence of a molded lotus sock liner!

12. adidas Performance Ghost Club Shin Guard

Even how fun soccer is, it is still a dangerous sport. A lot of professional players suffered from leg breaks and fractures throughout their careers. Therefore, getting the optimal protection is a prerequisite for playing this game. The Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guard is one of yourbest options for leg protection. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced soccer players because of its snugly fit. Moreover, the hard shield front plate effectively reduces shock and intense pressure, too!

A soccer player will certainly love these items we recommended. They are worthy gifts that are not too expensive, but not too cheap, either. Therefore, purchasing any of them will be truly satisfactory to your budget!

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