Gazelle Edge Review: Light and Effective Cardio Workout at Home

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Finding the right exercise is one of the keys to staying fit and healthy. To be successful, this exercise does not have to cost thousands in gym memberships or personal trainers. Instead, all you need is the right exercise equipment in the privacy of your own home, and this is where the Gazelle Edge comes in. With this being said, here are some of information that you should know about the Gazelle Edge Review.

Benefits of Owning an Elliptical Machine

Burns Calories – When people want to lose weight, it important that they find a diet program, exercise or a combination of both to drop the pounds quickly. Fortunately, with the use of an elliptical machine in a home or office, people can start an exercise that will increase the amount of calories burned each day substantially. The amount of calories that the person loses can be tracked on the equipments’ computer that shows the amount of calories burned each session.

Ease of Use – Another great feature that people can take advantage of is its easy to use dual action split suspension. Both of which allows the person to get in a good low impact exercise for both the top part of the body as well as the lower parts. People can also work at their own pace so it makes it simpler to become acclimated to the new activities.

Key Features of the Gazelle Edge and their Main Benefits

High Performance exercise Glider

This elliptical machine has been designed with very useful features in mind. One of the most important involves the use of a high-performance exercise glider. This glider is necessary for people who are looking for an improved cardiovascular performance experience on a regular basis.

Made to accommodate Slow Walks and the ability to run

Because the design of this equipment includes unsurpassed range of motion, people who use can go very quickly from a slow walk to full run without experiencing any sudden stops.

5 Function Workout Features for Tracking

Provides users with an easy-to-use functions that allows an individual to have a 5-function workout that can be tracked easily with computer capabilities. Therefore, when people use it, they can track their speed, distance, time, and other measurements that they want to review as they progress.

Simple to Store because it can be folded quickly to fit in tight spaces

Sometimes people have a limited amount of room in their home or apartment to place exercise equipment. So, they need a solution that will allow them to store equipment efficiently. Based on the type that the person purchases, this Edge can be placed in tight spaces so it saves room.

Gazelle Edge Pros:

  • Affordable Pricing that Can’t be beat.
  • Delivered practically assembled, all the buyer has to do is add the handle bars and the computer that tracks an individuals performance. Adding the computer is optional for those who may not want to track calories burned or the like.
  • Offers a smooth fluid motion so there is not impact to the legs. People can choose their speed by selecting, low, medium or high.


  • Broke Down within a year so quality is not good•Problems with replacing parts because cable broke
  • Max weight is 250 pounds

What to look for in the best Elliptical

If an individual is looking for the best type of elliptical machine, it is important that they know what they should look for. Some of the most important features involve a good quality designed machine that is easy for anyone to use at home and even at work, whenever possible. The construction of the machine must also be strong enough to hold large amounts of weight so that people of all sizes can use this machine in their homes.

Why this type of equipment is necessary

This type of equipment is excellent for both the young and old. This is is because it is considered to be a low impact exercise that will not put a lot of unnecessary strain on an individual knees. Therefore, they do not have to concern themselves about getting an injury that will not let them exercise for extended periods of time.

Gazelle Edge Review vs Sunny Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Comparisons

It is important to note that there are other models on the market that people can compare before a decision is made to purchase. Therefore, it is best to shop around to make the best decision possible. For instance, when the buyer compares and researches Gazelle Edge Discounts and where to buy a Gazelle Edge Elliptical Trainer, they will find that the Gazelle Edge is better in at least three areas and they are as follows: quality of the design, capability to store away quickly simply by folding and a more affordable price range for those who are looking to save money.

Q & A

Many times people have questions like, does this equipment work as it is being advertised?

A- According to feedback from other consumers, the overall rating is high and the comments are favorable. To find out what others are really saying, check out some other honest feedbacks here.

Overall consumer feedback is good since it has receive a 4.1 out of 5 rating. Therefore, consumers are pleased with their purchases since it offers them an improved cardio experience that they can take advantage of in their homes. It is also an easy store solution for those who are having problems with needed extra room in a home or an apartment.

Based on the features that the manufacturers have included in this design, people can have an excellent cardio workout experience. The price is also affordable so people can save money, while also have an opportunity to purchase a quality made Elliptical machine. Therefore, for those who are interested in what being said in a Gazelle Edge Review, you can review this information online for the feedback.

So, for those of you who are looking for the best features in the Gazelle Edge, you too can take advantage of this high performance exercise glider that accommodates the need of walking slow and running. You will also get an easy to use 5 function workout that works on both the upper and lower part of the body. So, check out this great low cost lifetime investment today.

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