Go Garmin! Get Fitness and Fashion- Garmin Vivofit 2 Fitness Tracker Review

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Garmin Vivofit 2 Review

It’s hard to be fit. It really is. Some people are taking advantage of fitness products- trying “miracle pills” or killing themselves for a few weeks with any number of “incredible 6-minute ab workouts” to try and get a beach body or six pack abs without putting in the work. Others are buying into fitness plans, purchasing new fitness devices and trying to work hard and control their diets.

One of the myriad of devices out there that’s available that’s great for beginners or experts- anyone at any stage in fitness is a fitness band like the Garmin Vivofit 2. You’re seeing these bands all over – at the gym, on the internet, and on your television, and they’re being called the motivational tool that people need to get moving, to get active, and to try and stay fit. They also make great, stylish gifts around this time of year for a New Year present that allows someone you really care about to get on track with fitness.

The Vivofit 2 is 100% wearable, and it’s completely rain-proof, sweat proof and splash proof. It’s stylish and comfortable and provides everything that you’ll ever need in a fitness band; literally a tiny workout assistant right in the crook of your arm; giving you handy tips, like how far you’ve traveled and how many calories you’ve burned.

Plus, you’ll never wonder about sleeping again, and you’ll wake up less groggy, because the Vivofit 2 can sense when you’re traveling through different sleep cycles and wake you up at the optimum time to keep you fresh and aware throughout the whole day. The best part about it, is that all of this information is ready and available on an easy to read, awesome LED display – at this price, nothing else comes close, not even the Fitbit Flex.

Achieve Your Goals! The Garmin Vivofit 2 has a ton of awesome features:

Only Vivofit 1 Fitness Band is available. Vivofit 2 will be available by the end of March.

    • Vivofit actively learns your activity level:through your daily usage and assigns you a very personalized goal for each and every morning to count calories for you, and record all of your data for metabolic rate- including increasing activity to increase your burn. This helps you figure out where you need to start from to really start seeing results. Other fitness trackers fail to do this, and you’re stuck trying to figure out what’s best for you. The Garmin Vivofit 2 doesn’t leave you out in the cold when you’re exercising, it helps you reach the top with personalization that is super important when you’re trying to improve your overall quality of life and make positive changes for the better.
    • Super Long, Unmatched Battery Life
      Stays on for over a year without ever having to charge or change the battery, and it’s always on and ready to go- there’s not a whole lot of set up with it either, simply calibrate and go. What other device can do this? Only the Vivofit provides the awesome capabilities to keep you moving for over a year without ever changing your power source.The Fitbit has to be charged at least every 4-5 days, and if you’re using it heavily, sometimes more than that- what other fitness device gives you these many features and great battery life? It’s hard to find another product that brings you what the Vivofit does in a super affordable and high quality package.
    • Move Bar provides Extra Motivation: when it might be hard to motivate your loved one, or even yourself. It keeps lighting up so you just how long you’ve been inactive. Gentle alert sounds too. Plus it keeps track of your steps and displays all the information you’d ever want to give you all the results you’d ever need; putting you way above the game and where you need to be to perfect your personal fitness. Sometimes you just need to take that extra step, and the Garmin Vivofit provides exactly that, pumping your workout to the max and providing you all of the features to do it right.
    • At the same time, it helps you Sleep: keeping track of how long you’re restless, awake, or sleeping peacefully as well as vibrating at your wrist to wake you, but not your partner while they’re getting their beauty sleep- a great feature if you both wake up at different times. Plus, it picks up everything you do in your sleep– if you’re restless, if you’ve gotten up and walked around, anything goes on the sensor and tells you how you’re sleeping so you can actively do something about it and love sleeping again- enjoying the time you lost with greatly improved sleep habits.
    • Stylish, Comfortable and Lightweight:
      so you never feel silly wearing it, plus all the activities and leader boards will make you feel like you’re getting somewhere. It won’t weigh you down, and it’ll fit just about anyone with two different sized wristband, plus it’s comfortable and hypo-allergenic, so everyone can wear it without having skin problems or an allergic reaction to the materials.

      Jonathan Adler Garmin Vivofit Accessory Bands

      Garmin also partners with Jonathan Adler to have “Jonathan Adler + Garmin Accessory Bands”. More Color and Signature Patterns are available. Sure that you’ll find something cool and standing out ones.

Easy to read display:

Makes it a synch to read at any time of the day and gives you personalized stats right at your wrist- better than any other fitness device of this price range, and it has all of your steps displayed so you can watch the number grow and surpass what you expect. It’s an even better motivator than the Fitbit Flex; and it’s important to see your progress in the easiest and fastest way possible to push your experience to the max. It might sound like small details, but sometimes these small details can make all the difference.

Not only that, Vivofit 2 has always-on display backlight, that you can check the time at dark. I may upgrade my Vivofit 1 next.


Garmin Vivofit 2 Signature Series

    • Fashion and Stylish: Not only classic band, one could choose from the Signature Series: made from leather and stainless steel matching your fashion today. Who says Fitness Trackers are boring anymore?
    • Achieve all your goals: With Vivofits awesome activity level learning technology that assigns you your own personalized workout, as well as counting your calories and crunching your metabolism, getting you fitter, stronger and healthier faster than you ever thought possible. It pushes your caloric intake to the max by telling you when’s the best time to move, and that it keeps you from being sedentary. It’s incredibly accurate and gets the job done with all of its’ excellent features that keep you fit.


  • Great Connectivity and syncing abilities:
    More accurate than other models at tracking your steps, plus it’s made by trusted and well-used GPS navigation experts. There’s very little else out there that gives you what the Garmin Vivofit gives you at a fraction of the price, with more features that you want- like the awesome screen and move bar, pushing the boundaries between different price ranges of fitness tracking devices.
  • Take it swimming! Garmin Vivofit is completely waterproof and great for swimmers. It’s water-resistant to even 50 meters.
  • Superb Accuracy: on foot, in the water, riding a bike; and great quality materials

Some Negative Things:

  • Some individuals have complained that this fitness band will activate sleep mode at the wrong time of day. This is uncommon with these devices and has only happened to a few individuals; and Garmin will replace them at no charge to you.
  • Some people also find the strap to be difficult especially when they need to strap it onto their arm single-handedly. If you do not have someone to help you, you can sit down and carefully strap device onto your own arm. It may take a little bit of practice but once you know how to do it can become easy.

Side by Side: Garmin Vivofit 2 vs Fitbit Flex vs Jawbone UP24

The Vivofit has a lot of great features that the Flex and UP24 simply have no chance to stand up against. First and foremost, the Vivofit has a screen, plus all the features of the other two, at about 20 dollars cheaper than either of those options with more functionality. The Garmin Vivofit offers a lot of benefits of having a fitness device without all the “glam” and style that Fitbit has.

Plus, Fitbit has evolved with newer, more expensive devices; the Vivofit is a great option at a great price, if you can give up the expensive options. Also, if you wanted a heart rate option, the add on isn’t that much more expensive. Imagine never having to charge your device for a year as well- this fact alone makes the Vivofit a great option for anyone with an active lifestyle trying to adjust their lives for the better- since you never have to take it off, and you never have to worry about leaving it behind when you leave for your busy day- and miss out on valuable exercise and calorie functions; making it instantly better than other models.

Vivofit is all about Fitness

All around you, there’s advertisements for fast food, junk food, and all kinds of technology luxuries that allow you to fill your time with all kinds of entertainment that does absolutely nothing for your health. You can order a pizza from a game device in the middle of playing a game; and never even have to leave your house.

Nowadays, you can even order groceries on the internet, clothes, anything- never once leaving the comfort of your house. This is all super convenient, sure, but it’s taking a terrible toll on the health of most individuals. In fact, studies show that over 70% of all of the children in the United States are overweight and getting unhealthier all the time.

Garmin Vivofit 2 Jonathan Adler Bands
Credit by The Verge

Wouldn’t you like to be a parent that teaches your child about healthy choices that can last them a lifetime this New Year? Best of all, the Garmin Vivofit 2 is trending right now, it’s stylish, functions as a watch, and has a ton of fun features. They’re so cool and so affordable at about $100, that you might even want one for you and the rest of your family. Then you could enjoy all the features that Garmin offers people with technology devices and smartphones that can track all of their progresses at the touch of a few buttons after downloading Garmin’s free Mobile Connect apps that work for any Android or iPhone phone or tablet.

The Garmin Vivofit 2 is a little bit larger than the Fitbit devices but it also is the only device in its’ price range (under $100) that displays the time right on the screen, plus it has an active red bar that floats across the top displaying how many steps you’ve taken, and your active goals.

If you fail to move for 15 minutes, the Garmin Vivofit reminds you with a glowing “MOVE” LED message that displays red across the screen and gets progressively larger the longer you fail to move. Version 2 even has audible alerts to remind you. This is because research has shown that prolonged periods of inactivity decrease your body’s production of fat burning enzymes that keep you healthy and fit.

This effect is limited by what Garmin suggests as frequent, short walking breaks throughout your day to boost your body’s need to fight fat. Also, if you wanted to take this mid-level band to the next level, you could pay an extra thirty dollars or so and get it with a heart rate monitor that keeps you updated on how hard your heart is working so you can train accordingly and get the absolute most from your workout routine.

F. A. Q.’s

Q: Is this band one size fits all?

A: Garmin Vivofit actually includes two bands- a small and a large; choose whichever fits you best.

Q: Do I have to pay any additional money to use this band’s features?

A: The only cost is the original cost of the watch; after that, go crazy, the sky’s the limit! Everything else is free, the application, the games, the leader boards. Enjoy it all!

Q: Is this device also a watch?

A: This device does double (or triple, maybe) as a watch. It has backlight to see at night time too. It works great!

Q: What are the customers saying?

A: “… this tracker works incredibly well and is very accurate when determining the distances and standstill periods for me! It also detects sleep Modes well is more accurate than most of the other tracking devices out there! Having up to 1 years battery life also makes this device desirable for me. 5 stars!”

“….I have had my Vivofit since last February and it has by far exceeded my expectations. I have owned every model of Fitbit created in the past and this by far and away outperforms each and every one of those. First of all, YOU NEVER HAVE TO CHARGE THE THING (well not for like a year,) it blows my mind.

I have not had any syncing issues whatsoever. The sleep tracker works flawlessly, unlike the Fitbit Flex which would randomly disengage from sleep mode in the night. One of my favorite aspects is that it assigns you a daily goal trying to get you more motivated, not just the same number over and over.

If it starts at 7,500 steps and I hit my goal, the next day the goal might be bumped up a bit. It constantly tries to get you more and more active.”

“…From my experience this is the best fitness band on the market right now, but it is missing some fixes/features that would make this even better. I have used jawbone and FitBit and this exceeds anything those two products can do, but I wish it had a back light so I could use it in the dark.

Customers’ Likes

– Does exactly what it says it will do
– I am moving more since I try to get rid of those red bars when they appear exceed my daily goal.
– Water Resistant
– showered with it and not issues
– Can change to different colored bands
– Auto-updates goals…”

Help Make A Change For the Better

We all live very busy daily lives, and we all need a little help some times staying active and getting our necessary movement to keep us as healthy as we can be in our lives. It’s very, very important, perhaps more important than anything else that we face today.

It definitely has begun to define who we are, and what we do; also how we behave and how we feel and our overall health levels. It’s important to maintain good health as it helps to drive everything you’ll do in life and determines how long you’ll live and how you’ll feel. Find out the best Vivofit 2 Deals Here.

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  1. nicole Morr says

    I received the garmin vivofit2 and I could have the steps but cannot have the rest …..I have the band for the heart and it doesn’t show the heart beat…
    Can I have some help.Somebody I can talk to?a phone number?
    the garmin is connect with my samsung ,but unless the step,nothing works !!!!

  2. says

    This Vivofit 2 would be perfect if the Heart Rate Monitor was on the device, but the optional heart rate accessory does provide that feature, so wonderful to have that choice – just not as fun to have something attached on the chest all the time.

    I use the Basis Peak and although it has an awesome heart rate monitor and good sleep tracking, it is still very glitchy and it lacks distance like the Vivofit 2. Plus, the clear screen and battery life on the Vivofit 2 really does make it more valuable than most to me. It is really a 24/7 device unlike many others on the market. No need to constantly check phone.

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