Garmin Vivofit & Vivoactive HR Holiday, Christmas and New Year Sale and Deals: Give The Gift That Makes Everyone Merry

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Garmin Christmas and New Year Sale

If you’re thinking about buying a fitness tracker this holiday season for you or your loved ones, Garmin’s line of devices are the way to go. Why? Because, there are fitness trackers, and then there are fitness trackers from Garmin. Each device is unique in its design and function, but they all have one thing in common: they make healthy living easier and more fun. Their trackers have revolutionized the way people work, play and live thanks to their GPS technology, making them a must-have under the tree. Right now there is a huge Garmin Christmas and New Year Sale going on, making this the ideal time to pick up one. To help you pick, read on to learn all about Garmin and the devices they have to offer.

Garmin: A Little Gift That Packs A Big Punch

Finding the perfect gift for family friends and colleagues just got a whole lot easier thanks to Garmin. Whether you want to hide it in your spouse’s stocking or give one to a friend to put them on track for the new year, there is a Garmin to fit their needs.

Every tracker has a different use, so you can match the device with the user, for a perfect fit every time. Best of all, these devices are meant to improve the user’s health, so when you give one as gift it shows you care– and that’s what the holidays are all about.

Garmin Holiday, Christmas and New Year Sale: Devices That Deliver

After learning all about what Garmin has to offer, now all you need to do is pick the right device for the right person. Here’s a rundown of their top devices:

Garmin Vivoactive HR – All in One

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Looking for the best? Then look no further because this is Garmin’s top device. With a price tag of under $200 and every conceivable feature you can imagine, this is a tracker anyone would love to have.

It has GPS technology so users can explore all different sports, including swimming and golfing- great or those who are into low-impact or casual exercise. GPS also lets users hike new trails, run for miles and gives a more accurate reading of heart rate and calories burned. Best of all, you can see stats right on your display as they happen- no phone needed.

Speaking of displays the Vivoactive has a crystal clear, touchscreen display that deflects sunlight, so you can see perfectly indoors or out. It is also equipped with Smart notifications to tell you who’s trying to reach you and a 7-day battery life, so no hassle of having to charge it all the time.

A great device at a great price under huge discounts, especially with the Garmin Cyber Monday sale now available, this is a great gift for those new to fitness as well as pros.

Garmin vívofit hr Activity Tracker(Budget Fitness Gift 2016)

Garmin vívofit hr Activity Tracker

Looking for an easy to use tracker that will have users focused and eager to exercise? Then the Vivofit 2 is a good choice. It has simple but effective features that are ideal for beginners looking for guidance or those looking to improve their health.

The band is built to last and thin, so it moves with the user and feels comfortable to wear. It looks like a watch, but displays stats like calories and distance to show you how you’re doing throughout the day. It also has a vibrating idle alert to remind users to move if they’ve been sitting for too long. Perfect for helping those new to exercise or the elderly get into a routine and make them more active, it has a 1-year battery life, so they can wear it and forget it.

Garmin Vivosmart – A Hot Smart Fitness Gadget

The Vivosmart is a great value and ideal for anyone who wants something that looks as good as it functions. What sets this one apart is the band- it is slim, flexible, and functions as a touchscreen display. Stats appear across the band, just double tap and calories, distance, smart notifications, the time and more will appear on the hidden OLED display.

This is a nice touch for those who want to wear it in work or out on the town, because it looks more like jewelry. It comes in 6 different colors and can also be used with a heart monitor for a more in-depth workout routine. A good choice for tech lovers, young adults and professionals who want something hip and functional.

Garmin Forerunner 15

This device is a steal at under $100 and a solid investment for those on a budget. While it costs less, it doesn’t skimp on features and is a great GPS tracker, especially for those who like to walk, jog or hike. It has a watch-style design and monitors stats- just push a button to see how you’re doing.

It can analyze and compare stats, like pace, so you can see how close you are to your goals and adjust accordingly. It also uses the Garmin Connect app so you can compare and get guidance from other users. Great for joggers or anyone who likes to be outdoors and moving.

Garmin Forerunner 220 – Super GPS Watch

One of Garmin’s newer offerings, the Forerunner 220 is the top choice among serious runners. It costs around $200, but is worth the price if you’re buying for someone who is committed to getting in shape.
It has a fun and durable red and black band that can withstand any weather and a high-resolution color display to tell you pace, distance, calories and more.

Plus, the built-in accelerometer can track distance and pace indoors, perfect for those running on a treadmill or indoor track. Equipped with Smart notifications it it makes a great gift for running enthusiasts, both beginners and advanced.

The Benefits of Owning a Garmin

Garmin’s line of trackers, featuring GPS technology, makes exercising easy. These devices become an extension of you, integrating fitness seamlessly into your life, or whoever is lucky enough to get one from you. Let’s look at the benefits of owning one:

GPS Technology: Since they are fitted with GPS, these devices users you walk, jog or run anywhere without getting lost. GPS lets users explore new territories, taking work outs to the next level. This is great for beginners and advanced athletes because it opens up a whole world of exercise.
Cutting-Edge Design: Thin, durable and water-proof, these trackers are comfortable to wear day and night. The display’s show stats like calories, distance, daily goals and more to keep users focused and aware- all they have to do is look down.
Sports Apps: Unlike other devices, Garmin’s trackers can differentiate between activities, including swimming. That means users get more accurate statistics, as they are based on the actual activity being performed and not just general movements.
Smart Notifications: Get alerts when you get a call, text or email, so you are always in touch no matter where you exercise. A big plus for moms, professionals and teens.

The Garmin Christmas and New Year Sale is the perfect excuse to go out and buy one of these great devices for the holiday season. They make exercise not only achievable, but desirable as well. Users rave over their ingenious designs and clever technological features, as well as their great prices. So treat yourself, and those you love, with one to really make this the season to be merry.

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