Garmin Vivofit & Vivoactive Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2015: Getting a Great Deal on an Amazing Fitness Device

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It’s hard to find quality fitness devices, and there are a ton of devices to choose from. While it’s true that fitness devices make great deals and they’re perfect for virtually any lifestyle (to get you up and about, to help you control your diet, and challenge your friends), it’s nearly impossible to find the “perfect” fitness device, especially when things are changing dramatically and features are being added to make your life as easy as possible.

Garmin Vivoactive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sale

However, you’ve got to understand that there are several features that you have to have when you’re getting started working out: like a heart rate monitor, workout or running specs, or doing a wide variety of activities and might have a hard time calculating your activities. Sure, you could count all of your specs individually, but it’s nearly impossible to get accurate heart rates when you’re working hard, and it’s even harder to accurately count the steps you take without a little bit of help, and that’s why you need a Garmin fitness device. The best part? There are a huge variety of Garmin Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales on Amazon that guarantee that you get the best deal possible.

Which Garmin Activity Tracker Sales are the Best This Year?

One of the most powerful, most highly functional fitness devices out there is the Garmin Vivoactive (available in a wide variety of colors)

Garmin Vivoactive – All in One (22% off Pre Black Friday Sale)

We’re extraordinarily pleased with the newest Garmin fitness device- especially how functional and powerful it seems. It’s got all the built in apps and features to keep you moving, allow you to live your busy lifestyle, and look great while you’re doing it.

It’s completely compatible too, so you aren’t going to be struggling to keep it working- whether you’re playing golf taking a swim, or biking cross country, you’ll always have the stats you need to stay on top of your game. Unlike the Forerunner models, the battery life on the Vivoactive is pretty impressive (around 3 weeks) meaning that you’ll be able to do everything you love without your fitness device holding you back.

Here are some of our favorite features of this excellent “must-have” device for this Garmin Christmas Sale:

  • Bike, run, swim, play golf, and even find your phone!
  • Pre-load over 26,000 golf courses to your Vivoactive at the touch of a button
  • Incredibly accurate, powerful technology
  • Always active GPS keeps you safe, secure, and up to date
  • Wear it everyday and barely take it off
  • Get connected with all of your devices with one little press
  • Get up to date information including your speed, stocks that you’re interested in, and a calendar feature
  • Innovative, powerful software that won’t become obsolete within a year.
  • Less than the Forerunner 220 (by several dollars)

One of the most affordable products is the signature Garmin Vivofit (also available in a wide variety of color choices)

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker (Budget and Fashion Under $70

One of the best selling Garmin products is the Garmin Vivofit 2 (with or without a heart rate monitor).

The Vivofit has consistently been one of the best Garmin Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales because it’s simple, affordable, and is very clear (excellent clarity and color). Unlike the regular Vivofit, the Vivofit 2 has an excellent display and move bar alert (to keep you moving) if you haven’t moved for over an hour (all you have to do is walk for a couple of minutes to reset). The back light funciton is constantly on, and your Vivofit 2 will consistently record every movement that you make.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, easy to use fitness device, you’re going to want to purchase one of the Vivofit devices- because they last over a year and guarantee functionality and wear-ability. We love that the battery lasting for a year and replaceable, and small enough to keep your device lightweight.

Vívofit 2 is 46% off this Black Friday!

Garmin Vivosmart – Your Smart Fitness Gadget ($70 OFF Black-Friday)

For less than a hundred dollars, you’re sure to love the Vivofit. Where the Vivofit shines is in the smart notifications- telling you that you have calls or texts without disrupting your workout. The touchscreen band on the Vivofit is pretty much seamless as well, designed to keep you going with a simple swipe or touch to navigate pages. It auto syncs to your wireless device, has a sensor that works with pretty much any device, and alerts you to move when you need it the most.

What we love about the Vivofit is that you can completely personalize it, get your motivation, and still save a few bucks. When you want the maximum battery life with features (that lasts over 10 days) you’re going to want the Vivofit. It helps you stay connected, keep moving, tell time, and see all of your stats without struggling one bit- making it a complete fitness device.

Garmin Vivosmart is 47% off – which is HUGE today!

Garmin Forerunner 15 (Your GPS Watch 2015)

The Garmin Forerunner provides a very cost-effective alternative to modern fitness devices (in a huge variety of colors).

The Forerunner 15 takes a new approach to a traditional product, giving users a super sensitive GPS receiver, records your position, and ensures that you’re always getting the best pace and distance calculations out there for anyone training to be the best- with a virtual training pacer that helps people achieve their goals.

The best part is that this device is about a hundred dollars- meaning that it won’t break your budget and probably fits pretty spectacularly into your purchasing goals, with an unbeatable fit, plenty of training tools, and some of the most motivation that you can find in a fitness product. Colorful, stylish and sleek, you’re sure to enjoy all the features that you get with this device- including 5 weeks worth of battery life (8 hours if you’re constantly using your GPS)

Garmin Forerunner 220 – Super GPS Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 220 is a little more high-tech (and has the highest price tag of all of the current Garmin fitness devices).

When you need a sleek, well designed product (and are willing to spend a little more for it) it’s a smart choice to go with the Forerunner 220. It provides a great high resolution color display, tracking the distance you travel, your active pace, and heart rate, all in one device.

You’ll always know your personal records, constantly connect with Garmin, and share all of your results seamlessly on social media networks. With completely compatible training plans, a fully functional GPS, and the best training features on the market, you’ll be well on your way to finding physical fitness with this Garmin Christmas Sale.

Why Garmin

Garmin has one of the most trusted names out there, so it makes sense that you would want a Garmin or Fitbit fitness device. They’re long lasting, highly affordable, and some of the most lightweight, comfortable products on the market. Plus, we’ve relied on Garmin for years to deliver the most high-quality products around- so why would we ever purchase a fitness device anywhere else. It only makes choice to go with the device that has the storied history, spectacular ratings, and a great eye for quality. You’ll see the difference between these products and other products in our review.

No matter what you choose, know that you’re getting some of the most high quality products out there. Garmin fitness devices consistently deliver the best results, and guarantee that you’re getting the most out of your fitness decisions. It’s time to take the step that your family needs and provide them with all of their favorite devices! Check out the best deals in Garmin Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale in 2015!

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