Full-Body Workout for Travelers: Staying In Shape While Travelling

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You may be visiting another location for business, pleasure vacation, or epic questing. While in your hotel room, you need to get in shape, or really anywhere. You will find you completely shift out of your normal routine, but when it comes to exercising, here are full-body workout for travelers tips to make sure you don’t miss it.

• If you are used to running around your neighborhood, while travelling you will no longer have a familiar path to follow.

• If you are used to working out in a gym, you may not have access to a gym facility while travelling.

Full-Body Workout for Travelers Infographic

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While on your daily routine, you stick to it pretty easily—work out at the same time, wake up at the same time, eat all meals at the same time etc. However, while travelling nothing is absolutely similar. Here is a specific full-body workout for travelers plan to consider on your trip, whether it is for a day or a year.

This on-to-go workout exercises all your major muscle groups, helping you build your strength and stability. Workouts like Spiderman pushups, bodyweight squats, side lunges will get you feeling fresh. Take your workout to the next level with the elbow plank and wall squat hold.

In your hotel room:

  • Perform 8 rep Spiderman pushups
  • Perform 20 rep bodyweight squats
  • Perform 12 rep side lunges
  • Perform 60 sec wall squat hold
  • Perform 60 sec elbow plank

These are just some of the workouts you can perform in your hotel room while travelling to ensure you are always fit.

Lack of equipment is the most obvious hurdle in your fitness plan while travelling. But that should not deter you from being fit while travelling. Quickly learn to make most of what’s already around you. You can forget about travelling to a local gym, assuming you can find one, to save time.

Checking In You Hotel Room

As soon as you arrive in your hotel room, look around to size up what’s there that you can work with. What is there that you can use for resistance training? You can adapt a chair for dips. What hotel gear is there that you can adopt for your workout? Take a few minutes to look around and open your mind as there may be more than meets than eye.


Squirting in your hotel room is one of the best workout you can adapt while travelling. Squats work pretty much the entire body, focusing on the legs, back, and glutes. It is hard to adapt to a plan when travelling, so focusing on individual muscles is probably unrealistic. Your best bet are full-body movements.

Use Hotel Towel

Hotel towels are more than up to the task in helping you stretch out after a hard bout of improvised lifting. Employ towel-assisted overhead shoulder stretch and the lying hamstring stretch.

The quality of your workout for travelers is determined more by your performance than any piece of gear. Whether you train in a gym or with your suitcase in a hotel room, what matters is the performance you input.

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