Valentine’s Day Fitness Tracker’s For Him: Strengthen Your Love With These Great Gift Ideas

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Fitness trackers are all the rage these days and make a great Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Not only will they help your husband or boyfriend get healthy, they are also a lot of fun and can be something you enjoy together. Whether he is a fitness fanatic or a beginner these devices are so innovative and interactive they will have him moving in no time and get him excited about exercise. With so many styles and types available it is easy to find the right one for the right guy. If your looking for Fitness Tracker Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for for him then this review will tell you everything you need to know to pick the one that will melt his heart.

Fitness Tracker Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him

In the past Valentine’s Day was seen as a woman’s holiday, but that is no longer the case. These days women are under just as much pressure to come up with the ultimate Valentine’s gift. The trick is finding a gift that has sentimental value while still appearing to be masculine and serve a purpose, which is why you can’t go wrong with a fitness tracker.

From GPS mapping and tracking to Bluetooth connectivity that can have them compete against their friends these devices provide endless ways to keep him entertained. Plus, since their main purpose is to help him get in shape these trackers really show him how much you care. While most track basic stats (like calories burned and quality of sleep) and have silent alarms it is the extras that set them apart, look at some of the various models currently on the market:

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband for Valentine’s Day (Best Gift under $100)

Fitbit is one of the leaders in the fitness tracker industry and their Charge model is one of their originals. This simple, yet inventive device is great for beginners or men who like a straightforward approach to getting healthy. A smart choice for older gentlemen and beginners, right now there are some great fitness tracker Valentine’s sales, so you can get the Charge at a great price. It’s best selling points include:

Fitbit Charge looks great on your man

  • Choose from different colors and band sizes, so it can fit a man of any size. The band is rubberized and flexible too, so it moves with him and feels natural.
  • In addition to tracking steps, calories and distance it also records sleep patterns so he can see his overall fitness.
  • The face is made-up of a LED Screen that indicate how close he is to reaching his daily goals, which is a gentle but effective way to remind him to get moving. The simple screen also lets him focus on his exercise activities only: no distractions while he’s jogging or running.
  • Best $100 Gift that you can buy him Health.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (2016 Most Popular Model)

The cream of the crop when it comes to Fitbit’s line of devices the Charge is the ideal choice for the guy who is into his health and likes a more customized approach to fitness. The HR is great for businessmen and dads thanks to it’s call notification feature, which helps them stay in touch no matter what they’re doing. The Charge HR has some impressive components, including:

  • Continuous tracking and wrist-based heart rate monitoring for precise numbers when it comes to calories burned. It also has the ability to differentiate between distance and steps climbed, giving him a more accurate reading than other trackers.
  • OLED display shows time and daily stats so you know exactly how hard your working and the Caller ID shows who is calling his phone.
  • Perfect for guys who want to workout without worrying about being out of touch or having to carry their phone n them.
  • Syncs to his smartphone or computer so he can see and analyze his daily stats and compare with other.

Jawbone UP2 Black Activity + Sleep Tracker (Simple yet Fashion)

Jawbone UP2 for Valentine Day

The UP2 is sleek and highly effective, making it a solid choice for the guy who needs a little more motivation or for guys who like a more attractive looking device. Best of all, with all the fitness tracker Valentine’s offers currently available the UP can be had for a steal. Here are some of it’s best selling points:

  • It is slim and lightweight, so he’ll barely notice he’s wearing it- a great selling point for men who don’t want to feel hassled by constant notifications and reminders. It also comes in a wide range of colors so it’s great for fashion conscious men too. Best of all it uses simple vibrations to alert you of you daily goals, so it is unobtrusive.
  • In addition to tracking calories, steps and sleep patterns it also has an UP food app to track his dietary habits to help him eat better too. This is a nice feature for guys who snack too much and want to get their diet on track.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows the UP2 to record your stats and connect online with family and friends to compare and engage in some friendly competition. A smart way to “trick” your guy into working out and make him feel like it’s his idea.

Garmin Vivosmart – Help He looks Smart and Fit

When it comes to Fitness Tracker Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for him the Vivo Smart is the top choice for the man who is serious about getting fit. It is durable and has a wide range of in-depth fitness features that is perfect for sports enthusiasts and guys who work out faithfully. The Vivofit’s key features include:

  • Slim and light it can be worn 24/7 thanks to it’s waterproof capabilities, so he won’t be hassled with having to remove it when it’s raining- great for outdoor types.
  • It doesn’t just track movements, it also analyzes them for him and gives recommendations as to what daily goals he should set. Stats can be seen on the Garmin Connect community, where he can earn virtual awards for his achievements. A nice touch for guys who want to continually challenge themselves.
  • Comes with a move bar, which will light up after an hour of inactivity to discreetly remind him to get moving.

How Fitness Trackers Can Make You Grow Closer

Buying a tracker for your man is a great way to make your relationship stronger. Exercise, whether it is a simple wall or a 3-mile run is an experience you can do and share together, forming a bond between the two of you. For couples it is a fun way to connect and do something fun and different. After all what’s more romantic than a run on the beach or a log walk at sunset. It makes working out more intimate and adds another dimension to your relationship. As you cheer each other on help each other get stronger your love will get stronger too.

There are a lot of incredible Activity Tracker Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for him and with all the sales going on they are more affordable than ever. No matter what brand or style you choose you can feel confident knowing you are giving him a gift he will love because it shows how much you love him. these devices are not only high-quality they are also quite romantic because they demonstrate that you want him healthy and happy. Strengthen his heart and your bond with one of these great gifts, which will have you both feeling the love.

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