Get Her Fit with the Best Fitness Tracker: Give Your Mom a Fitbit Gift She’ll Use This Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day Gift - Best Fitness Tracker

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Have you figured out for you’re going to buy for the most important person in your life? There are all kinds of ideas out there for gifts to buy your mother this Mother’s Day. You could take her out to a special dinner, buy her flowers and a card- even get her chocolates and candy- right? Make her something that signifies how much you care? Or, you could get her the best fitness tracker for her Mother’s Day Gift a Fitbit this year- and give her the gift of fitness.

It’s hard getting the perfect gift, because you never know what she really wants and needs. Some people buy their moms cheesy sweaters, or fatty foods, while others stick to cash, gift cards and other types of gifts that are impersonal and fail to show her that you have her best interests at heart.

When you get your mom a gift for her fitness, you show her that you genuinely care – about her health, her happiness, and her personal goals. She might not tell you these things; but every woman wants to lose weight, feel great, and accomplish her dreams. Let her feel fabulous, fit into all of her old clothes, and become the woman of her dreams- all because of your forethought and spectacular tastes. That’s what you give her when you buy her one of the top activity trackers for Mother’s Day this year.

Here are some of our favorite choices this Mother’s Day:

Fitbit Charge (Best and Most Popular on Her Wish-List)

Help her get motivated with this technologically advanced and trendy fitness tracker! It’ll give her a cool display that shows all of her personalized goals- more accurately than most activity trackers out there. She can wear it all day and feel great about herself as she watches her numbers soar through stair climbing, walking and other normal activities.

✔ Works great in low light conditions while showing her her results on a brilliant LED display
✔ She’ll even discover how she’s sleeping, including when she’s restless or when she’s getting up
✔ The most comfortable Fitbit to date
✔ Complete with plenty of technology (dashboard, charts and graphs, visualized progress)
✔ Plenty of battery life, so she’s not constantly plugging it in and charging it up
✔ Fits any sized wrist, no matter what she’s doing
✔ Syncs with her Android & iPhone so she’ll never miss your calls!
✔ Keeps her connected with her phone, fitness, and goals, all at the touch of a button

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (Our favorite Fitbit Mother’s Day discount)

Put it in her pocket, put in her purse, clip it to her belt, even let her carry it around- this discreet and trendy Fitbit Zip is a great deal and probably the best fitness tracker Deal for Mother’s Day Gift, especially when you want to get her something revolutionary but don’t want to break the bank. What’s excellent about the Zip is that it’s completely functional for half the price- besides, some people don’t think the bands are all that comfortable, or provide them exactly what they’re looking for. They’re interested in portability, reliability and accessibility without having to sacrifice fashion by having a tracker on their wrist. With a button cell battery that doesn’t need to be charged to last for months this device is perfect for a mother who wants technology but doesn’t want it to control her lifestyle.

✔ Completely ready to go out of the box with powerful and accurate accelerometer
✔ Discreet as well as easy to wear, anywhere
✔ Has all the features of the more expensive Fitbit Charge
✔ See her progress on the screen and on her phone!
✔ Developed with a busy lifestyle in mind
Less than fifty bucks! ✔ Button cell battery works for months without ever having to be replaced

Fitbit Flex (Most Reviewed Ones – A Great Mother’s Day Fitbit Deal!)

Right between the Zip and the Charge is the Flex. A great choice for an entry level fitness device, the flex has the ease of accessibility of being attached to the wrist, as well as the ability to chart virtually everything- her steps, her calories, the distance she’s traveled, even the amount of minutes she’s been active. Your mom can even monitor her sleep, and wake up whenever she wants to without rousing dad! Plus, there’s a ton of options for whatever color she likes best!

✔ One of the best balances out there between battery life and wear
✔ Completely revolutionary personal dashboard that lets her be in charge of her fitness
✔ She’ll learn how to improve her sleep cycle and even eat better
✔ Completely track all of her favorite activies
Smaller and more comfortable than other models out there
✔ Lights up to show her personal goals in easy to understand fractions against her current goal
✔ Personal alarm so she can have her own set routine

Garmin Vivofit – Great Price with a Screen

If she’d love a button cell-fitness tracker, this device is great. It’s sleek and trendy with gold displays that show up in virtually no light situations. She’ll be able to wear it any where, and achieve any goal she’s been wanting to reach- whether it’s her calorie count for the day or how far she wants to go. Your mom will never take it off, because it lasts for over a year and has completely customizable colored bands so that she can wear it with practically anything. With many of the same features of the other Fitbits, with a twenty dollar discount, it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for the Best Fitness Tracker for Mother’s Day Gifts.

✔ Completely waterproof and built to last
✔ Helps her understand how her metabolism works
✔ Increases her sleeping patterns and helps her even out her goals
✔ Move bar will keep her active longer- because it tells her when she’s been inactive for over 15 minutes
✔ Battery lasts for over a year so she won’t have to mess with changing it out
✔ Great quality and build for less than most Fitbits

She Can Sync With All of Her Friends And Family, As Well as a Plethora of Other Healthy Benefits

  • Lowers heart rate, burns calories and helps her trim down
  • Completely connected to her phone and other devices so that she can challenge her friends
  • A TON of people these days use fitness devices so there’s a huge community for her to engage with
  • Excellent if she’s struggling to start, but wants to be fit
  • Perfect for a gift idea- discreet, stylish and trendy
  • Highly useful and compatible with a wide audience

Show Her You REALLY Care this Mother’s Day

Don’t settle for less, get your mom the best! Buy her the best Fitness Tracker for Mother’s Day this year and watch her eyes light up! Get her the gift of fitness and she’ll lose weight and love you for it. We guarantee it!

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