1. 1- Is the font size bigger on the surge vs charge hr? How much bigger and do you think this significant.
    2- is the display on the surge brighter / easier to see than on the charge hr ?

    • Yes, David. Surge font size is bigger but I can’t tell how significant it is. I’m not sure about if Surge screen is brighter. I’m happy with my Charge HR so far.

  2. You mentioned in the video that you had done a comparison of the Surge vs the Charge HR in terms of the accuracy of their heart rate monitoring. I can’t find the link to that in this article and I’m really interested because it doesn’t seem like the Charge HR matches very closely to my own measurements of heart rate. (I know about needing to move it further up the wrist when exercising.)

  3. I was given a Fitbit Charge HR for Fathers day to help me get my motivation back..
    I found it a very useful tool however as my weight has lowered I have tried my exercise bike and Rowing machine but they don’t register as activities even though I am doing strenuous activities..
    The Charge HR only seems to register steps and floors as activities. Do I have to update to the Surge but I don’t want to upset the family as they are impressed with my progress or is there a setting to measure these activities on the Surge HR..
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Barry, I am afraid that Charge HR doesn’t track those activities. Anyway, the heart rate is a good index telling you how exercise goes. Surge can’t help me either, unless you run or bike for miles.

      Keep it up! Very happy to hear your progress.

  4. Thank you so much for doing a video comparing the two fitbit products. I am currently trying to figure out which to buy, one for my 20 year old daughter and one for my 52 year old husband. Both have wanted one but I found it difficult to READ the differences. I think from your video, the Charge HR seems to be the one fit for both of them. Aside form the text app, which you an’t reply to anyway, the gps and the size difference, there really isn’t much difference and for 100 dollar difference ( 200 for two) it seems to make sense to get the Charge HR. My only question is, my husband has short arm syndrome…lol and I was wondering how small the display is? Would he need to put on his glasses to see the numbers on the HR?

    Anyway, thanks again for the video. I am not a techy person so having someone else test for me as very helpful.


    • Nina, thanks for dropping by. The text is not very small. Also one can use iPhone / Android to see those fitbit data too. Hope it helps.

      Make sure to grab the discount as it’s 11% off now. Black Friday / Cyber Monday may even have $30 off.

  5. Thanks so much for this review. Excellent job!

    I’m going to move from the Fenix 3 to one of the Fitbit bands looking for a heart rate integrated feature (and smaller size – You can image what its like to wear a Garmine Fenix 3 on a daily basis)

    Most of my activities are cycling + swimming + Fitness so I was wondering if ‘Charge HR’ has activity tracking to set up through the Mobile app or it just records heart beat?

    Thanks for your recommendations!

  6. I just need one answer in order to decide which one to buy.
    I actually don’t care for the GPS, notification and music features.
    I’m a weight lefter and cross fit player, will the surge be able to track and identify these sports with (Multi-Sports) feature?

    Also, I don’t understand what’s the benefits of the new feature in the surge called “Continuous heart rate”

    Best Regards

    • Probably that multi-sport doesn’t track those weight lifting activities. Continue Heart Rate means it monitors your heart rate on-going and shows the data in graph.

  7. Great review thank you. Getting a fitbit for my mom. She has the Nike Fuel but wants more. Specifically she say the Nike doesn’t track steps and other activities such as running on a treadmill or climbing stairs. In terms of tracking on treadmill or similar, does the Charge HR and Surge function the same way? I’m with you in that the text and gps features are not worth the price and extra bulk…but I’m not clear on exactly what the Surge”s multi-sport feature means and if that solves the features she’s looking for versus what the Charge HR can do.

    • Jay, the new Fitbit app does detect if you are doing Elliptical or running. Surge does support multiple sport mode that Charge HR doesn’t.

  8. Thanks for the fine review! I was wondering about the time for showing HR, I read that the Charge hr only shows HR for a short amount of time before going back to the clock (like seconds), how’s the Surge handling this?

    • They are pretty closed as calories burned based on your weight and no of steps or movement you have on them.

  9. My daughter just sent me a link regarding the fitbit blaze. I was considering it’s purchase as an upgrade to the Charge HR to which I own now. After seeing your review. I think I will just hang on to the HR for now. Thank you for your service in comparisons. I appreciate it so much!

    • Liz, very welcome. I love my Charge HR, it’s light, has heart-rate monitor, and all I need. I wish it’s more water-proof. (I don’t need GPS as it tracks with my phone too as Blaze.)

  10. Hi, thank you so much for your review and comparison! So helpful!

    I do have one question, though. Do either of these have a specific setting for roller skating? I know the GPS will be better at telling me if my speed improves, but I can’t be sure that either will give a good representation of calories burned while skating at Roller Derby practice.

    Thanks again for the great reviews!

    • Jordyn, that’s a very good question. I can’t tell how accurate the Calories burned measured with roller skating. It should track your miles with GPS.


    • Yes, it shows like 18′ 40″/mi eg. It took 18 minutes and 40 seconds to walk a mile in my case. I don’t think you can “set a reminder”.

      You may look up Garmin GPS watches that can do more for those kind of tracking and monitoring especially for running.

  12. Between the two, Surge & Charge 2, which one is the most accurate for counting calories burned? Which one detects the additional calories used while walking up a hill (slight or steep)? In other words, is there one of these 2 that can tell the additional calories burned when walking up a hill as well as decipher the additional calories it takes to walk up a steep hill versus a slight hill? Hope, that makes sense!

    • Hi Cindy,

      The overall calorie count should be similar between the two trackers. Both will detect elevation change so they should count the extra calories burned by stairs, steep hills, and so forth. Basically, I think you’ll get the same from either of these devices, so you might have to base your decision on a different feature! 🙂
      Hope that helps.

      I’d love to hear from other Fitbit users who have additional input on this!

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