Latest Fitbit Rumors and News 2016: What’s New & What’s True

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Fitbit is a leader and innovator in the world of wearable technology, which is why their products are always in such high demand.  Unfortunately, this also means that they are always at the center of the latest rumors. Their commitment to perfection and excellence not only sets them apart from the competition, it also keeps them in the spotlight and makes them the talk of the town.

Right now they are making major headlines thanks to three of their biggest sellers: the Blaze, Charge 2, and Alta, as well as with some of their new partnerships. From the “too crazy to be true” whispers to the “crazy but true” ones we have all the latest Fitbit rumors to share with you, so you know what’s new and what’s true in the world of Fitbit.

Fitbit Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Deal Rumors

12/8: It’s no longer a rumor. Fitbit Charge 2 is running a Special Holiday Sale for $40 off (That is the Most Gifted Fitbit 2016):

Latest New Fitbit Products 2016

8/29/16: Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 are not rumors anymore. Fitbit just announced them today.

Fitbit Charge 2 Line Up Family

The latest Fitbit Charge 2 is a real beauty, with a larger screen for easier stat views, interchangeable bands and some smartwatch features. What’s really great though, is that it will have PurePulse heart technology, something the original Charge doesn’t, and is equipped for multi-sport tracking. It’s the perfect replacement for Fitbit Charge HR in 2016.

Order this beautiful Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband Here.

All New Fitbit 2016 are Here and compared:

  • Display Size
  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Clock
  • Sleep quality & silent alarm
  • Floors climbed
  • Caller ID
  • SMS / Text Message
  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • Music Control & Notifications
  • GPS Tracking
  • Battery
  • Multiple Sports
  • Water-Proof
  • Price
  • 1.25"
  • ✔ (with phone)
  • 5 Days
  • Water Resistance Only
  • $$$$
  • 1.00"
  • ✔ (with phone)
  • 5 Days
  • Water Resistance Only
  • $$$
  • 1.4"
  • 4 Days
  • Water Resistance Only
  • $$
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 5 Days
  • $
Fitbit Flex 2 Round Up

The Fitbit Flex 2, while simpler in design, has one major selling feature: it is swim proof! This will be Fitbit’s first device you can actually swim with, which is sure to make it an instant hit and give other similar devices a run for their money.

The Flex 2, like the original, tracks all day activities and uses LED lights to indicate when you hit a goal or other daily stats. Slim and stylish, the water-proof addition takes it to another level.

Personally, I think just Water-proof is THE killing feature. I wish Charge 2 had it with Heart Rate Monitor too. Thoughts?

Until then, I still enjoy doing exercises with my Blaze these days.

3/1/2016: CES 2016 announces the Fitbit Blaze. It’s already shipping and happy customers gave it 4.5+ stars.

CES 2016 just announced Fitbit Blaze

Check out our Detailed Blaze Review Here.


Fitbit Blaze 2016 Line Up


Fitbit Outdated Rumors – They become Reality

Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 Rumors

Aug 2016: While no release date has been set, there are pictures and specs of both- and they are quite impressive. You can check out some pics, courtesy of TechnoBuffalo.

April 2016: There are rumors that the upcoming Fitbits are called Flex 2 and Charge 2. I’m not surprised that upgraded versions are being worked on. (This is not official until Fitbit announces them and they are on sale. )

Sign up for the latest Fitbit announcements here, and you’ll get them when we do:

2/3/2016: Surprisingly, Fitbit Alta, with the Fashion-Forward Fitness Wristband, was announced softly. I’d call it a fashion Charge model replacement.

Read our Alta in-depth review here.

The band is replaceable and you can have soft satin finish, or stainless steel one. They look as great as Jawbone UP in my opinion.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband

Fitness Trackers are no longer boring; they can be cool, stylish, and fashionable all day long.

Although it doesn’t have a Heart-rate monitor, it has a beautiful OLED screen and delivers sms, call, and calendar notifications connected to your smart-phone. You can Order Here today!

It’s sleek and has basic features that we all need. It gonna be the HOT and most-wished gift for 2016!

Fitbit (FIT) Stock News

11/02: Why Fitbit $FIT Stock Just Plummeted 30% in 10 Minutes.

“In the future, Fitbit needs to get smarter about new product introductions, Park said. ”


Fitbit Announced News 2016

5/18: Fitbit announced Acquiring Coin, a startup specialized in financial technology and electronics. While, “there are no plans to integrate Coin’s wearable payments technology into the 2016 Fitbit product roadmap”, I believe it’s possible with future 2017 Fitbits.

It would be very cool to be able to pay for purchases with a Fitbit like you can with other Smart Watches or phones. Is that a selling feature for you?

Upcoming Fitbit New Models

It has been on many fans’ dream lists. Some are fulfilled on the latest models:

    • People love the Color Screen and more Apps. Would you purchase a Fitbit Watch like Apple’s? (We got this in Blaze!)
    • More Fashion. Could it look cooler and prettier like a piece of jewelry? (Blaze and Alta fit the bill)
  • #1 Request of our fans: Water-proof. Yes, we need one for swimming and water sports! (We got Flex 2 in 2016 Finally!)
  • More Health Sensors. Maybe Blood Pressure Monitoring?
  • Better Battery:  1-2 weeks at least would be amazing.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your comments below.


11/5/2015 Ken: Fitbit plans to sell millions of gadgets this Q4 2015. So far, no new models (e.g new Charge or Surge) have been announced like Oct 2014. I’d say they are set ready to promote Charge HR & Surge hard for this Christmas Shopping Season 2015.

The Fitbit Rumors Blaze and Alta 2016 Paving The Way For Fitness Trackers

Both are top sellers on Amazon, which offers some great deals and discounts that make them not just desirable, but quite affordable too. Here’s why these two devices stand out and compare and are considered must have’s:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (Best Seller 2016)

This new star was announced in CES 2016. It was the high-light in the show:

PurePulse Heart Rate: It tracks your heart-rate if you are exercising hard enough. It’s a critical feature for those into fitness.

• Enhanced Idle Alert: Fitbit added an enhanced idle alert to the Blaze, which is a big improvement on the old system. With the improved alert The Blaze quietly alerts you every hour until you move- and will keep buzzing until you walk at least 250 steps.

This is the ultimate motivator and is great way to encourage you and help you get moving .

• Smart Notifications Upgrade: Now, you can silence smart notifications, so you can work out without interruption when you want to and be notified of incoming calls or texts when you don’t.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker (Fashion and Fitness All-in-One 2016)

fitbit alta fitness wristband

Move Alert: You’ll never get lazy wearing the Alta because it will remind you to get up and move if you’re sitting too long. I find this to be an important feature, especially if you sit at a desk most of the day or are just starting to exercise because it gets you in a rhythm and makes fitness a part of your daily routine.

Smart Alerts: Get call, text and calendar notifications right on your device, so you don’t need to pull out your phone to know who’s trying to reach you while you’re working up a sweat.

• Long Battery Life: The Alta can go up to 5 days on a single charge, so you can wear it round the clock without having to constantly take it off and charge it.

Earlier this year at CES 2015 the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Surge were the center of attention. Thanks to high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology these two wearables were considered the best of the show.

Fitbit Charge HR (Our Seller 2015)

The Charge HR is one of Amazon’s hottest seller for several reasons:

Heart rate monitoring for 24/7 tracking of your activities. The Heart rate monitor allows for accurate statistics and helps you streamline your activities.
Innovative, comfortable design that makes it easy to wear. The band is light and has a watch-style closure so it is secure at all times. The face shows time and stats too, so you just have to look down to see how you’re doing. Plus, there are several stylish colors, so it’s not just functional, but stylish too.
• A quality app that let you see all your statistics on one page. The app is simple to use and shows all your important information, like heart rate, calories, sleep and more. It also lets you log your food choices for the day and scan foods to find out things such as calories.

Fitbit Surge (Best GPS Watch 2015)

The Surge is one of the must have devices of the year thanks to the latest technological advances that make it closer to a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. Amazon users gave it five stars for several reasons:

GPS and heart rate capabilities that let you get the most realistic depiction of steps taken and quality of sleep. this means you get a clearer picture of your overall health and how good your exercise routine is working. It also means you can map out areas to run or hike and it can display a map of where you ran as well.
Touchscreen lets you scroll through stats easily and quickly. Like a smartphone the touchscreen lets you swipe past information, so you can see all your stats when you want or need to.
• The device can detect when you’re asleep without telling it and can give accurate food calorie counts thanks to an advanced app.

Not True (unfortunately)

The Fitbit Tap: There was a picture floating around on Instagram of this “soon to be released” device that unfortunately is not true at this time. While this picture turned out to be a joke for April Fools, the design was sleek, polished and looked kinda cool, so who knows, maybe it will go from false to true in the near future.

Ready to tap into something extraordinary? Check out our big news on the Fitbit blog.

A photo posted by fitbit (@fitbit) on

Fitbit & Strava: The Perfect Marriage

Among the latest rumors that have proven true is the announcement that Fitbit & Strava have partnered up to give users true crossover capabilities that will enhance their overall experience. Users can now link their Fitbit and Strava accounts, so they can see all their stats and maximize their workout potential. Having Strava & Fitbit in sync means there are also more tools at your fingertips to analyze your statistics too.

This partnership will also let users have more integration with Facebook. This means you can compare information with friends, compete to keep motivated and gauge your progress. It gives you global access to experts and others who are trying to live healthy, so you can pick up tips, ideas and recipes you otherwise wouldn’t have access to, so you can use your device to it’s true potential.

Check out Fitbit Special Deals at Best Buy on Nov 26-28th Black Friday 2015:

Best Buy Fitbit Black Friday Deal

Fitbit 2016 Wishlist

Fitbit users are always raving about their devices and how easy they make it for you to live healthy, but there is only room for improvement. Among the things users have on their wish-list for Fitbit in 2015 is:
• The ability to customize the device’s reset time on certain models.
• The ability to set your goals through the app according to the day of the week. Due to work schedules some days have more or less hours to dedicate so being able to customize each day accordingly would be a big plus.
• For me, maybe different stylist gadget all sync up, so I can wear different color ones for different need on daily basis.
• It’s smart knows where I am, and give me smart advice such as I’m at work. Ask me to walk & fill up my water bottle more.

Jan 2016: Fitbit News

Right now the latest update in regards to the lawsuit, which claims the heart monitor is not accurate, is that it is going forward. How successful the lawsuit will be remains to be seen, as there are several factors to be considered, including whether or not the consumers in question properly wore and used the devices.

With many experts coming forward to attest to the monitor’s accuracy, there is growing doubt in regards to these claims and a good chance nothing will come of it. Time will tell. Check out the Public Filing Here.

The Latest Fitbit Rumors 2015

With all the rumors that are circulating it can be hard to know what is real and what is just wishful thinking, so we sorted it all out for you. Here’s what’s true and what’s not:

True: HTC Chief Designer is on Board

HTC chief designer Jonah Becker has joined the Fitbit team: Besides the partnership between Strava & Fitbit the other big news is that Becker will be the new vice president of industrial design ( What does this mean for Fitbit and it’s users? It means that there is the potential for daring new design and product capabilities.

Fitbit created this position just for Becker, who is known for his eye-catching and stylish design work, so you know the company is looking to grow and expand with him. Users should expect to see some new devices that are truly dazzling and maybe even some fashion upgrades to existing models.

Fitbit is Already IPO

Fitbit Inc. is already public: Yes,  Fitbit stock is going strong; check out the latest FIT stock news here. the company will be making stock in the company available to the public in the near future. The rumor has been confirmed, though there is no word on how much stock will cost. Still, the idea of owning apiece of this lucrative company sounds quite appealing and we will be watching closely to see how it goes.

As you can see there is a lot happening in the world of Fitbit, which is why the Fitbit rumor mill is always circulating. From the hiring to Becker to the integration with Strava there is a lot to be excited about. While not everything you hear is true, there are enough exciting new developments that are sure to take the company and it’s users to the next level.


What’s your Fitbit Wish-list? Leave us feedbacks in the Below Comment Sessions.


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          • Nathan says

            I’m holding off ordering a Blaze. I have a Charge HR. I wanted the Surge for ages but I think I’ll wait just a little longer as surely they’re about to release something new now?!

            A blaze style watch with GPS and a small spotify cache would be great. I hate taking my phone out with me.

          • Ken L. says

            I know what you mean. Hope they have an upgrade of Surge this year with fashion looking as Alta and Blaze.

    • Frans Lee says

      I am fitbit surge fan, and still waiting when is the new surge will be released. Meanwhile, other competitor is announcing a lot of new model…

  1. Pc says

    They need to improve the material they use for the fitbit charge hr as it scratches way too easily. Also the join between the screen and the strap is quite rough.

  2. Aaron Lybbert says

    I am really really hoping for a water proof surge. Even if the device does not track swimming like I would love for it to do, it would be great just to be able to start the timer when I enter the pool/lake for a triathlon race. I love FitBit but am very interested in a swim-bike-run smart watch. Within the Surge price range the Garmin Vivoactive is a great tri solution but I really like the step counting of the FitBit and ability to have competitions with family and friends. Come on FitBit, I really really don’t want to have have to jump ship..

  3. Tim says

    I agree with Ken that a “get up and move” reminder would be great for us desk-bound people.
    Also would be interested to see what the BLOCKS team come up with #chooseblocks on Kickstarter

  4. Harvey says

    Im holding out for a water resistant version of the HR. I like to bike and get caught in the rain very often and would hate to destroy this from biking. So come on fitbit 2016

  5. Jason says

    I’d love to pick one up but if it can’t be used in a pool or steam/store music, then I don’t need it, I think 2016 will be the year that other wearable’s encompass biking/swimming/running with GPS/ HR monitor/ Wifi, Music capabilities and blue tooth for wireless headsets, eliminating the need for phones on workouts.

  6. Christina says

    I currently have charge hr. I really want a fitness tracker with calendar notifications. I would even be happy if i could set an alarm with a discription that would show on the watch screen. i bet the could incorporate that in an software update.

  7. juanita says

    I currently own the Surge. It looks like a mans watch and that is the only thing I don’t like about it. Now if we can get a more updated surge that is more stylish for women and has apps and can make phone calls something like the galaxy watch, it would sell big I am sure. I originally went for the Samsung watch because of the style and phone call capability but it didn’t work with Fitbit which is a must have for me.

    • Ken L. says

      Juanita, I can’t agree more. Fitbit has to design next model as a jewelry like Jawbone. Who said you can’t have fitness and fashion together? :)

  8. Ivan says

    Thank you for the great piece! :)
    I love Fitbit. The only thing is that it should be possible to have call and text notifications on Windows phones as well. There is a Windows phone app, but this function doesn’t work. They haven’t had an update for the Windows phone app since August (and before that they had updates every month), so it’s about time to have a new update, with a feature for call and text notifications, in the same way the other apps have it :)

  9. Kerry says

    I do aqua aerobics as my fitness sport so I’m holilding out for a waterproof fitbit with HR.. A good name for it could be Fitbit Aqua HR.

  10. April Chaney says

    I’ve been using a fitbit zip for almost 2 years, I want to upgrade to something to possibly wear on my wrist. My partner got me a Pebble time but I love the fitbit dashboard. I finally decided I’d like to get the flex but I’d like to see it count stairs climbed as well as all the other things. Hopefully that will be a 2016 update, along with a better clasp for the flex. :)

    • Ken L. says

      April, the new Fitbit is a much more advanced one. I believe Fitbit Charge is your best bid if you don’t need heart rate monitor. :)

      • Jon says

        Fitbit making any more announcements besides the blaze. I love it minus the not having built in gps.

        I have the surge and want to upgrade. Not downgrade.

        I would assume they’d update there whole line..


  11. Jennifer says

    Yes waterproof is a must! Swimming is a workout/sport too.
    Customers are looking for an all in device that you literally never have to take off, except for while charging of course.

    • Ken L. says

      Jennifer, exactly! I was thinking if they can come up with a water-proof one this year, gonna be the blockbuster!

    • Corey says

      Yes I hope they come out with one too. I am looking to upgrade mine, but I want to wait if I know an all around tracker, with everything the surge has but also waterproof, is coming out.

  12. Rafael says

    How about some love for the cyclist and add ANT+ sensor for HR broadcast capabilities. All cyclists sensors (HR, Speed, Cadence) send their data to the bike computer, and they typically all do this via ANT+. I really like what I see in the Charge HR, feature rich enough to provide essential information I require but not rich. For example read text message when I am riding, so it is nice that I don’t have to pay too much for features that I can’t use while I am riding.. However, without the ANT+ broadcast of the HR I have no need. I sincerely plead with Fitbit, Please add ANT+ to you future lineup.

  13. dk says

    All I want is a Charge HR that is slimmer with better battery life. I’m not too interested in items like the surge or blaze. I’d buy a 2.0 Charge HR on day one.

    • Ken L. says

      dk, interesting idea to me. I wish Charge HR can last at least a week of battery. The size is decent to me.. Light and cool. :)

    • Ken L. says

      Ovoabi, good question. Probably wait and see if they look great and you like them better. Charge HR is in good price like $130 with Heart-Rate Monitor, but you can’t have on Alta.

      Blaze is $200 but comes with almost everything people need except GPS and Water-proof.

  14. sheila says

    I would like to see a sleek and stylish fit bit with the heart rate monitor. They are not just for the gym. I wear my activity tracker all the time and I feel as though the fit bit hr is too masculine or sporty to wear to work so I purchased from another company. Plus a big deal breaker for me was it not being water proof. I would buy one tomorrow if they made it water proof and a little more stylish with HR.

  15. Liz says

    First, I love my Fitbit and have been a fan since my flex and now charge HR.

    I’m curious if there are any plans on creating a monitor to track leg movement? For instance I see people at the gym holding on to the stationary part of an elliptical. They are working hard and stepping along but nothing gets recorded. Same issue if you were on a stationary bicycle. Thanks!

    • Ken L. says

      Liz, very good question. I believe we can wear these on a leg too. It would be a nice idea to have another leg movement tracker to sync with our fitbit.

  16. Jeff Collison says

    Fitbit devices were originally down for being small, sleek and fashionable. Your are straying into the Bold, Gaudy, Bulky arena.

    Products need to be WATER PROOF, not water resistant. (The competitors have already done so)

    I wish you had the abilities of the Charge HR in something as sleek as the Fitbit Flex.
    Colors are also a must. Too much Black
    It would also be nice to be able to change band colors.

    • Ken L. says

      Jeff, thanks for all these input. We hear you and agree that Fitbit needs to have ONE with all features we long for.

  17. Stef says

    Is there any news at to weather a update for heart rate alerts for the charge will be implemented for achieving goals without having to tap the device

  18. Jan says

    I like the look of the blaze as not keen on wearing something that looks like a plastic band and would buy it tomorrow if had a built in gps as do not like having to carry the mobile while exercising. Even the Apple Watch is the same so if Fitbit added that it would be perfect. Anyone heard this might happen in the near future

    • Ken L. says

      Jan, if you don’t need to track your running route, Blaze is enough. They may have an another new model upcoming in a few months. Will report here when it’s announced.

  19. Mille Rostock says

    I for once forgot to take off my fitbit when going for at short swim and it’s not working anymore, I only had it for 6 months. I really loved it and I have differently approved my activity level after wearing the device. I just don’t want to purchase another one if it’s not waterproof in case it happens again. I also go swimming quite often and would love to track my activity.

  20. Kristine says

    I have MS and need to hold on to the railings when on a treadmill. Unfortunately, my steps do not count. It is very frustrating to walk for 30-45 minutes and have only 250 steps counted.

    Also, when shopping for a new tracker, a store employee shared that there will be an AltaHR coming out and that the Charge will be phased out, but didn’t know when. I do not want to invest in a new tracker if a new version of the Alta will be introduced.

    • Ken L. says

      Kristine, Alta is out, but not sure if there will be any Alta HR as Charge HR is doing great with the price tag.

  21. Ian says

    They develop worthwhile devices, but always fail to add any level of waterproofing. It doesn’t need to be a diving watch, but to be able to shower and swim in shallow water is a must these days. Their competitors do it, so why can’t they? The Blaze is great apart from poor notifications (no email) and lack of water proofing. Enough customers complain, but they don’t seem to listen :-(

  22. Cindy says

    Waterproof waterproof WATERPROOF And text messaging. I love love my charge HR and after buying my young son one for his birthday because it is all the rage I forgot to take mine off an jumped in the pool. Grrrr. I loved it and really miss it but honestly rethinking it just because the waterproof. Yes the flex is but I need all the other features as well. PLEASE PLEASE come out with a small style like the HR or Alta that is waterproof.

    • Ken L. says

      Waterproof is a must-have especially for swimmers and water-sport lovers like myself. Each time, I can’t go on water with my Charge HR and Blaze which is a drawback.

  23. Samita Pandey says

    Fitbit needs to upgrade the fitbit blaze… the look is awesome. Just needs to be waterproof with GPS.. the reason we have fitness tracking watches is so we don’t have to take our phones with us.

    Please fitbit upgrade the blaze. Don’t change the look just upgrade it a bit.

    • Ken L. says

      Samita, that’s a great input. I hope they have an even better upcoming one to replace Surge. It looks outdated.

  24. Michael Allocca says

    I I love my Fitbit Charge HR and the new dashboard but have one major complaint. I cannot read the display in sunlight.
    I would also like to see Fitbit introduce a smaller version of the Blaze model. The current model is too large and would be difficult to sleep with.
    What are your plans for the introductionfuture models?

    • Ken L. says

      Hey Michael, I agree. I prefer a smaller fitbit to sleep with. Hope a new one is coming next half of year.

  25. RITA says

    Please make a waterproof Fitbit. I can only do water exercises and I would like to track it. Please please please make a waterproof model. I know it will sell well.

  26. Christy says

    I would like a smaller Fitbit that has GPS. The Surge is too large and clunky and the Blaze just has “connected gps”. I want to be able to get my mile time without having to run with my phone. Also waterproof would be great!

    • Ken L. says

      Hi Christy, I agree that Surge is too clunky. I am very happy with Blaze size and wish it had built-in GPS and waterproof. It would be the HOT cake sale and the BEST best out there.

  27. Gary says

    I really like what I can see of the Fitbit Charge 2, I broke my Fitbit Charge HR (which I loved) a few months ago and I’ve been waiting for the new releases before making a replacement choice. I have a desk job and The Reminders to Move feature is something I’ve been holding out for in my next activity tracker, so I’m delighted its in the new Charge 2 device. I’m also looking for a tracker that can assist HIIT style training so I’m also delighted to see the new Interval workout mode. I’m excited and definitely putting one on my shopping list.

  28. Bing says

    What about the enhanced movement feature or reminders to move. Will they be adding that to existing blaze models in firmware or some other way. I just purchased a blaze and it doesn’t have those ability like the Alta.

  29. Matthew says

    I have the Flex 2 and absolutely love it primarily because it’s waterproof since I hate taking it off my wrist before swimming or showering. I also own several high end watches and don’t need a tracker that looks like a watch. And or course in my personal opinion the Fitbit app is super easy to understand for a moderately active person like myself so I kind of hold Fitbit app to a higher level compared to other products. And with the FitStar app I have a virtual workout buddy. Recently howeverI have been rather wishy washy about trackers lately. One moment I want one that has a screen on my wrist to view steps taken, distance and so forth, or a GPS running watch but the more I’m honest with myself I don’t run except once a year for my military PT test. So these notifications on a screen, albeit pretty cool, I really don’t need them since I have my see them. on. But that gentle buzz does get my attention to look at my phone or get motivated. Honestly for a low level techie like myself the LED lights and vibrations works just fine for me and a lot of times I feel the vibration on my wrist and not my phone when it’s in my pocket. I bought and returned two Garmin GPS watches these were for setting my training programs but ultimately they were to gadgety and kind of a pain to set up plus are in no where in the same ballpark as my watches. I tried a Misfit Shine 2 which looked awesome, battery like was incredible but app was a bit complicated to me. I really wish the Flex 2 had the design of the Shine 2 then I would be completely satisfied. Waterproof Fitbit that looked sleek like the Misfit but with the ease of the Fitbit app. Maybe someday. Overall I am super happy with the Flex 2, basic but once I truly figure out how to utilize the app to get motivated I think i’ll be even more satisfied.

    • Ken L. says

      Matthew, thanks for your kind feedback. I’m glad that you are super happy with your Flex 2. Enjoy more steps and Fit!

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