Fitbit Last Minute Gift Ideas and Deals: Make Everyone Merry With A Fitbit

If you still have some Christmas shopping to do, or want to start the New Year off healthy and happy then Fitbit’s last minute deals are just what you need. Fitbit devices are among the most popular items this holiday season, so you’re sure to be a hit with whoever you buy one for. Each model has something different to offer, but they all have one thing in common: they help you look and feel your best by motivating and challenging you.

Fitbit Gift Ideas and Last Minute Deals

There is a Fitbit for everyone, you just have to know what to look for- which is where we come in. Our guide on all things Fitbit will help you understand everything these devices have to offer, as well as offer you a breakdown of the best models to choose from.

Fitbit Makes The Perfect Gift

Why are Fitbit’s devices a great buy for Christmas and New Year’s? Because they offer users a sleek, fun device that helps them stay-in-shape- which is a must during the holidays. Between all those tasty treats and the cold weather, it’s easy to pack on the pounds but not with a Fitbit.

Fitbit’s keep fitness at the front of your mind and make exercise easy and convenient. With built-in apps and alerts to keep moving, you’re guaranteed to stay fit. Plus, they are great for helping you, and your loved ones, stick to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. No more empty promises with a Fitbit on your wrist- just results!

Fitbit Last Minute Gift Ideas – Show you loved Ones

Now that you see what Fitbit’s are all about, it’s time to look at their top models to see which one makes the perfect stocking stuffer:

Fitbit Charge Last Min Deal (Save $30 Today) (Our Best Seller Deal)

The Charge is a nice alternative to the HR, and sports an easy on the wallet price tag of under $100. It has most of the same features as the HR, the main difference being it doesn’t have heart-rate monitoring and only comes in 2 colors instead of 4. Yet even without those features, it is still a solid choice for teens or those just starting out.

The fitted band is pliable yet durable, so it is comfortable to wear and the OLED screen keeps you in-touch no matter where you are. It also has idle alert to let you know when you’ve been sitting to long and sleep monitoring to make sure your muscles are getting enough rest. A nice choice for anyone looking for Fitbit last minute gift ideas.

Fitbit Charge HR (On most wish-list)

=== 12/21/2015 Update: Large Plum is still $40 off today! ===

When it comes to Fitbit gift ideas for Christmas, the Charge HR is a great choice in terms of features and price. One of the brand’s top models, it is a steal at under $150 and is good for anyone who want to get the most from their workout. Made of a flexible polymer that comes in 4 colors, it is versatile and can be worn in any setting- around the clock.

It has a sharp OLED display to show all your stats, as well as alert you to incoming calls and texts, a nice bonus for parents and businessmen. What’s most impressive though, is the 24/4 heart-rate monitoring, which makes stats more precise and gives you a better analysis of your overall health. Combines with the sleep monitoring feature, it makes the Charge HR a perfect fit for anyone serious about losing weight.

Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband Last-Minute Sale (Still $20 off for now)

Affordable and easy to use, the Fitbit Flex is great for those looking to get in-shape without all the distractions and extras of the other models. The Flex tracks calories and sleep patterns, to guide you towards a better exercise regimen and help make living healthy easy. It is also sleek and discreet, with a slim band and LED light display that tells you, and only you, how well you’re doing.

The LED lights light up each time you reach a goal, so you can wear it with no one around you knowing what your numbers are. The band is strong and can be worn continuously, so you can track all day long without worry. It also comes in 8 colors, so it’s cool for college kids or those who are into fashion. Best of all, it has a price tag under $80, giving you what you need at an incredible price.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch – Best GPS Watch of 2015! ($50 off this Christmas)

When it comes to Fitbit Last-Min Deals the Surge is great for anyone serious about fitness. With a price of just under $250 it has everything you need to take your workouts to another level thanks to GPS monitoring. The GPS feature, combines with heart-rate monitoring lets you customize your routines to get the most out of every one. GPS also lets you run new routes and hike new trails without fear of getting lost, so you can explore and expand your routine.

You can run farther and do more, expanding the sports and routines you perform. Sporting a sturdy, flexible band and a crystal clear display to show your numbers and call notifications, it puts everything you need right at your fingertips. It even has buttons to let you control your music on your phone, so you can work out and rock out. A combination of technology and health monitoring, the Surge is a must for gym teachers, trainers and professional athletes.

The Benefits of a Fitbit

There are so many advantages to owning a Fitibt, from improved confidence to a healthier body. Let’s look at the advantages of owning one:

Manage Your Weight: owning a Fitbit means you will stay focused on your weight loss goals. It can help you not just track calories and steps, but keep you aware of what you eat. Through gentle reminders it will help you move more, so losing weight, or keeping the weight off, is easier than ever.

Improve Your Routine: many of these devices have heart-rate monitors, to help you track how hard your exercising is. This allows you to streamline your routine and work out in a more effective way.

Make Fitness Fun: when you use any of the Fitbit line of devices, you can connect with family, friends and others like you, to share tips and encourage each other. It makes goals easier to reach and makes you closer to your loved ones.

Improves Your Health: the more active you are the healthier you are. It improves, circulation, flushes toxins from your body and increases muscle strength, so you’re stronger and more agile.

Fitbit Last Minute Gift Deals make finding a gift simple and guarantees to make everyone you buy for happy. Fitbit’s devices are fun, modern and actually work. They help you get on track to get in-shape and keep you there. With all their features, including fun apps to connect with friends and the latest technologies, it makes buying one a must, for yourself and your friends.

If you want to be a hit with your loved ones, then a Fitbit is the best gift you can buy. Users rave at how easy they are to use and how they get you results. Fitbits make it easy to end the year, and ring in the new one, healthier and stringer than ever before. So give a gift that gives back and grab a Fitbit, it will make everyone merry.

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