(Fitbit Labor Day Sales) and Deals 2016: Enjoy Long Weekend with New Fitness

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Fitbit Labor Day Sale and Deals

Labor Day Weekend sales and discounts on Fitbit is upon us! Don’t miss out on the chance to get your Fitbit fitness tracker. The Fitbit wristbands are made of a pliable rubber material that’s comfortable to wear all the time, every day, for the purpose of tracking your daily activities.

Those daily activities may include your normal everyday lifestyle or high performance fitness training. Whatever your preferences are, there is a Fitbit model to suit your needs.

Fitbit tracks all times of your day and night. They track your activity, exercise, food intake, weight and sleep length and quality. These wristbands monitor your fitness, and therefore, motivate you to achieve your goal of higher fitness.

Why Fitbits Benefit You

The Fitbits were designed to help you attain and maintain your fitness goals. The Fitbit interfaces with your phones, syncing your health information the Fitbit has gathered using Bluetooth or a sync dongle (PC/Mac) .

The information is uploaded wirelessly automatically on your phones or computers and put into your dashboard – all your health data in one place. How awesome is it?

Fitbit Labor Day Sales and Discounts

They are all on sale this weekend. Which one fits you better, you know?

(8/1/2016 : Price has been updated and may change. It varies with different color and size; please confirm when placing orders.)

Fitbit Charge HR with Heart Rate Monitor – Best Deal I have seen in 2106

Fitbit is among the leader in the health and fitness tracker industry. It has a streamlined interface and also is easy to make use of, so it’s excellent even for everyone that isn’t that tech savvy. It is created to be worn on the wrist, with an OLED screen that shows the time and all vital statistics, so mom simply has to overlook to see her numbers for the day. It is made of a flexible polymer, so it will not irritate your wrist as well as will match comfortably and easily to one’s wrist for constant wear.

The caller ID is a great add-on and I find it helpful and handy when someone calls in. This model is also equipped with PurePulse, a continuous heart rate monitor – which is a must-have feature for those serious in their Heart Health.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (OUR Best Seller 2016)

See why customers rank it for 4-star plus.

One of Fitbit’s newest offerings, this device is jammed with features that make it more of a smartwatch than a tracker. And at just under $200, you’ll appreciate how easy it is on your wallet.

Combining fashionable and function, it has an octagon shaped touchscreen face and interchangeable bands that take it from work to play. The bands come in different materials and colors, including leather, sport and stainless-steel, so it fits any style.

The true beauty of this device though, lies in what it does. In addition to PurePulse technology for 24/7 heart rate monitoring, it has FitStar and Smart Track to help elevate and enhance routines.

Finally, the Blaze has a colored touchscreen for easy operation and is equipped with Smart notifications (sms, calendars, social media) and GPS (when connected via Bluetooth), so it can be used in any setting.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker(New Fashion 2016)

Fitbit Alta Classic Tracker

Stylish and affordable, the Alta gives you value for your money. With its sleek, fashion-forward design it is ideal for work environments and young adults looking to make a statement.

The Alta has interchangeable bands that come in sport, leather and steel. It is slim and looks more like a bracelet than a watch, with an OLED screen that is also long and thin, giving it a polished, upscale feel.

The Alta has Smart Track, so users not only look good while exercising, but they can keep track of all their stats and improve their work outs where needed. Plus, there is 24-hour tracking and sleep monitoring, along with text notifications, making this a complete package.

  • Display Size
  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Clock
  • Sleep quality & silent alarm
  • Floors climbed
  • Caller ID
  • SMS / Text Message
  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • Music Control & Notifications
  • GPS Tracking
  • Battery
  • Price
  • 0.5"
  • 5 Days
  • $$$
  • 0.5"
  • 5 Days
  • $$
  • N/A
  • 5 Days
  • $

Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband – Right Below $80

This is a slim wristband made of a pliable rubber material that is designed to be comfortable enough to be worn all the time, to monitor your everyday activity and fitness. This unit includes 2 wristband sizes, small and large. This model tracks the amount of steps you take, the caloric intake and the distance you cover on a daily basis.

It also tracks the amount of sleep you have and the quality of sleep you have every night. It comes equipped with a silent alarm to wake you from sleep.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker Under $100

Fitbit Charge Slate

Among the bestsellers in the Fitbit line, this provides you the very best of both globes: style and also feature all in one fantastic bundle. The Charge has an outstanding OLED screen to show your statistics right on your wrist, for ease and also convenience. It is likewise sturdy, water-proof and has a vibrant alert to advise you when you have been inactive for a while (like a private trainer on your wrist).

Check out this Attractive Discount this Long Labor Day weekend.

If that had not been enough it likewise has Smart notices, so you can be informed when you get a call precisely your gadget. It implies you never need to bother with being out of touch. Great for fathers and mothers, young professionals or anybody else looking to remain in touch while getting in shape.


Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch (Discounts this Labor Day)

This is a Super Fitness Watch that is a little wider than other Fitbit models. It has all the features that you see on other models, with more. It is capable of monitoring bodily activity during multisport participation. It also comes equipped with text notifications, music control and GPS tracking.

It counts all your steps and fitness activities on regular basis; with $100 less than Apple Watch, and you have the battery life for 5 days.

Fitbit Dashboard – All Your Health in One Place

Your dashboard will help you:

  • Set fitness or weight loss goals
  • Log your food and caloric intake
  • Analyze your patterns and trends
  • Earn achievement badges
  • Share your achievements and compete with family members and friends on the leaderboard and in Fitbit challenges.

To keep your Fitbit powered and ready for you to use, it comes with a USB charging cable for the upkeep of the 5 day battery charge.

Labor Day History

Labor Day is an American holiday, meant to celebrate workers across the country. Started in 1882, it is typically the 1st Monday in September and is considered to be the unofficial end of summer, as it occurs right before school starts. Most celebrate with barbecues and there are parades in many states.

It is a federal holiday, meaning all government buildings are close for business and there is no mail on that day.

Determine Which Fitbit Is The Best Fit For You

There is a Fitbit wristband to meet your every need. If you are concerned about tracking daily activity, the amount of steps you take, caloric intake and sleep patterns and quality, the Fitbit Flex or the Fitbit Charge would be excellent choices. If you are interested in monitoring your heart rate during normal daily activities and light to moderate exercising routines, the Fitbit Charge HR does that and everything the Flex and Charge do.

If you are an athlete or someone who engages intense physical training, aspiring to reach your peak performance, the Fitbit Surge is a great choice. The Surge does everything the Charge HR does plus it monitors you while performing multisports.

The Fitbit provides a great way to monitor your everyday activities, whether they are light or intense. They were designed to help you gather information of daily patterns and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. They are a great, innovative addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle or even creating one. The Fitbit Labor Day Weekend sales is a great opportunity for you to get your Fitbit at a discount price. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity. You’ll be glad you did.

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