Fitbit Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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It you’re like me you’re probably tired of buying flowers, chocolate or any of the other standard Mother’s Day gifts. That’s why this year I’m buying my mom an activity tracker and recommending you buy your mom, or mother-in-law one too. These devices are a great way to say how much mom mean to you thanks to great designs and fun apps that will motivate her to get fit.

While deciding to buy a fitness tracker is easy, choosing the right one can be a bit more challenging since there are so many on the market. To help you make the right choice I’ve done an in-depth review of Fitness Tracker Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and made a list of the best ones available.

Fitbit Mother's Day Deals

Why A Fitness Tracker Is The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Fitness trackers are all the rage these days and with good reason: these ingenious little devices appear to be fun and trendy, but really they are like little portable fitness trainers that constantly encourage you to get moving. That’s why they are a great gift for mom: they will boost her self-confidence and keep her in great shape so she can celebrate dozens of more Mother’s Day Deals.

There are models that focus on heart health, ones that focus on diverse sports activities and models that promote fun “competitions” between users. So whether your mom is a tri-athlete or a PTA leader there is a device that is made for her.

Best Activity Tracker Gift Ideas for Mom’s Day

Now that you’ve decided to buy a tracker you need to pick one that will best suit mom. To help you with that here are our top choices for fitness trackers for mom:

Fitbit Charge (Our Best Seller and Wish-List Under $100)

Fitbit Charge for mom's Day

Fitbit is one of the leader’s in the fitness tracker industry and the Charge is one of the reasons why. The Charge has a sleek interface and is easy to use, so it’s great even for mom’s who aren’t that tech savvy. It is designed to be worn on the wrist, with an OLED display that shows the time and all important stats, so mom just has to look down to see her numbers for the day. It is made of a flexible polymer, so it won’t irritate mom’s wrist and will fit snugly and comfortably to her wrist for continuous wear.

Best of all there is a Fitbit Mother’s Day Discount to make it even more affordable. It continuously monitors calories burned, steps taken, stairs climbed and distance traveled, along with sleep monitoring for a clear picture of overall health. There is a silent alarm to wake mom up too and the device will automatically sync to smartphones and computers. Plus, it has Caller ID to let mom know if a call is coming through to her phone so she doesn’t have to worry about being out of contact.

Fitbit Alta – Buy Her Fashion and Fitness Jewelry

Fitbit Alta is great for mother's day gift

If you want a tracker for mom that packs a punch in terms of style and function, then the Alta is a great choice. The Alta is a customizable tracker that wears like jewelry and works like a personal coach. With metal, leather and sports bands available, mom can have a lot of fun with it, changing the look from day to day.

This is also a great selling point for business moms, because they can dress up their band in a professional setting– so no one will even know what their wearing.

But style is only one great aspect of this tracker. It also works as a personal coach, keeping mom motivated and focused thanks to features like Smart Track, which recognizes and records all her moves, without having to log in.

For mom’s that are busy (or forgetful) this is nice because they get credit for their moves, no worrying about not tracking every move. In addition, it also monitors sleep, tracks calories and steps and displays stats, calls and text notifications on the OLED screen. So mom can stay in touch and still take care of herself. And all this comes at under $130, making it a great choice for this Mother’s Day 2016.

Fitbit Charge HR – Ensure that Her Heart is Strong

Your wife or mom should be happy receiving Charge HR on Mother's Day

The Charge HR has everything that consumers love about the Charge, with one key upgrade that is perfect for health conscious moms: heart rate monitoring. The Charge HR has 24/7 continuous, wrist-based heart rate monitoring, elevating mom’s routine in a safe way.

The monitor helps tell you how physically fit mom is and can also alert her, and you, if something is wrong. It also gives you more precise readings in terms of calories, which can help mom to streamline and tweak her exercise to maximize results.

With the heart rate monitor mom can utilize her exercise times and get the most from every routine. It also means moms with health issues can work out in a safe and responsible way. It will give you and the mom in your life peace of mind. Best of all, the Charge HR costs only slightly more than the Charge, giving you a real value for your dollar.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband (Best Gift Under $80)

Fitbit Flex is a budget Fitbit great for Mother's Day

The Flex is slim and fashionable, making it the perfect fit for mom’s who are style conscious and want a tracker that can be worn in any setting. The band comes in 2 sizes and several colors, with a subtle display that flashes LED lights to indicate progress. The band is soft but durable, so mom can wear it around the clock without even noticing.

It has all day monitoring of calories, steps, distance and active minutes in addition to sleep monitoring and and a silent alarm. It also syncs to her phone or PC so she can see her real-time numbers from anywhere. Reasonably priced at just under $80 it is one of the best picks for Fitness Tracker Present for Mom’s Day. Ideal for mom’s who want a device that doesn’t draw attention while still getting the job done.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (Simple and Budget Fitbit)

Fitbit Zip is simple for your elder mom tracking steps

This is one of Fitbit’s most basic models, but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you: it is packed with great features and is a good choice for mom’s who are new to fitness or one’s who don’t need all those fancy bells and whistles. It is also under $50, so it’s a great investment for an unbelievable price. The Zip is small and can be clipped to mom’s jeans, shirt, sneakers or anywhere else to track her movements.

It comes in several colors and keeps track of calories, distance and steps all day long. It has apps that let her earn badges for any goals she sets and she can share her goals with friends and family to help get her in a healthy routine. The Zip syncs automatically via Bluetooth and is also waterproof, so mom doesn’t need to worry if she gets caught in the rain. A solid choice for mom’s who want to workout and not be hassled with too many steps.

Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker

The UP2 is the most affordable devices on the list, and also the prettiest. Designed like a bracelet, it is lightweight and durable, so mom will love wearing it, making her more likely to stick to her routine. The UP2 comes in 5 colors and has a clasp closure, so mom can wear it and forget it.

It also has a lot to offer in terms of tracking. It monitors both calories and sleep, giving mom a clear picture of her overall health, and also has the Smart Coach app to elevate the way it motivates.

Mom can sync to any device to get in-depth analysis and connect with other moms, giving her support and encouraging her to keep moving. With the added bonus os a 10-day battery life, this little tracker is a steal at under $50.

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker

The Vivofit is a high-quality device that packs in tons of features for under $100. 2 of it’s best features are the Move bar and personalized fitness coach. The Move bar flashes after a hour of inactivity to remind mom to stay active and the personalized coach comes with the devices app to give tips and keep mom on track.

The coach will even learn mom’s habits and give her a new goal for each day, so this tracker is good for the mom who needs some motivation or is looking for new challenges.

Made with an adjustable strap that comes in a wide variety of colors this device is designed to be worn 24/7. The band can fit just about anyone’s wrist and is both durable and flexible, so it moves with the wrist. Plus, it is water-resistant, so mom can wear it in the shower and doesn’t have to worry about taking it off everyday.

The display shows time and stats, including calories, steps and distance along with sleep motoring to determine how hard mom’s working out and it syncs to most devices. The battery lasts for about a year – no charge every few days which is huge for busy mom life. The Vivofit fits just about any mom’s lifestyle.

Another bonus is that this gift can help you and mom become closer. These devices allow you to make sure mom is staying healthy without appearing to hover or nag. Also, if you have a tracker you and mom can do these activities together, so you can spend more quality time with each other. This is an added bonus if you’re looking to bond with your mother-in-law or pressed for time.

As you can see there are a lot of great Fitbit Gift Ideas for Mom’s Day. These devices not only promote healthy living, but they give you another way to get closer with mom. They are affordable, fashionable and like a mother’s love, they are a gift that keeps on giving.

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