Awesome Fitbit Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girl Friend and Wife: Get Fit This Year

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Awesome Fitbit Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girl Friend and Wife: Get Fit This Year

Fitbit Gift Ideas for Her on Valentines Day

Valentines is a good time to give a great gift- it’s a spectacular opportunity to get something better than the traditional flowers and chocolate that you normally buy for her. You need to be crafty and clever, and understand that there are a lot of features that she could really use this Valentine’s Day from a cleverly gifted Fitbit gift idea for Valentines for her.

  • As a couple, are you staying active?
  • As a couple, are you spending time together doing meaningful things?
  • As a couple, do you care about each others’ fitness?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then Fitbit gifts for Valentines are exactly what you need. Girls are tired of the same old gifts, and the same old activities. Sure, you can take her to the movies, or take her to dinner, but you’re really missing the things that are most important- quality time and your health.

Lets take a closer look at some of our favorite products to get you the best gift possible for your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day, now that we’ve helped you narrow down the best Valentines gift options. The top selling Fitbit fitness devices are the Fitbit Charge, the Fitbit Charge HR, and the Fitbit Flex.

The Fitbit Charge- A Great Fitbit Valentine Discount (23% off) for Less than $100!

Without a doubt, the best deal this Valentines Day is the Fitbit Charge. It comes complete with a Valentines discount to really save you money. It’s not the absolute cheapest fitness device out there, but it’s got a ton of features that lower models just don’t have – like an LED front-lit clock, and a handy tap function that lets you turn on your charge without having to press any buttons. She can even set an alarm, and you’ll never have to worry about her waking you up!

The Charge can really help her get her fitness on track because it’s fun, trendy, and easy to use.

The Fitbit Charge is one of the most impressive fitness devices, because:

  • You can establish a fitness routine in Exercise Mode
  • Super comfortable with easy to inter-lock wristbands
  • Displays all of your stats right on your wrist
  • Even shows calls and messages on your wrist with a caller ID feature

It’s also got all the features she’ll want to show off to her friends- and compete to get fit.

The Fitbit Charge HR- The Most Functional Fitbit device With Heart

If your girl is a real fitness buff, she’ll love the Charge HR as a Fitbit gift on Valentines. It’s got patented PurePulse type technology which is one of the most accurate systems to adequately monitor your heart rate and get in shape. She’ll love keeping track of her overall heart rate, step count and elevation tracker.

Plus the Fitbit Charge HR has 3 sizes and 4 colors, so you if you have a pretty good idea of her favorite color, you can custom tailor it for her own needs and wants, to help her be even more enamored by it. The Fitbit Charge is especially precise, and it comes complete with Fitbit’s own application, so she can use all of their great features at no extra cost.

Spend a little extra on her- go for the Charge HR, and get her all the features she really wants.

The Fitbit Flex- Simple, affordable, Straightforward- and it’s available in all colors and sizes!

The Fitbit Flex is great because it’s the most straightforward, streamlined design. It’s lightweight, sleek, and easy to read, which is great if she’s super busy, or doesn’t need all of the other features. Plus, it’s available in pretty much any color under the sun, is sleek and streamlined, and has most of the features that you’re looking for in more expensive fitness devices.

It’s among the simplest and cheapest of all the Fitbit devices, and you can generally pick it up for less than $90.

There are a wide variety of reasons why Fitbit devices make great gifts:

1. They’re high technology items, and they catch all the important details that keep you motivated to stay active.

You and her can spend time taking long walks staring at amazing sunsets, run the dogs, play tennis, ride bikes together, go to the gym, and a whole lot more- the sky is the limit. Having fitness devices gives you a reason to make plans after work.

2. She probably would love to lose a few extra pounds, so it makes you look intuitive without looking tacky.

By giving her a fitness tracker, you’re ultimately telling her that you love her more than anything– because you want her to be healthy. She cares about her figure- show her you care about her heart (metaphorically and literally). It’s a good way to get her New Year’s resolutions back on track without being rude or inconsiderate.

3. Fitbit devices are trending, look great, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes

She’ll always look great! You don’t have to worry about picking a specific color or style of Fitbit device, she’s sure to love it. Plus, they fit with a wide variety of clothing choices, so she can wear it everywhere. Don’t look for flashy jewelry she won’t wear- stick with a Fitbit device!

4. She’s sure to enjoy all of the awesome features that Fitbit devices provide.

Fitbit devices come with a watch, a heart rate monitor, elevation counters, sleep trackers and more. She’s sure to have a blast finding out all of the fun things she can do with her Fitbit- which means brownie points for you!

5. They aren’t that expensive, all things considering the Fitbit Valentines Discount.

The Fitbit Charge makes a great Fitbit gift idea for Valentines Day, because it’s only a hundred dollars. That’s $100- which is probably less than you would spend on flowers, chocolates, and an expensive dinner- and where does all that money go? It’s completely wasted on things that just don’t last. Spend your money on something with a guarantee that it’s built to last through all of life’s twist and turns.

She’ll love that you got her this great gift showing your love and passion for her – and you saved enough to buy her something else! That’s a thrifty shopping choice, guys. A win- win when you’re choosing gifts for her this Valentines Day.

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