Fitbit Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2016: Give Dad the Ultimate Gift of Love

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to find the dad in your life the perfect Father’s Day gift. Shopping for dad can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to Fitbit’s line of activity trackers. Activity trackers are an ideal gift, whether your looking for your own dad or your father-in-law because they are a gift he will actually use (and enjoy!).

Fitbit’s devices are fun, stylish and will whip dad into shape, so you can feel good knowing your helping him stay healthy. To help you choose the right tracker for dad I’ve compiled this in-depth review of Fitbit Father’s Day Gift Ideas. It has everything you need to know about Fitibt’s full line of products, so you can’t make a bad choice.

Fitbit Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Why Fitbit’s Activity Trackers Make A Great Gift

While there are a lot of fitness trackers on the market, none come close to Fitbit’s line of user-friendly, affordable devices, which is why they are a great gift for dad. Thanks to innovative designing and tons of features to customize the user’s experience they are a perfect fit for any man, from the casual golfer to the 5-mile runner. Plus, we all know how much men love gadgets, so these trackers will definitely speak to him since each model is equipped with the latest technology. Best of all, these trackers will make sure dad stays healthy for years to come, which is the ultimate expression of love.

Best Fitbit Gifts for Father’s Day

Here’s a rundown of Fitbit’s best devices to help you match the right model with the right man:

Fitbit Charge HR (Hottest Father’s Day Gift)

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The Charge HR is the ultimate Fitibit device, since it is loaded with technological advances and comes with every feature and extra dad could ever dream of. Unlike the other Fitbit’s, the Charge HR uses continuous wrist-based, heart rate monitoring, for the most accurate statistics possible without having to wear a chest strap. This means Daddy has around the clock tracking of his heart rate, plus calories burned, floors climbed and distance traveled for a clear picture of how effective his workouts are. This also means he can pinpoint areas he needs to improve in and can maximize his activities to get the most from his routines.

In addition to all of this the Charge HR has a durable polymer band and OLED screen that shows dad all his stats and a silent alarm to wake him or alert him when he needs it. Best of all, thanks to Bluetooth capabilities Papa can get notified when he receives a call so he will always be in touch. Last, but not least, it is water-resistant, so dad doesn’t have to worry about taking it off when he takes a shower or goes for a run in the rain.

Fitbit Alta Fashion Tracker (Most Popular Model 2016)

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The Alta is one of Fitbit’s best sellers thanks to killer tech upgrades and a sleek, lightweight design that makes it easy to wear. It has an OLED screen so dad can see all his stats in real time just by glancing at his wrist- no smartphone needed! Made of a light, flexible polymer, it will mold to dad’s wrist without getting in the way and won’t chafe against his skin. This, plus the fact that it’s water-resistant makes it great for 24-hour wear minus the hassle. There is also a silent alarm that will gently wake dad and let everyone else sleep.

The Alta has everything you need in a tracker: it counts calories, steps taken and distance traveled to give dad up-to-the minute stats throughout the day. In addition, it monitors activity around the clock, including sleep, so dad will know how well he sleeps and how well his fitness routine is working. Plus, it has Bluetooth connectivity, so he can sync to his devices and be alerted when there is a call coming in or go online to compare stats with family and friends. A great choice for active dad’s who enjoy daily activities.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband (4.5 star+ Ranking)

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One of Fitbit’s most popular devices the Flex is a great device that is ideal for dad’s who want a high functioning device without all the bling. It has a narrow, slim band that comes in a variety of colors and boasts LED that lights up to tell Papa how he’s stacking up against his daily goals. There is also a silent alarm to wake up dad-and only dad.

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The Flex syncs to all his devices through Bluetooth, so he can go online anytime to see his actual numbers and figure out his progress. It also has an impressive 5-day battery life and is water resistant up to 5 meters, so no need to worry if he gets caught in the rain while wearing it. The perfect gift for the no-nonsense dad.

We’ll call it the Best Healthy Father’s Gift for Under $100.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (Best Budget Fitbit for $50)

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The Zip is a small, clip-on style tracker that will give dad everything he’s looking for at a great price. It fits in the palm of his hand and can clip to anything- his belt, shoe, shirt or jacket to track his movements. It records distance, calories burned and distance and can sync via Bluetooth to help dad analyze his data.

The Zip is also packed with apps and extras to motivate him and get him moving.

Papa can set daily goals and earn badges through various applications to keep him on track. He can also engage in friendly competitions with friends to push him further and keep him interested. At just under $50 this is the perfect gift for dad’s who want to get in shape and keep it simple.

Why Fitibt Will Bring You and Dad Closer

Buying dad a Fitbit will help the 2 of you become closer because you can go for walks together or compete with each other online, giving you both something new and fun to experience together. You can motivate and cheer each other on, strengthening your affection while building muscle and stamina. This is especially good for women looking for a way to connect with their Father-in-law, as it gives them a shared interest and opens up communication. It also allows you to keep an eye on his health without nagging him- which will definitely keep your relationship strong.

Thanks to Fitibt’s impressive line of fitness trackers there is no shortage of Fitbit Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. Whichever model you choose you are sure to put a smile on dad’s face and a spring in his step, as each model has something unique and special to offer. If you want to give Papa a gift he’ll treasure then get him a Fitbit: the ultimate expression of love and a gift that keeps on giving.

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