Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Tracker – Enrich Your Life with Fitness: The Complete Guide to Everything Fitbit

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What’s More Important to You than Your Health?

You should consider this fact when buying a fitness tracker this New Year. Not only is the Fitbit Charge HR one of the hottest items in fitness this year; it’s also highly affordable, and motivates anyone- including your loved ones, to lose weight.

Let’s face it, we could all afford to lose a few pounds. We know the risks to our health of not eating right, consuming too many calories, and living sedentary lifestyles; yet we repeat these behaviors over, and over, and over until we’re hugely overweight and hemorrhaging fat at our belt buckles. Not a pretty picture, is it?

The Fitbit Charge HR is just one of many steps that a person needs to get healthy. It, in itself is not a solution, but it is a definite step in the right direction for those who want to get fit, stay fit, and make a plan for keeping their health a priority in the future. The best part about these devices is that they’re perfect for you to wear every day, and the batteries last long enough you’re not charging them once a day, or even every two days.

Here’s Some Charge HR Features You Should Consider

Easy to Read LCD

It show your progress throughout the day, stacking up your progress against your goal in an easy to read fashion that takes all the guesswork or calculations out of it when you’re on the go. This makes it extremely easy to read and monitor your progress, no matter the exercise you choose to participate in.Want to walk, run, swim or jog? Every single step you take will be recorded so you can see exactly how far you’ve gone. That’s why these devices are so unbelievable, they keep track of literally everything you could imagine doing.

Stylish, Comfortable

As a Watch that won’t weigh you down or hold you back. The drawback is you can’t change the wristband as Fitbit Flex which has different sized wrists so they aren’t don’t get in the way and aren’t clunky. Charge HR comes in a wide variety of colors and are sleek.

Organize your outfits to go with your Fitbit and look fashionable while you do it, it helps you look great while you’re out excising or working out.

Wakes You Up Without Waking up Your Partner –

The silent, vibrating alarm uses the sleep tracker and will wake you up at the time when you are in the lightest sleep cycle near to your alarm time. This means you will wake up feeling refreshed rather than tired, and not disturbing your partner’s restful sleep with another annoying alarm.

Imagine how awesome this feature will be when you have to get up for work at six or seven in the morning, but your partner doesn’t get up for another few hours? Perfect, you can go about your day and never worry about them waking up grumpy because they missed out on their beauty sleep; a great function of the Fitbit – plus it’s more accurate than some models, bringing you the best in fitness at around $150 – a great deal for anyone that’s looking to improve their fitness.<

Track it All – All with your Waist

Completely tracks all of your day’s activities; whether it’s walking to the kitchen, bathroom or basement or running your first 5K; everything goes down on your step counter; and it calculates how many calories you burn while you do it- a great feature of the Fitbit – never miss out on an activity while you’re keeping busy and working hard- so you really feel motivated to keep going and maintain your fitness level that you’ve worked up to.

Difficult for even the klutziest loved one to lose or have fall off and get lost, especially if you’re wearing it like you should 24/7 to get the most accurate results you can; plus it fits great, is made from super quality materials and flexes to fit your workout style and your workout efforts- never worry about breaking it, scratching it or dropping it, it’s made of solid materials and very, very durable.

Workout with your Family

Buy several and compete against your family in fun games that take advantage of being fit and eating right:- like RPG style games that give you skills and health based on reaching personal goals and unlocking special achievements, making it more fun to compete against your family and friends and get a great workout:

– never worry about struggling with all of your weights and measurements again
– plus writing down complicated workout times and specific workout results is a thing of the past with computer chips that keep track of all that information
– plus making special charts that make it easy to read and put everything right in the palms of your hands and your smart devices. Never struggle with keeping track of information with your Fitbit
– it makes everything easy and streamlined so you can really enjoy and focus on your workout above anything else, making your workout that much more effective.

All Fit Benefits – Your are in Charge

  • Super flexible and durable and easy to use. And with it there to remind you, you’ll never want to stop moving so you can watch the calories fall off. When used with a good diet and a little exercise you’ll see how effective your activity really is and fall in love with keeping track of how awesome you’ve been and how healthy you’re getting. Check out on Instagram
  • It truly is a lifestyle change; slowly modifying every aspect of your life to make you more and more fit. It might seem ridiculous, but seeing it there really makes you work harder- especially when you can see days and results that you’re not so happy about or you think you can do better than you had; making all of your days more readily available – making everything so much easier to keep track of and operate on a daily basis, instead of struggling with noting everything in a workout journal and tracking it all yourself, over months and months- you can see results almost immediately.
  • Absolutely essential for motivating you to move and get active. Often it provides one of the only voices of motivation that can get you out of your house and off the couch munching on snacks- which is everything when you’re working out and trying to get a little motivation for you and your family
  • Inexpensive enough to buy one for the whole family, and then everyone can compete against each other to get fit! Everyone knows how competitive we all get- wouldn’t it be nice to compete over something healthy? How many other products can you have your whole family involved with and be excited and happy about it?

    And what kinds of negative effects does extra working out have? Sure you could watch T.V. with your family or play board games- but why when you can all go play tennis, play at the park, swim, run, do anything outside and see how much each of you really move?

Lasting Battery

Plus, with the rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about replacing your battery when you run out of juice, like other models – Which makes it worth a ton our professional opinion. As far as usability in relation to other Fitbit products like the Fitbit One that fit in your pocket, this product is on your wrist, so you can see it and react to it at all times of the day or night to keep yourself performing optimally and keeping your health where it should be so you can stray away from dangerous diseases that come along with obesity and poor diets- diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke… the list goes on and on.

People love it Around the World.

Fitbit Charge HR Review
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Promote health this New Year and buy a gift for your loved one that shows how they need to get to fit and provides a little bit of motivation- maybe just that single bit of motivation that’s really important to them to get to their fitness goals and achieve everything they wanted- with one little piece of technology- the Fitbit Charge HR.

It comes with a lot of extra technology to help you out too- its fully compatible with any smartphone on the market, whether it’s an Android or iPhone, plus it comes with a huge arsenal of free online tools to keep your activity engaging, with lots of graphs and charts to keep track of. Monitor your activity as you receive badges and rewards for keeping up your progress and working toward your goals with excellent milestones.

There Are Some Less Favorable Features About Fitbit Charge HR

  • You Have To Wear It All The Time – If you don’t wear it, it doesn’t track what you are doing, so for the best results you need to wear it 24 hours a day.
  • No heart rate monitor like other around your chest. The design of the Fitbit Charge HR make it advantageous to read heart rates anyways.
  • Heart rate training is more or less for people who are trying to discern their maximum heart rate for extensive work out purposes. Fitbit.
  • Charge HR is more for the introductory or medium- leveled fitness lover.

Fitbit Charge HR vs Jawbone UP3– Head to Head Comparison.

How does it Compare To Jawbone UP3?

These products are virtually the same, except the UP3 notifies you if you’re not moving around to much; which could be a good or bad thing. Charge HR has a screen that is handy to know your heart-rate right the way. Plus, the UP3 is more expensive than the Fitbit, giving even less motivation to purchase another model. If you’re looking at Fitbit Products, than the Charge HR is better in every category than any other.

If you want to view your detailed progress with the Fitbit Charge HR you have to connect it to your phone, tablet or computer- and most people have those types of things around them all the time these days.

The package box is beautiful:

F.A.Q’s (What Common Customers Ask?)

Q: Does The Wristband Fit All Wrists?

A: One of the best parts about this product is that the pack comes with two wristbands. You pick with one works for you, then you then attach the actual tracker to whichever one you prefer. Keep the other one as a back-up.

Q: Will Charge HR Track All Activity?

A: Definitely! Anything that includes steps, like walking, running, jumping, or even star jumps will be tracked accurately. But things like cycling won’t be automatically, unless you put it around your ankle before you do that activity, then it will track it.

Q: Can I Sync It To My Computer Rather Than My Phone?

A: Sure it Can! There is a supplied USB key that will allow you to sync to the web app rather than a phone or tablet.

Q: What Is Customer Feedback Like?

A: Customer feedback is excellent in many Fitbit Wireless Activity Wristband reviews, people are delighted by how well the Fitbit Charge-HR has allowed them to take control of their health and fitness. On Amazon it is averaging around 4 out of 5.

“Absolutely great. You’ll never take it off this life-enhancing – perhaps life-changing Fitbit, its ability to keep you focused on your exercise goals which is the main reason why I think this device is just great. The device is barely noticeable on your wrist and is very comfortable to wear.

Whatever the material is that this is made of has 0 irritation on the skin (no uncomfortable rubbing or hair pulling). Getting it on took a couple seconds, but for good measure; this device wont fall off during rigorous exercise.

When you set it to sleep, it actually tracks when you fall asleep from the point when you activate sleep mode. When I awoke from the silent alarm, which was absolutely wonderful, the awesome interface gave me an exact amount of how many times I woke up, and even showed when I had woken up to go look for a pillow that had fallen off my bed, and noted that I had gotten out of bed. ”

“I’m very much over weight, and nothing helped me to lose weight, A friend of mind told me about the fitbit and I just love it , It’s the only thing that has worked for me. I bought my fitbit flex in May 2013, I started walking and eating right, and to this day I have lost 40 pounds. I would like to get down to 180.”

“A new update that works with iPhones that use the Fitbit app was released a few days ago. I’ve used it with my iPhone 4S and really like it. It adds a whole new dimension to my Fitbit app now you just click on the exercise icon on the dashboard which takes me to a new screen showing the days of the week that I’ve exercised and it shows exercise frequency by day of the week, it puts a check on the days that you do some planned exercise.”

Q: How about Customer Service?

A: Customer Service is excellent, they take pride in meeting your needs and if you have any problems they stick with you through the process or ship you a new one if necessary.

In fact, most of these models you don’t even have to plug in for almost a week. This makes them even easier to use, since they’re also water resistent and shatter-proof and some people even take them to the shower. They come with a ton of great functions- but not so many you’re overwhelmed. It actively measures your amount of health and general fitness throughout the day, counting all the calories that you eat, measuring how well we’re sleeping, as well as how many steps you’ve taken and shows you your progress on your smartphone so you can always see it, throughout the day.

If you wonder how you’re sleeping, then you can track every aspect of your experience through the systems custom, easy to use application system- telling you when you were restful, when you were in deep sleep, and how long you were awake.

Is the Fitbit Charge HR For you?

Do you love yourself and your loved ones and want the absolute best for their overall health? Are you interested in changing your lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Stuck in a rut and feel like everything is crashing around your or your loved one and you want to make a difference?

Invest in one of these fitness wonders and you’ll be glad you did, never regretting the changes that you’ve seen for the better. If you expect to see change in your life or your loved one’s life as a result of this purchase, this device could be an absolute lifesaver.

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