The Complete Fitbit Charge Review: Fitbit Unveils New Charge, the Best Fitbit so far

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Wearable technology is all the rage these days. With thousands of different products coming out, including watches, fitness devices, and much more, it can be difficult to know exactly which wearable technology might be right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this Fitbit Charge review. Fitbit’s Charge is one of the newest wearable technologies out there. If it is like any of the other Fitbit products it will no doubt be a great success, so it is well worth considering if you are looking for wearable technology.

The Charge fitness tracker is the next level of Fitbit products, which are fitness devices designed to count your steps, track your sleep, track your calories, and help keep you in charge of your overall health. Each year for the last few years they have brought out a new, and improved model, and this is the model for 2014/2015. Read on for our complete Fitbit wristband in-depth review. Check out Fitbit Charge $30 off Deal (if it still lasts).

Features & Benefits Of The Fitbit Charge

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* Tracks Your Steps, Calories – In the modern world, keeping an eye on your health is important. Wearing the Charge tracker will constantly keep a track of how many steps you have taken, and how many calories you have burnt. So you know exactly how much you can eat, and keep your weight and health in check.

* Track Your Sleep – A well rested mind and body is a productive one. That’s why Fitbit Charge tracks your sleep, so that you can see how you are sleeping, and make adjustments based on that.

* Silent Alarm That Wakes You At The Right Moment – Studies have shown that there are certain times in the sleep cycle when it is best to be woken, and that a loud alarm can do more harm than good. That is why this Fitbit is designed to read your sleep cycle, and wake you up at the best possible time, so that you feel refreshed.

* Small & Large Wristbands – Fitbit know that people have different sized wrists. That is why they have both small, and large wristband option to buy, so that you can choose the right size for you.

* Long Life Battery – The battery in the Charge lasts for up to five days, so even if you are going away to somewhere with no power, you can still track your movements.

* Just right below $100 – Most Affordable Fitness Tracker as a personal watch.

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They look great on Charge Owners

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What Are The Pros & Cons Of Charge?

As with any product, there are both pros, and cons to the new Fitbit:


It is easy to wear, you don’t even have to think about it as it is on your wrist. This is preferable to rival products that require the tracker to be placed in your pocket, and are easy to lose. As it is on your wrist, you won’t struggle to lose this item.

– It tracks everything you do. Even the walks to and from work, and it will tell you exactly how many calories you have burnt during the day. This allows you to know exactly how much exercise you are getting.

Fitbit Charge is great for running women

– Unlike traditional methods of tacking calories, where you only track the ones that you have done from exercise. The Fitbit health tracker keeps a track of your everyday calories too.

Competitive Price as a Watch


– The main con is having to wear the product at all times. It can be a little cumbersome, and noticeable. Fitbit have made extra sure that the wristband isn’t too large, and it is designed in stylish design, so it isn’t a major issue.

How does it Compare with the Fitbit Alta and Flex?

The Fitbit Alta (2016), Flex, and Fitbit Charge are very similar. In fact, the Charge is simply the next version of the Flex. But they have made a few exciting changes that make the Charge worth considering. Firstly, they have added a watch to Charge, that displays the time at all times. These means that you don’t need a watch on your wrist separately to the Fitbit.

Alta is the new fitbit 2016. One should check and compare it with Charge and see which one looks better on you.

This is extremely helpful, as you don’t want too many devices on your wrists. Secondly, the technology inside has been improved. This means that the step, and sleep tracking is much more accurate than it was previously.

One shall consider Fitbit Blaze over Fitbit Charge if you prefer a color screen and exchangeable bands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that are most asked about the new Fit-bit Tracker:

Q: How Does It Wake Me Up?

It uses a special vibrator to wake you up at the perfect moment in a 30 minute period that you set. This will lead to you feeling more refreshed.

Q: How Long Does The Battery Last?

The battery lasts approximately five days.

Q: What Exercise Does It Track? –

Basically all exercise. Running, and walking are obviously tracked. But it can track cycling (if you put it on your ankle), and even running in a gym (if you put it on your ankle). It uses special technology to figure out what activity you are doing, and then tracks the appropriate amount of calories for that activity.

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Q: What was the best discount?

Fitbit Charge Black Friday Deals

(12/29/15: Sorry, this Black Friday Deal is no longer valid, but it’s still a good deal at Amazon (~$20 off).)

What are Customer Feedbacks Like?

At the moment, the Fitbit Charge has been released. Fitbit, as we have discovered, have been making these wristbands for a few years. So we can reasonably assume that customer feedback for them will be fairly similar to customer feedback for this.

Fitbit Charge Life Style for Men

Customer feedback is extremely good for the Fitbit Flex (last years device). Customers feel like it really helps their lives, and helps them to improve their health, lose weight, and sleep better.

They have also been surprised by how much wearing the wristband doesn’t bother them, and becomes part of their day to day routine.

So, Is It Worth Buying?

If, like many people, you are interested in keeping a track of your health, how many calories you are burning, and how you are sleeping – then Fitbit Charge is a great choice. You are getting the latest technology in this field, so you will be getting some of the most accurate readings.

With customer feedback for previous Fitbit models being great, we can reasonably assume that the Charge will be another winner. You may find that you lose that weight you have always wanted to, or that your sleeping cycle improves. Solidly recommended by this Fitbit Charge review.

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