Fitbit Buying Guide 2014: Your Holiday Guide to Choosing the Perfect “Fit” Every Time

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Fitbit’s line of wearable fitness trackers are the perfect choice for everyone you know, from your boss to your niece or nephew. After all, a Fitbit is the gift that keeps on giving- providing 365 days of fun and fitness to anyone who wears one. However, Fitbit is not a one-size fits all type of gift: they are just as unique as the person you are buying for. With so many models to choose from, knowing who you are buying for is just as important as knowing which type you should buy. That’s why you need the Fitbit Holiday Gift Buying Guide: a comprehensive map that can help you understand the needs of the person your buying for, so you get the perfect “fit” every time.

Fitbit Buying Guide - Holiday Gift 2014

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Why Use The Fitbit Buying Guide for Holiday Gift?

Figuring out what someone needs, as well as what suits their style and personality can get complicated fast. That’s because there are a lot of factors that go into shopping for a gift. You need to know things like how old is the person, what is their lifestyle, what is their relationship to me and more. If your like most shoppers you probably pay more attention to the product than the person, which is what causes all the trouble.

That’s why the Fitbit Holiday Gift Guide is a must have for every shopper: it takes what you know and even what you don’t know about WHO you’re shopping for and uses it to guide you to the Fitbit device you need. Best of all it does it effortlessly and easily, so there’s no more guessing or stressing for you.

What Is The Fitbit Holiday Gift Guide?

This guide is the brainchild of Chris a blogger for ‘Small Steps. Big Impact: The Fitbit Blog’ and will change the way you shop for a Fitbit. It’s designed as an interactive map that is accurate and easy to use: just answer some basic, but revealing questions about the giftee you’re shopping for, then let your answers guide you to the Fitbit that is suited to them.

This guides key features are what really makes it stand out. They include:

Simple Navigation: no more uncertainty or confusion when trying to decide on a Fitbit- each time you answer a question it takes you to the next one, until you arrive at the right device (or devices). Plus, each device is color-coded, so you can easily see what your matches are.

A wide range of gift recipients: There are four different types of gift recipients to choose from when you start: co-worker, mystery giftee, best friend and better half. This allows you to use this guide for multiple individuals over and over.

Smart Questions: As you go along the guide it will ask you about important information that you may not realize is valuable or needed when shopping for a gift. For example, it asks how long you’ve known your better half, which is very relevant because you could come off as weird or possessive if you get something too expensive too soon.

It’s Fun: You’ll be having so much fun answering the questions and discovering what you know that you won’t even realize your shopping.

The Fitbit line of tracking devices are the top choice of consumers and make the ultimate holiday gift. Everyone loves how stylish they look and how well they function. Thanks to this quintessential holiday shopping guide you can now quickly and easily choose the perfect Fitbit every time. So have fun and start shopping!

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